Glam Rock For Men

Because I’ve written a post for Glam Rock outfits for women, I’ve also prepared a couple of tips for the men. ๐Ÿ™‚ The Glam Rock look for men is pretty confusing because it’s not totally hard core rock norย punk rock. If your Christmas Party Theme is Glam Rock, then I suggest toning the “Rock” a bit. So click on “continue reading” to read my tips for Glam Rock outfits for men. ๐Ÿ™‚

Glam Rock for Men by fashionjuice

First: The Pants

This is pretty simple for men. Just go for black pants or jeans. Any black and any jeans will do. However, if you are opting for denims, it’s best to go for something tight fit and dark in color. You can also go for white denims that are skinny fit… well, that’s just a suggestion. I know some men wouldn’t want to go down that lane. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hehe. But if you are serious about going Glam Rock for your Christmas Party, then look at the outfits of the Jonas Brothers.

Second: The Shirt

Nothing complicated here. Just wear mostly black T-shirts. It would be best if you haveย a black shirt with Rock band designs or Rock legends faces on it. Just remember, go for dark or loud colors! Also, go for a little tight fit shirt. Don’t wear collared shirts, by the way. Just top your shirt off with leather jacket, black jacket, or unbuttoned plaid shirt (preferrably dark colored). You can also top off your shirt with a vest. You can make use of black, leather, gray, white, or denim vests. A great tip to make it look more “Rock-ish” would be to add multiple pins. ๐Ÿ™‚

Third: The Shoes

Always go for black or black with white or black with neon colors! Sneakers and rubber shoes would be nice but it won’t be bad to try leather boots too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Fourth: The Accessories

Just go for leather bracelets and you’re done. But if you want more Glam Rock added to your outfit, then add dog tag necklaces, metallic/gothic bracelets, and the shutter shades in either pink, white, or black. It’s a funny accessory to addย but will surely complete your Glam Rock outfit. Now if you want to do something to your hair, you can just mess it up and go for a wet look, color some parts pink, or just apply gel and raise them all up if you have short hair! ๐Ÿ™‚



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  1. I know my version of glam rock for women is better than this post because after all, I’m a woman myself.

    As for my version of glam rock for the men, pardon if this is so toned down. Please note that this post was specifically written for my friends from work who needed to wear Glam Rock but of course aren’t used to it. I didn’t want to shock those who have conservative tastes and this was done accordingly such that they won’t have to spend too much for an outfit… especially with the recession and all. I’m basically giving my suggestions such that I’m not pushing them to buy stuff they might not be able to wear after the party.

    Lastly, note that the photo was taken from Polyvore. If you’re a new reader, you won’t probably know but I’ve written in my previous posts that when I use Polyvore (a blogging tool for photos of stuff), I am limited to what I can show. I can only select what they have in their database. I know I should have posted my own photos but time is of the essence. Again, this post is for a costume party – meaning those who will wear it are not really rockers in real life (meaning, their style/sense of fashion is not “rock”).

    But anyway, I know you guys are entitled to your opinions and I respect that. Hopefully you respect mine too. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jay, use tight pants/jeans, ripped would be good too. Use dark colors like navy, black or dark gray. Add in a belt with studs or chains. Then wear tight polo or shirt with a rock design… studs, a rock artist’s face or something like that. wear shades and leather bracelets or chain bracelets as well. it’s also nice if you can apply gel to your hair and style it up. hope this helps.

  3. Thanks for this very informative article. Our Christmas Party’s theme is also Glam Rock. This would help me a lot coz I’m not used to wear things like these; I’m a bit formal when it comes to clothing.

    More power to you. =)

  4. Thanks for this article.
    Glam Rock is what our Company’s Christmas Party Theme for this year.
    This would really help me look for something that is quite formal yet ROCK-ish in style. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i have the gothic bracelets, the shades, the dog tag and also the
    black jeans and shoes

    does it match
    the black polo looks formal

    1. Hi John! That’s fine. You said polo shirt not a button down shirt right? Well, just wear your accessories with it and put up the collar of the polo to make it more rock-ish ๐Ÿ™‚ and don’t forget to apply gel to your hair to complete the look. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Mary. Yes that’s okay. I suggest wearing black boots to give your dress that edgy look for a glam rock themed party. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can wear leather bracelets/cuffs or studded ones to complete the glam rock look ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. hi, i am having a problem what to wear..especially that my current location doesn’t actually give me choices to shop..

    i need a glam rock outfit for august’ acqauintance party in our college..
    is there a site in the philippines where i can just order from?

    i still want to look elegant eventhough i wear rock costume..
    if you could e-mail me, pls do..ty

  7. @Fashion Juice (Admin)
    Hello Ms. Fashion juice;)
    I did searched multiply but to no avail of finding one..
    I really don’t know which to type on the search button to find me a nice outfit..
    I’ll be glad if you could help me with this…
    It’s my first time to purchase items via net…ty

  8. Ram :
    @Fashion Juice (Admin)
    Hello Ms. Fashion juice;)
    I did search multiply but to no avail of finding one..
    I really donโ€™t know which words to type on the search button to find me a nice outfit..
    Iโ€™ll be glad if you could help me with thisโ€ฆ
    Itโ€™s my first time to purchase items via netโ€ฆty

  9. Hi, our school will having acquaintance party the theme is glam-rock, I just want to ask, is it wise to use graduated glasses? its not black tho.

  10. a good variation on this would be cowboy boots. id also try a belt, big buckles that are changeable work well, a brown or black strap works well maybey with a vince ray style buckle, but for real glam animal print strap. as for t-shirts the sleeves must be removed at all costs, and get it a size or two smaller. wrangler texas or a et of 501s are the best option for jeans ive ever found. oh and while i remember aviator shades are a must.

  11. That’s hardly glam rock and the fact you mentioned the Jonas Brothers just confirms that it’s not true glam rock.

    The only bit that was right was the black band t-shirts and leather jacket. Possibly jeans can be used (blue, not tight fit though, but not 12 sizes too big either). The other true glam rock bottoms are tights! Just think about Van Halen, Kiss, T-Rex, Bowie etc. Spandex. In fact, just look at Steel Panther, they are true 80s glam rock and are bringing it back. Few people make spandex tights for men so chances are you will have to buy womens, just make sure you don’t get them too small and cut off the circulation to your little man… A suggestion, wear a cup, it protects it, it makes it comfortable and it makes it look like you’re packing without looking like it’s padded…

    You missed headbands. long hair and headbands are a must for any glam rocker. Doesn’t matter what but the best are bright designs or better still GLITTER. You can use either a bandana and tie it, pick up a sports headband in a number of colours (and designs) or the best and easiest is to head to the hair accessories store and pick up a girls elasticated headband, just make sure it fits you. These have the best designs. I picked up a black one with silver glitter stars and it’s awesome for glam.

    You also missed makeup. No glam rocker is complete without eyeliner (not too much, not perfectly applied, smudge it a little) and you can also get away with wearing a bit of lipstick in a shade the same as your skin tone or there abouts.

    The glam rock look is coming back not just for parties but for going out. Grow that hair long, grab yourself some classic 70s & 80 rock band t-shirts, some eyeliner, some headbands and some leather and rock that look.


  12. Hello Cris….

    Please help me decide what am i going to wear glam rock-theme year opener party in our office.

    It’s quite difficult to decide, especially im a slim-fit person.

    Thank you for your prompt response cris.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hello Cris….

    Please help me decide what am i going to wear glam rock-theme year opener party in our office.

    It’s quite difficult to decide, especially im a slim-fit person.

    Thank you for your prompt response cris.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hi Mark! Try black jeans with sneakers like Converse hi-tops or if you have black ankle boots, that would be great too. If you have a leather jacket, that would be perfect. But you can also try distressed denim jacket and wear a black shirt underneath or any t-shirt that has a rock back design in the front. Hope that helps.

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