T-Shirt Dresses from American Apparel and Celebrities Wearing Them

On my last trip to NorthPark Center last Saturday, I forgot to share with you some of my great finds. I have been wanting T-Shirt dresses ever since forever.

Rachel Bilson T-Shirt DressThey are so easy to wear and all you need are a bunch of accessories to spice ’em up. Plus, you don’t have to look for a matching top or bottom because it’s a dress on its own. A plain white T-shirt dress worn with a belt or scarf plus sandals, a big bag, and sunglasses would make a perfect afternoon look! Actually, this was exactly what I was wearing last Sunday when we went grocery shopping (and other kinds of shopping at Target, haha). Loved it! I love the white T-shirt dress I got at American Apparel. I also got another one in gray but sleeveless. I’ll show it to you later on. The sleeveless gray pillow case dress costs $26 while the white T-shirt dress is $30. Ouch! I splurged however because I have been wanting T-Shirt dresses for ages. When I saw the Riller & Fount T-Shirt Dress (gray) Rachel Bilson was wearing (right), I was so frustrated because it costs $165! So when I saw the $30 T-Shirt dresses, I didn’t think twice. Now first, let me show you the celebrities wearing the trend.

Rachel Bilson

T-Shirt Dresses

Lindsay Lohan

T-Shirt Dresses

Diane Kruger, Kristin Cavallari, Rachel Bilson

T-Shirt Dresses

Fashion Juice in T-Shirt Dress There are other celebrities out there like Halle Berry, Kate Hudson, and Jessica Alba wearing T-Shirt dresses as they go out and about Hollywood. They’re so comfy so who would complain? So anyway, check out some of American Apparel’s T-Shirt Dresses below. See the navy blue to your right? I got something similar in white but I folded up the sleeves so it feels very casual. The photo is seen on the right. Pardon the lighting though as I used my cellphone. The scarf wasn’t supposed to be worn with my dress because I feel the wide belt is enough. Adding the scarf makes it too crowded. However, I had to bring a scarf with me because grocery shopping (especially in the frozen section) makes me really cold. 🙂 The other one I got is similar to the bottom white dress with stripes. I got mine in gray though.

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  1. these are great styles for full figured girls… celebrities that are way too skinny just look frumpy in a big dress, even with a belt, y’know what i mean? i’m a fan.

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