How To Renew Philippine Passport In The US

I have written a guide on how to renew Philippine passport in the US. This may not be a fashion-related post. But I just wanted to help my fellow Filipinos learn how to do it after having renewed Hubby’s Philippine passport in L.A., California.

As some of you know, we just got back from vacation in California. One of the reasons we went there was to renew Hubby’s passport. Not mine because my passport is valid for the full extent of its validity period – that’s according to the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles, CA and also according to the US Consular Affairs. So I’m good until 2011. πŸ™‚ Thank Goodness because I want to skip on the passport fees and long wait. Oh by the way, surprisingly, it’s like you’re back home when you’re in the Philippine Embassy. We waited about 5 hours before our number was called. Although according to the people there, it was not usually the case. It just so happened there were so many Filipinos that day. Hmmm…

What do you need to knowΒ when renewing your Philippine Passport in the US?

  1. Starting June 2, 2008, Philippine Consulates in the US are already processing applications for the new Machine Readable Passports (MRP).
  2. A Machine Readable Passport (MRP) is a passport where the personal details of the applicant is printed in such a way that it can be read by the naked eye and at the same time, it contains a β€œmachine readable zone” containing the personal data of the passport holder that can be read by a machine or computer. This will make traveling faster, more convenient, and safer.
  3. The new MRP is now maroon in color and consists of 44 pages. The MRP has the following security features: watermarked paper, colored UV fibers, UV reactive inks, special designs, microtexts, laser perforated numbers, ultrathin laminates, letter screen, invisible personal information, and holograms.
  4. For now, only the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in Manila prints the Machine Readable Passports (MRP). This means that when you apply for the new Philippine Passport while in the US, the Philippine consulate will have to mail it to DFA, Manila then it will be sent back to the US then released to you. The processΒ will take SIX (6) weeks.
  5. All applicants MUST APPEAR PERSONALLY at the Consular Office. You cannot mail your application because you need to personally affix your thumb mark and sign the form at the Consulate’s Office.
  6. You need to pay $50 per passport ($60 for more pages).
  7. If you are holding the old green passport and it has not yet expired, you need not worry because according to Philippine Consulates in the US, DFA, and US Bureau Consular Affairs, “the green passport will still be honored as a bonafide travel document issued by the Government of the Philippines until it expires, even after the roll out of the new Machine Readable Passports.”

What to bring during passport renewal?

  1. Your old passport with your valid visa or green card.
  2. Photocopy of the first page, last page,Β visa stamps,Β and US point of entry stampΒ page of your current passport plus a photocopy of your I94 card and visa or green card.Β There is a photocopying machine on site but if you’re going to an outreach program, there’s a chance there’s no photocopy machine so make sure to have these ready before going.
  3. Photocopy of your Valid ID.
  4. Passport photo: royal blue background, 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm, 8 mm space between the top of the photo and your head, and must be taken within the lastΒ 6 months. There is usually a photo service near the consulate but if you’re going to an outreach program, there might be a chance that they don’t have a photo service. If you are going to have your passport photo taken somewhere else, make sure you follow the size and the royal blue background requirement because they are strict about this. Do not wear sunglasses, hat or cap, or any head accessory. Make sure your forehead and ears are all showing in the picture and you are facing front.
  5. $50 for the passport plus shipping fees (we paid $6)Β if you want the passport to be mailed to your home directly.

Where to go for Philippine Passport Renewal in the US?

So where do you renew your Philippine Passport? Let me give you the list of Philippine Consulates in the US and which states are under their jurisdictions.

  1. Washington, DC
    1600 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC | Tel: 202.467.9300 | Fax: 202.467.9417
    Jurisdiction: Alabama, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Aguila, Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Grand Cayman Islands, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent & Grenadines, Saint Kitts & Nevis
  2. Agana, GM
    Suite 601 & 602 ITC Building Marine Drive, Tamuning Guam | Tel: 671.646.4620 (or 30) | Fax: 671.649.1868
    Jurisdiction: Guam, Caroline Islands, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Wake Islands
  3. Chicago, IL
    30 N Michigan Ave Suite 2100, Chicago IL 60602 | Tel: 312.332.6458 | Fax: 312.332.3657
    Jurisdiction: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin
  4. Honolulu, HI
    2433 Pali Highway, Honolulu HI 96817 | Tel: 808.595.6316 (or 19) | Fax: 808.595.2581
    Jurisdiction: Honolulu, American Samoa, French Polynesia
  5. Los Angeles, CA
    3600 Wilshire Blvd Suite 500, Los Angeles CA 90010 | Tel: 213.639.0980 | Fax: 213.639.0990
    Jurisdiction: Southern California (covering the counties of: Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Imperial, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Kern, and San Luis Obispo); Southern Nevada (covering the counties of: Clark, Lincoln & Nye); Arizona, New Mexico, Texas
  6. New York, NY
    556 5th Avenue, New York NY 10036 | Tel: 212.764.1330 | Fax: 212.764.6010 |
    Jurisdiction: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania,Β Rhode Island, Vermont
  7. Saipan
    5th Flr Nauru Bldg, PO Box 500731 CK Saipan, MP 96950 CNMI | Tel: 670.234.1848 | Fax: 670.234.1849
    Jurisdiction: CNMI (Saipan), Agrihan, Aguhan, Alamagan, Asuncion, Anatahan, Guguan, Farallon de Parajos, Farallon de Medinilla, Rota, Sarigan, Tinian
  8. San Francisco, CA
    447 Sutter St, San Francisco CA 94108 | Tel: 415.433.6666 | Fax: 415.421.2641 |
    Jurisdiction: Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Northern California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington State, Wyoming
  9. Atlanta, GA (Honorary – By Appointment Only)
    3340 Peachtree RD NE Suite 850, Atlanta GA 30326 | Tel: 404.239.5747 | Fax: 404.233.4041
  10. Miami, FL (Honorary – By Appointment Only)
    1900 West Commercial Blvd. – Suite# 29, Ft. Lauderdale FL 33309 | Tel: 954.492.9211
  11. Majuro (Honorary – By Appointment Only)
    PO Box 79 Marshall Islands, 96950 | Tel: 602.9.3490 | Fax: 602.625.3490

Please check the Embassy of the Philippines website: for the latest information regarding the Philippine Machine Readable Passport. If you’d like to learn more about Philippine passport renewal in the US, feel free to leave a comment and I will answer your questions here. Please note that I am not affiliated with the Philippine Consulate nor am I an agency of some sort. I am simply helping my fellow Filipinos with the knowledge I gained from renewing Philippine passport in the US. πŸ™‚ Hope this post helps a lot of you. πŸ™‚



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  1. Hello,
    I’m here in Provedenciales, Turks & Caicos. Washington DC is the nearest Philippine Embassy, I want to renew may passport coz it expried last December. Can you help me, or advice me what to do how can I renew my passport.
    please email me at
    Thank you

  2. Hi Jaquilou, I’ve sent you an email. All you need to know is already written here. πŸ™‚ All you need to do is prepare the requirements above and plan a trip to Washington DC. The phone numbers are also shown above so you can call them before hand before you plan your trip to DC. If you have any more questions let me know. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hi,

    I was wondering if one day is enough to apply for the passport? I’m from Texas and don’t want to spend two days in Loas Angeles just to renew my passport. I am not a big fan of long lines so I just want to make sure. Your blog was really helpful by the way.


  4. Hi France! I’m also from Texas. Anyway, yes, one day is enough. Just make sure to arrive there early and in case there’s a long line, expect to finish up to their closing at 5pm. When you get to the consulate, get a number at the back and then have your photo taken while you wait for your number (if there’s a long line). If not, have your photo taken first before you get the number. Once you are called, it won’t take that long. Just have your passport shipped because it will take about 6 weeks.. unless you want to go back to LA just to pick up your passport. Also, call ahead of time to make sure they are open and also ask their office hours just to make sure.

  5. awesome! thanks for the advise. i’d rather have my passport be shipped than go back to LA. one more clarification, the photo booth you mean is outside the consulate? i really apprecaite it. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi France, it’s inside the building, same level as the consulate. You’ll see a smaller unit before you see the consulate room. The door is always open so you won’t miss it. Otherwise, just ask around and they’ll lead you to it. πŸ™‚

  7. I lost my passport and need to move from GA to Germany in June 09. Does anyone know what documenst I need to get another passport in Atlanta?

  8. Hi Maria, you will need to bring the same requirements plus fill up an Affidavit of Loss form. You will then need to have that form notarized. Bring your Certified True Copy of your Birth Certificate as well. If you have photocopies of your passport, it will be better to bring them along for faster processing. πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Maria, try calling the Georgia office first because as you can see, it says there by appointment only and it’s for honorary. I’m not sure that it can accommodate you. The Philippine consulate in Washington DC has the jurisdiction for Georgia residents. I think you’ll need to go to DC to get a new passport. Just give them a call to be sure. πŸ™‚

  10. In my case, I wanted to go to the Philippines for 2 weeks (1st and 2nd week of March) My grandmother is very sick due to old age, unfortunately my passport is expired.
    I have been informed that Phil.consulate takes about 6weeks to renew the passport. and also i don’t have any hospital note yet from the Philippines because my grandmother is only staying home, and this is why I can’t request for Travel documents.

    Is there any way Phi.consulate can expedite the process??

    Please hellppppp!!!!!

  11. Hi Cela,
    The reason why it takes 6 weeks to process is because first, after they gather the documents per batch (per certain number of applicants), they will have to send it to the Philippines. Let’s say it will take a week to send from the US to the Philippines via their courier service… then after it arrives there, they have to sort out, process, etc. Now depending on the volume, we’re assuming it might take about 4 weeks. After that, the passports are sorted out – where this batch goes, etc… Then another week for sending the documents from manila to US. I am not aware of any expedited process. But maybe you can ask someone in the Philippines to get a medical report from a doctor that you can present to any of the Philippine consulates and request if they can expedite. Hope this helps. Hope everything turns out okay and I hope your grandmother recovers.

  12. My passport expires in May 2009. I am going to the Philippines on Feb. 24, 2009 and I plan to renew it in the Philippines. Will I be able to travel to the Philippines even with the new 6 month rule?

  13. What’s the new 6 month rule? You can have your passport renewed within the last six months before it expires. But as far as I know, you can still use until it expires. At the Philippine Consulate’s website, you’ll see there that you may continue to use your passport as long as it hasn’t expired. I hope that helps. πŸ™‚

  14. I want to renew my passport, i leave here in Florida, and it says that Florida has jurisdiction to do the renewal but i’ve tried to call there in philippine Consulate in Florida they never answer my call, how come… how could i ask them a question…and it says only by appointment. how could i do this they never answer me…this is bad… i need your help

  15. Hi Gemma. Florida is under Washington DC jurisdiction. The office in Florida in my understanding, is not for renewal of passport. You can call Washington DC. What is your question anyway? Maybe we can help you out here.

  16. Hi. I’m planning a trip to Phil this year. I’m just wondering if I could use my unexpired green passport without my married surname on it. Someone told me that it is possible to travel outside US and back as long as it’s unexpired and have the greencard. Or do I need to renew my passport.

    If I renew my green passport to the Phil consulate in LA, will they give it back to me right there, or they’ll keep it for their records or send it to Manila DFA for MRP processing.I wish I could still travel with the green passport while I await the arrival of MRP. Please let me know. Thank you.

  17. Hi Cathy, I’m sure you’ll be able to use that unexpired green passport with your greencard. Just make sure to bring all the important documents such as your original marriage contract, birth certificate, green card, and your passport.

    Now if you renew your green passport, it will be surrendered to them and will be sent back after six weeks together with your new passport. So when you renew, you won’t have any valid/current passport with you.

  18. Hi there, I just want to say that this blog has been really really helpful. I have gone to many photo studios to find a royal blue background but didn’t find any, I didn’t know they had one in the Phil consulate, i was just wondering if they have given you a date on when the passport can actually arrived or be mailed in? was it exactly 6 weeks or more than that?

  19. we are booked and planned to visit the philippines for two weeks, we have tickets already, unfortunately the passport of my husband and 2 kids are expired. we’re leaving on april 7, 2009. we dont have much time to wait for 6 weeks, what are we going to do? please help!!

  20. Hi Jasmine! Is it really expired or about to expire? You can’t fly with an expired passport. As for the renewal, you will need to call your consulate and tell them directly about your situation. It will really take 6 weeks to renew because of the new passport being sent from the Philippines to the US. Perhaps an arrangement of express shipping will help. You really need to contact them right away to ask for that arrangement. I really hope you make it. Update us here what happens so other Filipinos would know. πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by!

  21. hi fashion juice, i have a questions only about i.d pictures if there is nearest photo studio in the embassy. hope to hear from you soon, thank you so much…

  22. Hi , I’m at present here in the U.S. waiting for the approval of the petition filed by my daughter for my permanent resident status. My problem though is my philippine passport will expire on April 6, 2009 and the approval of such petition has not yet arrived and I have no idea when it will really come. Should I renew my passport already here in the U.S. or just wait for the approval of permanent residency? Will it not affect my status if my passport will have expired before the approval from the U.S. immigration regarding this petition?

  23. Hi Jenny, I suggest that you renew your passport because even if you get your permanent resident status, you’ll still have to renew it by then. If you only filed for permanent resident status, you’ll still use your Philippine passport. Up until you become a US citizen, you will still need the Philippine passport. You’ll only get a US passport when you become a US Citizen, a couple of years after your permanent resident status has been approved. Besides, if in case of emergency that you need to travel internationally, you won’t be able to do so right away without having your passport renewed. So it’s best to keep your passport always valid. πŸ™‚ Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  24. hI, THANK you so much for your quick response. Can I just make a follow up question? If I renew my passport now, will the immigration not require me to have it if in case I be called for interview before I get an approval? And if I renew my passport while i’m here in the U.S. how long will it take for me to get a renewed passport? Thanks again.

  25. Hi Jenny! I suggest that you photocopy your passport first before having it renewed. Photocopy all the pages with info such as the one with your US visa, the personal information, the back part with signature, the arrival stamps, etc. Just make sure to photocopy all the pages with information. Then, when you go to a Philippine Consulate/Embassy, and have your passport renewed, you will get it after 6 weeks. Are you expecting your interview within the next six weeks?

  26. Thanks again for your response. I really don’t know if I’ll be called for interview at all. The petition was filed in October but my papers were forwarded to California Service Center (i’m here in florida)in December for speed processing so they say, and I was then informed in their last notice that they will just send me through mail if my case would be approved. By the way I have been petitioned by my daughter who is a U.S. citizen. According to some sources, processing petitions like this would be faster if done here rather than back home in the Philippines. It is actually the soon to expire passport that i’m more worried about because I plan to go home also the soonest possible time. Anyway, thanks again for your help and I hope I will really be able to renew my passport as soon as possible.

  27. Hi! I just want to answer some of the questions I have read here regarding expediting passport renewal. I called the Philippine consulate today at Washington, DC and the lady there that I talked with said that there’s no way to expedite passport renewal. If it’s really emergency then all you can do is apply for travel document, download that form from their website and you’ll see all the necessary docs that are needed to obtain a travel doc. Hope this helps.

  28. Thanks Mel for clearing that up! I didn’t think there would be any expedite process for this too especially because of the new maroon machine readable passport. πŸ™‚

  29. Hi! Thanks for posting this up, it really helps a lot! I was searching last night if there is a faster way and an online way but i guess we have to go to LA in person to do this. I didn’t know of the new maroon one too, because a couple of years ago my wife needed one and we went to LA consulate and got hers at the same day we applied for it. So i guess that’s not the case anymore. Then again thanks for this post. -ea

  30. Hi Guys that lives in San Diego! I just found out that they will be in San Diego in April 4 at 9am to 4pm, it will be held in National City. you check their website for more details.

  31. Hi Erwin, thanks for sharing. Yes, I forgot to mention here that the Philippine Consulate has this Consular Outreach program where they travel through the different cities/states where no Philippine embassy is available. This is to help the Filipinos avoid traveling very far just to renew their passports, etc. However, the schedules may differ from time to time. It’s best to check their website on a regular basis to learn when and where they’ll be going next. πŸ™‚

  32. can you please send me a application form to my email address beacuse i have a friend going to washington dc to renew her passport to. can i send my passport also fro renewal? do i need to appear for the finger printing? please advise me.


  33. Hi Jai, I am in no way affiliated with the Philippine Embassy. As you can see, this is a fashion blog from a Pinay πŸ™‚ I just shared this information with the rest of my fellow Filipinos here in the US. Have you read the post actually? This post is very comprehensive. It’s complete with all the details you need. All your questions can be answered in this post. Passport renewal should be done in person no matter what. Application forms are available in the Philippine Consulate.

  34. Hi,
    We are sending our daughter to the Phils. for college. She’s just going to stay there for 10 mos then come back here for summer vacations. I was just wondering if you know what documents we need for her stay there. And also what jurisdiction is Pennsylvania under for renewing passports?


  35. Hi Joy, just to clarify, I’m not working for the Philippine Consulate/Embassy. I have only shared my knowledge about renewing Philippine passport in the US. It’s best to contact the Philippine Consulate in New York. Pennsylvania is under the jurisdiction of New York. Thanks for asking because then I noticed that I missed that one in the list.

  36. Hi Romeo,
    The address for the California Philippine Consulate is 3600 Wilshire Blvd Suite 500, Los Angeles CA 90010. There is no way to renew the Philippine passport by mail. The new machine readable passport needs your fingerprint scan. Your fingerprints will be scanned through their computers in the embassy. Las Vegas to California is a 4-hour drive. You can also take a plane. You can use to input your address and the Philippine Consulate in LA to see the directions. Hope this helps.

  37. Hi my passport will not expire yet but I have few questions for renewing passport. I have the green passport and the name showed is my single family name( I didnt use my ex-hubby’s family name, I have affidavit not to use his surname though)..I came here as fiancee visa so I got married.when renewing my passport can I use my new married surname? or it remains as it is.I am confused, I hope you can help.

    1. No problem changing your name. Just bring your documents such as marriage contract/certificate, birth certificate, and additional form of identification when you apply. πŸ™‚

  38. Good day to you! My case is regarding my adopted child (my wife’s son). His new birth certificate was released to us (in the Phil) only a week before my family’s scheduled arrival in the US. So my adopted child’s passport/visa still bears his biological father’s last name. But here in the US, I enrolled him in school using my last name as I have all the adoption papers with me (including the court decision & his new birth certificate). So now he’s using my last name in school. We are planning to renew our passports, and I will be applying for a change of my adopted son’s last name (using my last name now). I have my legal documents with me, do you think I would be having any problem in the application? And is there additional fee for this? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Sam,
      You should have no problems as long as you bring all the papers (adoption papers, new birth certificate, etc). There’s probably a minimal fee for the change of information in the passport but I’m not familiar with them. It’s best if you call the Philippine Consulate where you’re going to renew. Thanks! Hope this helps!

  39. Hi I’m currently here in Florida and I wish to renew my Philippine passport which expired last April 6, 2009. I plan to work on the application for this renewal already as soon as I can, but I need to be cleared on certain matters. I hope you could help me. First, do I sign and have my thumbmarks affixed already together with my pictures when I send my application to Washington, D.C. (I’m aware applications are all sent there first). Secondly, I understand I have to pay $50 for the processing (to whom will I address the money order?) and do I need to send shipping fee as well? How can I have a personal appearance to a Consulate Office while i’m here in Florida? Does it mean that when I have a personal appearance, I need to sign up a new application form again and do the things I did in the application which I’ll be sending to Washington? Lastly, will I have to send my original expired passport along with my application form and not just xeroxed copies? Wow, I’m just too overwhelmed on this new policy of renewal of passports and I need some clear advice before I do anything to work on it. Thanks in advance for whatever advice you could give me.

      1. Hi Jenny,
        Personal appearance means you can no longer send your application form through mail. You have to be there in Washington D.C. to fill up the application there. You can’t download it. At the same time, your finger prints will be taken there. You can’t send it. You have to travel to Washington D.C. to even if you live in Florida. My Husband and I had to travel to California just to renew our passports because there’s no Philippine Consulate in Texas. However, they do have outreach programs where Philippine Consulate staff travel from state to state that doesn’t have a Philippine Embassy. This helps Filipinos to renew passports, etc without having to travel. You will have to call the Washington DC Consulate to ask if they have an outreach program in Florida.

  40. Thanks a lot for the have been very helpful. Quick question…did your husband receive his in exactly 6 weeks or did it take longer? so 2 days in los angeles is enough, right? I can’t believe people from out of state has to travel all the way to CA to wait in line and get a passport..very inconvenient. but oh well..*end of my rant*

    1. Hi Maj,
      I know it’s so inconvenient… anyway, 2 days is enough. In fact, you can do it all in one day but make sure you arrive early. He received his passport 6 weeks and a couple of days.

  41. hi my philippine passport will be expired in Aug. as well as my permanent resident.Can you help me what to do first?I also need to change my status and my lastname in renewing my passport.

    1. Hi Ena,
      Any will do because passport renewal is separate with the permanent residency. You renew your green card with USCIS right? So maybe you can do that first and then renew your Philippine passport at the philippine consulate. There’s no problem with changing the status (i’m assuming status-married) and changing the last name. Just bring your supporting documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, marriage contract, etc). Hope this helps

  42. Hi ! I have a questions about renewing a passport. I live in Tennessee and called both DC Embassy and NY Consulate office. I asked the NY consulate if I can renew my passport in there office instead of going to DC since I have relatives in NY and it will save my travel expenses as well. NY consulate office told me it is fine to renew in there office since I will renew it personally. But then talked to DC Embassy they said I can’t renew my passport in NY Consulate coz TN is still under the jurisdiction of DC not NY consulate. I am so confused I love to renew my passport in NY not in DC. What do you think should I do? Renew it in DC to make things easier? Thanks for you help. Email me your response in

  43. Guys, Im a green card holder live here in USA. Can you go home with your passprt expires?
    I want to go home because my mom is dying of cancer I didnt even know that how bad is it, I wanna travel as soon as I can.
    What Can I do?
    Help Please.

    1. Hi, You cant travel with an expired passport. You should always keep it valid. I’m sorry about your mom. Perhaps you can go to the nearest Philippine Consulate i your area and ask if they will consider rushing your passport renewal because of the circumstances. I hope they allow you to.

  44. hi miss fashion,
    regarding on jasmine post they have different situation on my husband side too,he already booked and planned to visit in the phil this MAY 3. Last March He then recognized his passport expired so he renew it right away but sad to say until now he ddnt recieved yet his passport. Im planning to go DFA here in the philippines and ask them the passport of my husband,could it be possible if im going to get the passport and ill send it to my husband??? pls help me..waiting for your reply…T_T

    1. Hi Cristifa, it’s only April. As mentioned in my post, it takes 6 weeks before you receive it. It’s probably not in the Philippines anymore. You can expect it to arrive soon. When in March did he renew?

  45. ohhh ok….im just too sad the passport wont arrived…he renew his passport last march 12…so by april 12 is 1 month = 4 weeks and april 22 is 6 weeks.

    1. Hi Cristifa,
      Yes, it’s only April 20 in the US. He will receive it within this week or early next week. There is enough time for him to travel to the Philippines by May 3. Don’t worry about it.

  46. OK…thanks a lot for replying ASAP, i feel ok right now and still really glad theres a blog like this whos concern from the filipino like us whos in big trouble about passport renewal…THUMBS UP!!!

    1. No problem! I’m glad I can help. Update us when your husband gets his passport. So readers will know how long it takes for some people. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Hope you continue to do so. Thanks!

  47. hi miss fashion,

    GOOD DAY!!..bdw my husband receive his passport today April 27…^_~

    he renew his passport last march 18 (wrong info march 12) so almost 6 weeks.

    so people out there better check you passport expiration date earlier…(its better early than late) *-*

    and thanks to you miss fashion..god bless and TC ^_^

    1. Hi Cristifa,
      Thank you so much for getting back here and letting us know about the passport. Now your husband won’t have any problem. He’ll be able to go home to you! πŸ™‚ I’m happy for both of you. And yes, thanks for the advice. Listen up fellow Filipinos! Better make sure to always check your passport expiration date. πŸ™‚
      Thanks again Cristifa!
      Fashion Juice πŸ™‚

  48. Hello! I was wondering if there is anyway I can get my passport faster than 6 weeks? I need it within 4 weeks.

    1. Hi Patrick,
      I am not affiliated with the Philippine Embassy or anything… 6 Weeks is their fixed time frame to give you back your passport because they first process that at the respective embassy you will be renewing. Then they will ship it to the Philippines where the passport will be made. After that, they will ship it back to the embassy and then they will ship it to your home address unless you want to pick it up at the embassy. Even if you opt to pick it up at the embassy, it will only be a few days earlier. Unless you can provide the embassy with some legal documents why you need it earlier, they will not do any expedite process. You should always check the expiration date of your passport and make sure that you renew within the last 6 months it’s still valid. This will ensure that you always have a valid passport in case of an emergency.

  49. Hey, this site is very informative. i would like to ask if I can renew my password without my guardian? im 17 and underage. i would like to know if I can renew my passport by myself. thx

    1. Hi Alexis,
      You can most probably renew it by yourself as long as you have all the documents with you. Bring your passport, photocopies of your passport, birth certificate, ID, photo. But if you’re going to travel far, it might be best to call your embassy first. But I don’t think there would be any problem.
      Thanks for dropping by my site,
      Fashion Juice

  50. Hi, I was just wondering if the jurisdiction needs to be followed strictly? I am currently here in Texas and I wanna visit my mom this July and she lives in Illinois. I wanna go there and I was wondering if it would be okay for me to renew my passport there? Will they honor it? I hope so because it would be double my fare if I go to Chicago and to LA at the same time. I hope you can answer my question. That would be a very big help. Thank you.

    1. Hi Shemae,
      I’m not so sure about it. Perhaps it’s okay to renew there but it would be best if you can just call the Chicago embassy. The number is posted here anyway. πŸ™‚ Hope they allow you to renew there to save on fare. πŸ™‚ Please let us know if they allow you to renew there so other Filipinos here will also be informed. Thanks for dropping by!

  51. Hello there. I don’ t know if you can help me, but I need any kind of advice I can get. My wife is traveling for a vacation with her friends so she went to DC to get a new passport for we recently got married. She went last March 27 and up until now, she hasn’t received her new one yet. She’s really getting stressed out because her departure is on June 11. She has called a bunch of times and they have told her to call this week because they claimed that they had a couple of week delay of sending out new passports. Originally, she was supposed to get her new passport in 6 weeks and it’s going to be 8 weeks 2moro. She called this morning but they hang up on her! How rude!!! What do you think we should do?

    1. Hi Nino,
      That’s really rude of them to hang up on her. They usually send out the passport in about 6 weeks, give and take a couple of days. Since they said there are a couple of weeks delay then something must have happened or there could be an unusually high number of applicants/renewals. There’s still about 2 weeks before June 11, I suggest that you try calling tomorrow and follow up on it. Try not to sound too mad when you call coz sometimes, there are people who will delay it even more when you show them you’re angry with their service. I know that’s pretty lame. But anyway, let the person know about the situation. Ask if he/she can guarantee that the passport will arrive before June 11 because there’s already an itinerary/the plane ticket has already been purchased, etc. Hope this helps. If they still don’t accommodate you, try emailing them to complain.

  52. hi fj, I just have a question, I got my new passport, should I signed the bearer signature and the person that can contact in case of emergency? and also I don’t receive my green card yet, what I’m going to do, I’m planning to go to the philippines next month,.. hope you can help me thanks,.. godbless:-)

    1. Hi Crystelle! Yes you should sign your new passport. A lot of people just leave the emergency contact person but it’s actually important to fill that up, just like you would in any other ID. In case something happens, whoever finds your passport can contact that person. Have you applied for green card? Are you just waiting for it to arrive? It’s advisable to wait for it to arrive in the mail before you travel. Otherwise, if you don’t have it when you go back to the US, you might not be granted entry unless you have a valid visa. Hope this helps.

  53. hi fj thank you for the reply, yes I’m just waiting for my green card, they send me a letter saying I’m a permanent resident now,.. I already bought a plane ticket too,.. what should I do? thanks again,.. and godbless you…

    1. Hi Crystelle,
      did you receive the green card already or just a letter of approval? Is there any date or info on the letter that tells you when you’ll receive the card? It’s best if you can wait for the card itself coz you will need to present that when you come back to the US. If you have a lawyer or if there’s a contact number in the letter, I suggest you contact them to ask if the letter is enough to show to the Immigration when you get back here. Hope this helps. Congratulations on your green card! πŸ™‚

  54. Hi Fashion Juice, you are amazing! youre posts are very helpful for us. I just want to ask if whats the best thing to do bout my passport coz its already expired last month june 4,2009 and it was still on my single last name. I know that all i need is marriage certificate and my green card as a proof as well as my birth certificate but my problem is my green card messed up. I have the wrong middle name for it. Should i change my green card first before working on my passport just to make sure? or do you think they will consider it? Pls let me know if you have some ideas bout it. Thanks so much and God speed to you!

    1. Hi Coney,
      Thanks for visiting my site. It’s okay to renew your passport as long as you have your marriage certificate and your birth certificate with you. You don’t have to show your green card. Just bring it in case they ask. But they will follow what’s on your marriage certificate and birth certificate when changing your last name. It shouldn’t be a problem. You can go ahead and renew your passport first. πŸ™‚ Hope this helps.

  55. jalo kabayan,

    maraming salamat s lahat ng impormasyon n nkasaad d2, mabuhay po kayo!

    thanks! very helpful.

  56. I’d like to renew my passport. I’m from the philippines and my husband is deceased. My mother just came here and when she returns home to the phillipines I’d like to go with her for a short time. My passport expired in 1991. I’ve tried to call the number; however, there is never an answer. So, if you get a chance please let me know what I need to do to renew my passport.

    1. Hi Lilia,
      Don’t you have a blue passport since you’re deceased husband is American? I’m assuming you’re already a US Citizen coz you’ve been here since 1991? If so, you don’t need to renew your Philippine passport because you should already be using your US passport. But in case I’m wrong, kindly read all the steps I’ve included here. All you need to know to renew your passport is indicated above. Where are you from and which embassy were you calling? It’s already past office hours if you were calling an East Coast office such as Washington DC. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks for visiting my site!

  57. Hi, i had a good information while going through all ur answers.I tried to get a schedule for the consulate outreach in houston but its already husband and daughters passport will expire on jan. 2010, and were planning to go home on dec, and there we’ll renew the passport, do you think that will be a problem since there was an advisory from the site that passport should be renewed 6months prior to expiration?..Since i dont know when is the next consulate outreach. i’m planning to have their passport renewed at LA. Do i have to get an appointment or its fine with walk in?How much does it cause for the photo?how far is it from LAX airport?are there cheap hotels near the consular office?thank you..jessica (dallas tx)

    1. Hi Jessica! It’s best to renew in LA. I don’t suggest renewing in the Philippines because it might not be finished on time. It’s okay to renew in December before it expires in January but you might not be able to receive your passport before your ticket date. If you’re going home December, it would be safest to renew in September at the latest. In LA you don’t have to schedule. You can just go there directly. Just make sure to arrive early. I forgot to mention how much we paid for the passport photos but I can’t remember how much exactly. I’m pretty sure it was less than $20. Just bring around $10-$15 cash/per person just to be sure. πŸ™‚ It’s about 30 minutes away from the airport. But if you’re caught in traffic, expect an hour’s drive. There are a couple of hotels/inns near LAX and near the embassy. But it’s more expensive near the embassy since it’s in downtown LA. It’s pretty close to Beverly Hills. Ex: Ramada near LAX would cost about $60. Near the Embassy it would be around $75 and up. And that would also depend on when you book your hotel. I suggest to plan as soon as possible so you can get good rates. πŸ™‚

  58. Thanks for the info but currently, the Phil Embassy in Washington DC is so short staffed, it is frustrating. I started the process on Apr 8 and the embassy just sent my passport renewal to Manila on June 30. Imagine, for 6 weeks, my renewal application sat in Washington DC. I planned to go for a vacation on July 20 after 17 years here in Miami and seemed like I have to postpone it again since no one knows when I am going to get it back. My two kids are very disappointed too. School starts on Aug 24 that’s why I wanted to go for two weeks before it starts. I have missed a lot of tickets sale that were cheaper. Is there any guaranteed option that you can think of?

    1. Hi Tess, thanks for dropping by. That’s too bad that your application has been sitting there in DC for 6 weeks!!! There’s nothing we can do about it now since they already sent it to Manila. Manila Embassy is usually (most of the time) accurate with their processing time. So I just hope that when they send it back to DC, they’ll be quick to ship it out to you. So sorry to hear you had to reschedule your trip. But you know how our govt works, there’s never an assurance. πŸ™

  59. Hi, i just want to ask where i can renew my philippines pssport cause is expired on dec. 2009. I’m almost 2 yeqrs here in Florida and i dont know yet all the things where i can renew my pasport! can somebody give me all the information i need where and how or what all requirements i need! Thanks in advance for your here in florida do i need to go in washington dc to apply…maybe u know where is the closest to renew from florida…..

    1. Hi Emelie,
      Nabasa mo na ba yung article sa taas? Lahat ng answers to your questions are already there. πŸ™‚ Please read it and you’ll know everything you need for your passport renewal.

  60. Hi FJ,

    Thank you so much for the reply, im sorry if its kinda late but im so glad to hear that! i thought i have to change it just to make sure it will coinside to my passport. I have another question, i hope you can help me with this? My last name in my green card when i got here was my single last name so i let them changed it to my married name but then when i got it the middle name is still my middle name when i was still single! They said its really like that in here they never change their middle name? i thought it would be my name and then my middle name which is my single last name and then my married name. I hope i didnt confuse you to this but pls let me know if you know about this. Thank you soo much! I dont have a friend here where i can just ask. Thank you

    1. Hi Coney, I’m not so sure about that. The thing is when I went here, I was already married. And so the middle name I’m using is my last name when I was still single because that’s what we do back in the Philippines, right? My sister-in-law was married here in the US and the middle name she is using now is her last name when she was single. That’s weird that they won’t let you change it. Why don’t you try calling again just to clarify? But if they don’t let you, you can change your name when you get your citizenship. My relative had her second name removed so it took another week to process her citizenship but at least she got what she wanted. πŸ™‚ Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  61. Hi there thank you so much for information. You have helped alot and what step to do. My passport is going to expire by my birthday next jan.15, 2010. Right now i’m still waiting for the renewal of my greencard hopefully it’ll be done by dec. Again, thank you very much for this site and for you info. it truly helped alot of us here in the u.s. “Salamat kababayan!”

  62. Hello there,
    may question ako, i still have the green passport pero i got married and iba na last name ko and may plan kami mag-travel. kailangan pa ba mag-renew ng passport to change to new last name ko para pareho sa green card ko?

    1. Hi Margot,
      If there’s still time (around 2-3 months) before you travel, it would be best to renew your passport now. But, if kulang na kayo sa time just make sure na dalin mo yung marriage license/certificate and everything that gives proof. πŸ™‚

  63. I am in New York and just got a news that my daughter’s father(in the Philippines) is in a critical condition. Our passport expired last month and it will take 6 weeks to renew it… there any other way for me to renew my passport ASAP? Is there any agency who can help me with this? I want my daughter to get there before it’s too late…..I’m begging you all please help me.

    1. Hi Anne, I’m sorry about that. Perhaps you should contact the embassy in D.C. right away. Do you have a machine-readable passport already? If you do then it can probably be processed quicker. But if you still have the old passport, it will still have to be shipped back to the Philippines because they only produce that kind of passport in Manila. I’m not sure if they can expedite the process but you can try asking if it’s under the circumstances you’re in.

  64. Hi, I’m now in new york but I was really from Arkansas. Is it okay to renew my passport here in new york or do I really have to do it in Chicago?

  65. i m married to amrican andi just got my 2 year conditional permanent green card…but my phil passport is about to expired this october 21,2009….where can i renew my passport…is it possiblei can renew via online…what is the requieremnt?

    coz am living in greenacres florida…..when i look the website of philippine consulate base in south florida the num,ber which am trying to calll was no longer accessible…can u pleaze help to find the correct number and address….thank u very much

    mary jane r. prins

    1. I replied to you thru email. You can also try calling another branch (check the numbers above) and ask them for help. Just want to emphasize I’m not from the Embassy nor am I affiliated. This is a personal blog and I’m just sharing with you my experience. Hope it helps. By the way, the requirements are above.

  66. Hi FJ..Good Evening!! Can i renew my expired passport eventhough im over staying here in the us what is the requirements?Im affraid they might looking for an ID or something.. I came here as a tourist & my DL is now expired & im planning to get married but i want to get my passport renew so i can to my mom i chicago using passport as my ID..I dont know what to do..Pls help..Thanks!!God Bless!!

  67. Hi FJ!!! Good Morning!! I need advice caming from you…My passport expired last 2006. I came here as a tourist since 2004 w/ my kids & ex hubby & he took my kids & bring them back home to the philippines & leave me here w/ nothing. I divorced him year 2005 in chicago..Anyways i want to renew my passport & change my last name ‘coz my DL expired last aug ’09,I cannot renew it ‘coz they asking for my ss#.I have a bf & were planning to get married i search online about marriage license the requirement is valid id.Can i renew my passport eventhough im overstaying here?I need your response asap pls..thanks!!!God bless

    1. Hi Ettenyl, I think that would be a problem if you are overstaying. When you fly to Chicago, you don’t need your passport. Do you really need to show an ID? If you’re going to get married, I think you can show your DL from the Philippines. Do you have that? Any other form of identification coming from the Philippines will do. You should get married right away so you can renew your passport and be able to stay here in the US legally.

  68. Hi there –

    I’m traveling overseas and I wasn’t aware that the consulate would classify my passport application as a request for a “new” passport. Instead of a same-day turnaround, I was told it would take six weeks to process.

    While the consulate’s website provided information, that bit of information wasn’t abundantly clear – – otherwise I would have submitted an application sooner than later. To my dismay, the very day that my passport will be available, I am scheduled to travel (all travel booked already).

    Do you know if there is anything I, or rather my consular, can do to expedite the processing of the passport? I understand that the passports are sent in batches back to the Philippines, per your earlier comments, but I find it extremely difficult to understand why my consulate doesn’t offer any service that helps, not hinders, Filipinos in the US trying to obtain travel documents.

    Any guidance would be helpful. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jules. Back in the day, the old passport was easy to renew. However, since they are changing to machine-readable passport (which is only made in Manila), it’s like getting a new one and it takes 6wks. I’m not sure they can expedite but if they do, they might ask you for necessary documents. Maybe you can call the consulate that has jurisdiction over where you’re residing and see if they can accommodate expediting your passport. Hope this helps. I would suggest that you reschedule your flight.

  69. thanks u very much for answering my email….i appreciate it so much…by monday i wil go to phil consulate in florida to renew my passport..thanks for giving me the correct number….when i contact them…they moved to a new place…thts why i was not able to locate them..

    thanks for ur help…now i knw now wht to do…coz ur site help as with fellow pinoy…

    maraming salamat po

  70. Hi juice gusto Kung magtanong regarding my passport kasi expire na xa by next month and gusto Kung I renew yong pasport ko sa Los angeles California ang tanong kailangan bang pumunta doon sa LA or pwde ipadala nalang sa address ng phillipine embassy. Tnx and mabuhay !!

  71. Thnx a lot juice! One last question how about if I wanted to change my Last name when I’m single and put my married Last name to the application can I do that too? And what requirements are needed. Mabuhay !!

    1. Hi Wildchix, yes you can change your last name. Just present your marriage certificate and bring your birth certificate as well just to be sure. Also bring other IDs you can such as a valid driver’s license/SS/company/school ID πŸ™‚

  72. Hi Juice, I had a question regarding my passport, i’m holding a green philippine passport right now and a green card holder too. I’m going on vacation to visit my family in the philippines and i’m leaving this coming dec.7. My question is, can i renew my passport in the philippines while i’m on vacation? My passport will expired on September 2010. Can a travel agency can work to renew my passport? Thanks. I’m loooking forward to hear from you and give me some informations you know. You have a good evening………

  73. Hello Juice It’s good to hear from you. I’m gonna stay there ti’l Jan. 15. Thanks for the info. Sounds good for the processing it’s gonna be pretty fast. More power to your website….God Bless

  74. I have been to the Philippine Consulate of Los Angeles last week and man the people there are really rude! I saw this personnel near the door reprimanding applicants for not giving the complete documents. He did not show any respect for the old lady at all. It took us the whole day to have our appointment done. WTF!

    The day before we went to the Consulate, I called their main line and to my surprise NOBODY IS ANSWERING THE PHONE!. It always goes to a voice mail that is even FULL.

    Do we deserve this kind of service? Or this is just an example of Filipino inefficiency?

    1. Hi Alex. I too was disappointed when we renewed. I know how you feel. Hope they can speed things up there. Hope we can renew online, you know? And that personnel is just too rude. πŸ™ Hope Filipinos would treat their fellow Filipinos with respect.

  75. Hi FJ. πŸ™‚ i’m so happy to have found this blog, sure is so helpful sa lahat ng concerns ko about renewal of Philippine Passport. Anyway, ask ko lang if u think it’s ok for me to renew my passport in the Phils (when i go there) and at the same time make amendments to it? like change my last name (due to marriage),,,my concern is i was married here in US,,,baka they won’t allow it since i wasn’t married there. I will be grateful for your opinion regarding this. U can send me email if u want. Thank you kabayan…. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Llhiana, it’s okay to renew in the Philippines even if you got married here as long as you bring your marriage certificate and to make sure, bring your husband’s birth certificate as well. Make sure to bring the original and make copies too before you go there. Also, make sure that your stay there in the Philippines is long enough to wait for your passport to arrive. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  76. Hi. I’ve been granted a conditional permanent resident status, in which case the card is only valid for two years. My greencard will expire on May 2010. I will need to file a form to remove the conditions of my permanent residence within 90 days prior to the expiration of my card. Failure to do so may result in automatic termination of my status and may result in immigration court proceedings against me. I heard from somebody that it should be renewed within the 90 day period not sooner or else they will send it back. I’m just wondering if I could renew it sooner like this month because I plan on going out of the country on January that way I get my card before my trip. Is it possible for me to leave outside the country and renew my card when I get back 90 days prior to it’s expiration? Thank you.

    1. Hi Diane, we’re only talking about renewing Philippine passport here in the US. I’m more knowledgeable on that part. You are referring to your green card right? Well, as far as I know, you can go out of the country as long as you’ll be back before your GC expires. So if you’re going on a trip this January, there won’t be any problem as long as you’re back in May 2010 when your GC expires and you can renew. πŸ™‚ Hope it helps. Oh by the way, they usually don’t renew it earlier. Besides you have a GC. You can really go out of the country. :)

  77. Can I travel to the Philippines with an expired passport? I was born there and has a legal birth certificate. My passport expired in 2000 and never thought about going back home until recently due to family circumstances. Can I get in the Philippines with an expired passport and renew it when I get there??


    1. Hi Chuchay, Before you can renew your passport via mail. But if you haven’t gotten the new maroon passport which is machine-readable, you cannot renew via mail. You have to personally be there to renew it because they will take your fingerprints and signature electronically. I know it’s such a hassle. We too had to travel all the way to California just to renew. But by the way, make sure to check the Washington website because sometimes, they visit various states to do passport renewals. πŸ™‚

  79. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and everything is saying that I have to apply in person to renew my passport. The question I have is how I go about in setting up an appointment? I went to the wesite but it never said anything about setting an appointment. PLEASE help!

  80. hi i live in las Vegas and im wondering if there’s anyway i can renew my passport without going all the way to los angeles. its just a hassle that they dont have an office here in Nevada

    1. Hi Star,

      What you can do is to check the Los Angeles website (Link above) from time to time. They do go around the various states every now and then to help fellow Filipinos renew their passports, etc., without having to travel all the way to California. But if you are in a hurry, its best to travel to renew because it will take 6 weeks before you receive your new passport.

  81. Hello. I did get the maroon passport in Hawaii when we had our vacation last July (got married in 2007 in Hawaii). I live in Texas and we are under the jurisdiction of LA. Does it make sense that I was able to renew my green passport in Hawaii while on a trip. Nobody out there didn’t even bother when I told them we reside in Texas and I wanna renew my passport while over there.I got my passport now and I will be devastated if I had to renew it just because it didn’t fall under the jurisdiction. Any thoughts on this matter. Thank you.

  82. Hi,

    Can I renew my passport even if it’s not yet 6 months prior to expiration? Let’s say my passport will expire come June 2010. But I want to renew it this December 2009, which is 7 months before expiration. Would that be okay?Thanks.

  83. Hello FJ,
    Do you know what are the requirements for ammendment passport due to marriage? ayaw ko pang i renew yong green passport ko kasi jan.2011 pa ang expiration. balak kasi naming magbakasyon sa jan. or feb. as long as may husband passport come then we book tickets for us to go. Or Ok lng bang magbakasyon na hindi mapa ammend ang passport KO? kasi on my GC Married name na ang gamit ko dun, my DL my SS. ung passport ko lng ang hindi pa napachange ang last name.baka kasi magkaroon ng problema sa immigration pagbalik na dito kong d magmatch lahat.

  84. Hi juice, i just want to know if I still need to make an appointment going to Washington DC to renew my passport because I need to renew it ASAP

  85. I just read your new comment regarding “appointment” and it answered my Question already and so by mon or tues we’ll go in DC,

    1. Hi Annie! Sa Texas din ako. We went to LA, California just to renew. No choice because we’re under Phil Embassy-California’s jurisdiction. However, each year, they go from state to state to conduct consular outreach programs. If you’re not in a hurry, just check out their website for announcements. They usually go to cities like Dallas and Houston for example. I think it’s usually around Fall when they go to Texas.

  86. Hello! Would you know if there will be passport renewals in texas in 2010? If so, would you know when and where? I think they had it last year 2009. Please reply to my email address. Thank you very much and happy new year!

  87. i would like to ask what if where from washington and we need to renew our philippine passport do we have to go to all the sites like california to renew our passport

    1. Hi Vida,
      You have to make a personal appearance to the nearest Philippine Embassy near you. If that would be the Philippine Consulate in L.A., then you have to go there. However, if you’re not in a hurry, try to check their website from time to time because they go around different cities to renew passports, etc on site. It’s a consular outreach program that our embassy does for those who are far away from the embassy.

  88. our phil. passport is going to expire in sept. 2010. we are planning to go on vacation to the Phil. in April 4 to 30, 2010. can we use our phil. passport without renewing it. di kaya kami magka problema sa pagbalik namin sa America. green card holder lang po kami. tnx so much

    1. Hi Perpetua, as long as you’ll be back before Sept 2010, there won’t be a problem. If they ask you when you get back, just let them know you’ll renew it in the Philippine consulate here in the US. Enjoy your vacation!

  89. Hi Fashion Juice,you are wonderful! your posts are very clear and helpful to us.Thanks for all the informations you share with us.Keep up the good work and God Bless! Mabuhay!

  90. hi ms fashion juice,
    i will be renewing my passport this tuesday, january 12 and i am worrying in reaching at the philippine consulate in 3600 wilshire bld. from LA international airport. can i ask how can i reach the consulate from the said airport?do i need to make an appointment prior of my coming? this will be my first time to travel to the area. thank you very much for your help. mabuhay ka!
    GOD Bless.

    1. Hi Eliseo, You don’t have to make an appointment. Just be there early, get a number and wait for your turn. LAX to the embassy takes about 30 minutes. It’s best if you can rent a car or hire a cab. I’m not familiar with the public transportation there. But I’m pretty sure there are buses around if you’d like that option, you can ask at the airport. Thanks!

  91. Hi FJ!

    My husband and I are going back to Hawaii this month and since my passport will expire in May I will try to renew it there instead of going to L.A ( I live here in Las Vegas) I jaz hope they let me since the address on my VISA /passport is my in-laws address..I can jaz ask my in-law to mail it here in Las Vegas for me… my question is do I have to fill-up some paper work and the embassy? thanks in advance…..:)

  92. Hi! I would like to inquire about renewing passport of my bf.. The passport will expire on June of 2010 and he was planning to go home in the Philippines on March when he inquire about passport renewal they told them he needs to renew it before he can travel and it will takes 6 weeks. We are upset about it and we didn’t see the point why there is a need to renew a passport that is not yet expired on the said travel dates. Hope you can give me a positive feedback about it.. thanks

  93. Hi there! He just emailed the consulate affairs in Chicago and he was advised to renew it before he travel but it will take 6 weeks before he can get the passport and we were wondering why he needs to renew it first knowing that the passport will not be expired on the said travel date as well as the time he will be coming back in US. He will be just be in the Philippines in 2 weeks in March he will be back on March 21 in US and his passport will expire this June 2010. Thanks for entertaining my questions..

    1. Hi Anna,
      I think it’s just a precaution. If you have a permanent resident/green card here, I don’t think there will be a problem because he will still have more than 2 months to renew when he gets back. However, if he’s on a working visa or still waiting for his green card, there might be issues at the US Customs. At the same time, they might put a June 2010 expiration to his I-94 card (white card in the passport, given upon arrival). But I see no worries if his a green card holder. I would suggest though, to call directly, and perhaps try calling a different consulate, just to get an opinion of another staff. Try calling the Phil. Consulate in L.A. just to get a second opinion. Let me know what happens. πŸ™‚

  94. Thank you so much for taking time to reply fashion juice. I really appreciate it a lot… Don’t worry I will update you on what happen next…. God bless!

    1. Hi Anna,
      Yes, please let us know here what happens. πŸ™‚ I’m curious as to what they’re going to say. It’s not supposed to be a problem because it hasn’t been expired yet. But I’d like to know their reason. πŸ™‚

  95. Hi Fashion Juice, they still want him to renew his passport because it is required for those traveling in either Phils. or other country, I still feel bad about it. He inquire both to his travel agency and the consulate. Well too bad we had been planning for this since last year. My bf wants to apply for US citizenship that’s why we decided not to renew his passport instead of renewing it might as well use the money for the fees for application if it’s granted he will then can apply for US passport. Thanks. God bless…

  96. hi fj,,ano ibig sabihin ng passport photo must be taken within the last 6 months?? im planning to renew my green passport expired nov.10 2008 soon,,pero wala pa kong passport photo…im here in washington state dont have enough money to travel sa san francisco,,meron kaya dito sa wa.state i pe renew ko passport ko? i need your reply asap..thank you & mabuhay

    1. Hi Jenmay! It only means if you have a passport photo na it must be within the last six months na kinuhanan ka. If you don’t have a passport photo, okay lang yun because may mga passport photo services near the embassy, usually in the same building/floor. I don’t think there’s any Philippine embassy in Washington State but you can call San Francisco embassy to ask if may consular outreach program sila sa Washington State. The outreach program kasi is pumupunta sila sa mga states and other cities na walang Philippine embassy para makapagrenew ang mga tao ng passports nila. πŸ™‚ hope this helps!

  97. thank you fj you really help me a lot…heres my another question…tumawag ako kanina sa san francisco embassy at 415-433-6666,,sumagot sa akin ay isang babae, she told me na kung hindi ako maka afford pumunta sa san francisco pwede ko raw ipa notarized ang passport application ko then i-send ko sa kanila,,kahit daw walang personal appearance,,,,my question is totoo kaya eto,,or hindi kaya mawala ang mga documents ko kung maipadala ko sa kanila…….gusto ko kasing umuwi ng april 7 sabi nya makakauwi daw ako at that time,,please help me kung totoo yong hindi na ko pupunta sa california,,just notarized my application,,nasa washington state ako,,at hindi ko talaga kayang gumastos papunta sa frisco,,,,,,,thank you fj..god bless,,happy ako sa mga advice mo

    1. Hi Jenmay, it’s okay kahit it expired in 2008. Yes, if they told you na pwede mo i-send, then go ahead. It’s the consulate’s number so it’s true. So pwede pala yun. thanks for this information. It will help other fellow Filipinos reading this. πŸ™‚

  98. My passport is expiring on the 1st week of May, How can I renew it it, I live in Texas, And I don’t have time to travel and it cost too much to travel either in California or New York. Well, If this is the case for Filipinos In Texas, Either Houston/ Dallas or other Cities, They should have an extension office for filing legal documents like passport etc… I’ll just wait to expire and wait for an outreach program maybe.

    1. Hi InterstateLoveSong,
      I’m glad you found my website. I’m from Texas as well. I’m also waiting for their outreach program this year. They actually had one last Summer, I’m not so sure but it was around middle of last year. I know they should have at least an extension office here, but I guess they don’t have the budget. Maybe when there are more Filipinos here, they will bring back the Texas office (there used to be one years ago). Anyway, about the biometrics – we are already switching to a Maroon passport – one that can be read by a machine. So when we travel, it’s just like scanning an item in the grocery. They will just scan your passport and your information will be easily found, including your finger prints and electronic signature.

  99. Yeah, I am from Texas too, Mine is expiring sa May 2010, Baka hindi na maka-abot sa outreach program nila dito sa Texas, Okey lang ba na mag expire yung sa akin, So far wala pa naman akong travel plans sa Philippines, Wala din kasi akong time mag travel out of state and it cost too much din, sayang kung alam ko lang kasi I just spent my holidays sa California, I’m new here in Dallas for about a year pa lang because of my job. As for “jenmay walker” Totoo kaya yun na walang personal appearance pero As i have read kailangan talaga kasi because of biometrics right, Thanks.

    1. Hi dengkie. I myself have been in the DFW area for about a year and just a few months. And was also in California recently, in November nga lang. But anyway, if you don’t have any plans, it’s okay kahit mag expire. Yun nga lang if there’s an emergency, you cant go home right away. I don’t know if yung kay jenmay is true. But if it is, perhaps you need to show na you’re not capable or can’t afford to travel. And I think that proof must bet notarized as well.

    1. Hi Vonyok, wala eh. California ang nagrerenew ng passport for Nevada residents. You can also check their website from time to time to see if they are visiting your area. They usually go to other cities/states once a year to help Filipinos who cant travel to renew their passport.

  100. vonyok, A team from Los Angeles Consular Office will have an Outreach Program in Las Vegas, Colonnade Square, 8826 S. Easter Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89123, Corner of Pebble Road on February 27 and 28, 2010, that is Saturday and Sunday, Visit for more informations. Sana magkaroon na agad dito sa Texas, North Dallas, Filipinos in North Dallas, Lets volt in, make a petition, “hahahahaha” or maybe let the Los Angeles Consular Office know that many of us are now in need of renewing their passports, Call the office or mail them, at least mapapansin nila na dumadami na ang Fil-Tex or Filipino-Texans na in need of renewing their Philippine passports, then mapapaisip na sila na pumunta na agad dito sa North Dallas.

  101. hi, im in colorado springs, colorado , do you know where can i renew my passport? how about USPS maling postage stamps? how much is it or do i need to buy from on site or no? please respond to my email add, thanks. do you have the number to call them?

    1. Hi Analee, all the information you need is in the post. You can use USPS mailing postage stamps. You have to make a personal appearance. The nearest Philippine Embassy you can go to is at the San Francisco Consulate. You can call them at 415.433.6666. If you cannot travel, let them know and they might give you another option. Hope this helps!

  102. jenmay walker said, we could notarized passport application and send? i cannot afford too going to california. is this really true?

    1. Hi Analee, I’m not sure if it’s true. But what you can do is to call them directly and let them know that you cannot afford to travel. Let us know if they tell you the same thing – to have your passport application notarized and shipped to them.

  103. hi fashion juice im very lucky na dito sa seattle washington ay may travel agency na nag rerenew ng philipine passport…accredited sila ng san francisco embassy……kaya sa lahat ng taga washington state,,,kung gusto nyong mag parenew ng passport pumunta kayo sa GENESES TRAVEL NETWORK,,,SEATTLE PHONE NUMBER 206-325-5869…….HINDI AKO MAKA AFFORD PUMUNTA NG SAN FRANCISCO KAYA BUTI NA LANG NAKILALA KO SILA….GUD LUCK SA INYO,,THANK YOU FASHION JUICE I LOVE YOU ADVICE


  105. i have the new maroon passport and i’m scheduled to go home 1st week of may. my problem is, i changed the contact person for any emergencies at the back of my passport & used a wipe-out. someone told me it’s considered tampering & i know i shouldve known better…there are no other changes except for that one. do i need to apply for a new passport? i don’t want to have any problems at the airport just in case. any responses will be appreciated. thanks!

    1. Hmm.. They won’t actually look at the back when you’re boarding and at the customs because they’ll use that for emergency purposes only. However, they might wonder why you used a wipe out. Anyway, what you do is just bring all your necessary documents like birth certificate, and if you have a green card or other original document stating your stay here is legal, etc (like notice of action if you have a working visa or working permit). Keep these documents with you (hand carry and do not check in). Also, it’s best that you photo copy these documents and keep the copies at home, just in case. But anyway, I think with these documents, you’ll be good since you only changed the emergency contact person.

  106. Actually I am from Atlanta and it is so hard to travel with the baby and I called the Washing Dc branch and they told me that I dont need to travel anymore..I can send my appllication in the mail as long as I have them notarized..So far I am waiting for my new passport in the mail..

  107. I was thinking the biometrics “Fingerprints” how come? Hmmm… We can wait for Ms. Grace to share her experience about this. Thanks.

    1. Yup, perhaps they just scan the one on the application form. Grace isn’t the first one here to just have her applications notarized and sent through mail. Jenmay Walker also had her application sent through the mail. So if there are any of you out there who have had the same experience, please feel free to share it here. Thanks.

  108. Hi. I’ve been here in the US since 1996 and I have the green passport, but it has already expired. I’m planning on going home this year, so I just want to know if the same requirements apply to renew even if my passport is already expired. One more thing, I’v read in some other sites that I should wear a light-colored shirt with a collar. Is that really necessary?

    1. Hi Gelly, same requirements even if it’s already expired. πŸ™‚ It’s not necessary. It’s only best to wear a collar so you look a bit formal in your passport photo. You can just wear a jacket with collar on top of a blouse too πŸ™‚

  109. Good news for Dallas Residents, I received a response from the consular outreach staff from Los Angeles that after Houston, Texas Consular Outreach program on April 17-18, Next is Dallas Area, They are planning to visit our city by May 2010 but no exact schedule yet was given. We still don’t know, They might visit other Cities for the span of 1 or 2 weeks. Visit the Los Angeles Consular website for more updates. Thanks.

  110. Hi! Thanks for sharing and helping through your blog, I hope that you could also help me as well πŸ™‚ I just want to ask if I can renew my Philippine passport even if I overstayed. I entered the US using a VWP and I couldn’t renew my other passport (i’m a dual citizen) because of that. I’m just hoping that I can renew my Philippine passport since i’m planning to go home soon. It doesn’t seem like there would be a problem just want to make sure. Thank you!!

  111. hello!

    Te, I’m happy na nadiscover ko site nato. I hope you could help me with my questions.
    Magbabakasyon ako this year sa pinas for 3 weeks. My greencard says my husband’s last name but my passport says my single name. OK lang po bang magtravel sa pinas with this situation? Ano po ba yong mga requirements na dapat kong dalhin sa airport puntang pinas. Wala po bang magiging problem pagbalik ko dito sa U.S?

    1. Hi Mia,
      There’s no problem going home. All you need is your passport. Hindi pa sya expired, right? So if not, that’s all you need. Ang problem is when you go back here sa US. If malayo pa naman ang planned vacation mo, then I suggest renewing your passport to change your new last name/married name. Kasi baka ma-question ka pa pabalik sa US sa customs dito kung bat magkaiba ang passport name and green card name mo. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  112. I agree with the admin. Yeah, you might be grilled at US Port of Entry, Much better change your surname to your Phil. Passport or much better renew it now though kahit hindi pa expired eh ipa renew mo na rin, at least MRP na passport mo, same details pa with your greencard. Much better to be vigilant than sorry.

  113. Hello te,
    Salamat sa reply te..
    Hindi pa naman po expired yong passport ko. Sa 2013 pa po sya mag eexpire. This coming March na kasi ako magbabaskasyon sa Pinas te eh….O.K. lang po ba kung dalhin ko nalang yong Marraige contract or Certificate ko teh…

    1. Hi Mia, it’s up to you. But you know, pag strict ang mag interview sayo sa customs pag balik mo ng US, mahirap na. Mahirap mag take ng risk. But in case you decide na wag i-renew, just bring your marriage contract, birth certificate, and even copies of your husband’s birth certificate and passport too.

  114. Hello te,
    Kasi te wala na kasi ako time magrenew. Next week na pohon yong flight ko..Dadalhin ko nalang yon marriage certificate, B-certificate, passport ko at copy ng B-certificate ng husband ko. Thank you teh sa answers…

    Sana di strick yong mag iinterview sakin…

    Teh salamat talaga sa advice.

    1. Hi mia, naku sorry, I overlooked the detail na this March ka na pala. if that is the case then no choice. Ang suggestion ko lang, if matagal ka naman mag vacation sa Philippines, maybe you can have your passport renewed there. If 1 month ka sa Philippines, you should have your passport name changed na probably the next 1-2 days upon your arrival para makuha mo kagad.

  115. But, If you are living in the U.S, You’ll be having a hard time finding this kind of format,
    Much better sa Philippine Embassy ka na lang magpunta or sa outreach program nila sa bawat State meron
    silang photographers to take care of this job, Walgreens and CVS does not have this kind of formats, Na
    experience ko na kasi ito back in Los Angeles. I am not sure with other Filipino Stores offering this

    1. Yes Ting, Dengkie is right. It’s hard to find a shop that can do the job – the royal blue background, etc. It’s better to just get your photo taken there – either in the outreach program or embassy.

  116. Hi i just wanna ask about my passport,cause its been more than 6 weeks now since we renew it and i have to go back Philippines by next week for my sister graduation,they said it only takes 6 weeks but i wonder why until now i didn’t got it yet.

  117. i am hoping to have it this week hopefully the embassy send it soo soon huhuhu,if not i am gonna miss my sister graduation,does anybody can help find out bout my passport here?huhuh

  118. does anyone can help me find out about whats going on to my passport? its been 6 weeks going to 7 weeks now since i renew my passport but till now i didn’t get it,they said it only take 6 weeks i wonder why until now its not here,i am hoping to have it last week cause i have to go back philippines for my sisters graduation on march 27 huhuhu,now i dont have much time and i didn’t get ticket yet cause i am waiting for my passport,does anybody works here at the embassy,plsssssssssssssssss,send it back to me now,my sister graduation and there’s nobody with her gonna be on the stage we dont have anymore closer relatives to help us just ourselves helping each other,sooo plsssssssssssss,i need a miracle,charuss,nagmakaawa daw ba,pero totoo yan,i need to go back talaga,for my sister graduation,and i wanna see thier situation eversince my mom fast away,huhuh.soooo sad talaga.ano b yan nagdadrama nko dito am sorry everyone,feeling ko kc nasa wowowee ako heheh smile.ivyminetree,

    1. Hi IvyJane, no one works at the embassy here. I’m just a fellow Filipino sharing my experience with renewing passport. Where do you live anyway? Just wait for it this week. It’s only Monday. I’m pretty sure you’ll receive it soon. You can also go ahead and call the embassy and follow up.

  119. we live here in florida my husband already called the consulate in washington to find out last week and they said it will be herein 2 weeks but till now i didn’t get it,anyway thanks hmmmmmmmm i am stressed to much now,i really have to go back next week.anyway thanks a lot and god bless.

  120. As long as you keep on staring at your mail box the whole day, It will not come, Skip one day or two and get back to your mail box and you’ll be amaze. Try it, Sometimes it’s effective. It happens to me.

  121. As long as you keep on staring at your mail box the whole day, It will not come, Skip one day or two and get back to your mail box and you’ll be amaze. Try it, sometimes it’s effective.

  122. my mom is in WA state, she wants to renew her Phils. passport, she is a senior citizen, can she do it by mail? is their any office to inquire in WA state what to do?

  123. I need to renew mmy Philippine passport. I live in Dallas and I would have to go to LA to do that, but I well be visiting a sick family member in New Jersey this end of March. Can I go ahead and renew my passport in New York Phil. COnsulate while I’m around the area?

    1. Hi Genevieve, yes you can renew there. But if you want, there LA Consulate will be holding an outreach program in Dallas on May. They will be going to Dallas to accommodate the people living here who need to renew their passport.

  124. Thanks for the quick response. I know they’re coming to Dallas. Actually, I had submitted my application form, but my passport expires first week of May. If I wait til then I will have six weeks of expired passport and if something happens to my folks in the Philippines(God forbids)I can’t travel. I will still have few weeks of expired passport but at least it’s not six long weeks and besides I am already there in New Jersey anyway. You are an angel – giving us all these info when these people in the consulate doesn’t return your calls and you could never get any LIVE person to talk to on the phone!

    1. Hi Genevieve. You’re welcome. πŸ™‚ You are right. It’s better to have it renewed now if your passport is expiring this May. Less worries in case there’s an emergency, hopefully not. But it’s good to always be prepared.

  125. Hi, my mom is in Palm Bay Florida and her passport expired few years ago. She is an US immigrant and I just want to ask where can she apply to renew her Philippine passport. Thanks

  126. Embassy of the Philippines, Washington DC

    1600 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC
    Tel: 202.467.9300
    Fax: 202.467.9417


    Ambassador: H.E. Ambassador Willy C. Gaa
    Consul General: Domingo P. Nolasco

    Jurisdiction: Alabama, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Aguila, Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Grand Cayman Islands, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent & Grenadines, Saint Kitts & Nevis


  127. hi!:) im looking for somebody to ask about passport renewal and i think i found the right person!:) i still have the green passport and it will expire on sept 2010, my family is planning to go to europe for a tour on july but i think i have to renew my passport before we leave since the visa requires us to have our passport valid 6 months beyond stay. Im planning to renew it next month and im here in texas. what will i do? do i have to travel to Washington to renew it? and do you think i will recieve it by june if ever i apply by april? im really gettin worried.. hope you can help me.. thank you so much!

    1. Hi Mary, Texas is under the Jurisdiction of LA, California. Where in Texas are you from? The LA Philippine Consulate conducts outreach programs where they go state to state to help fellow Filipinos who live far from a Phil. Embassy renew their passport. They are coming to Houston this April. However, the passport renewal is already full. They’ll be going to Dallas on May1-2 and you can still submit an application and request that you be included in the list. The only thing is, the renewal takes 6 weeks to process. And in some cases 7 weeks. If you are going on tour late July, or if you can have the tour moved to August, then you can definitely renew in Dallas so you won’t have to travel. I suggest that you just move your tour to early August so you don’t have to travel to California just to renew your passport.

  128. thank you so much for the immediate reply! im glad i found your site, you’re such a big help for us! im here in Houston and im not even aware that they will be coming here next month, i should have known earlier so i can sign up my name on their list and im not even aware that we are under the jurisdiction of LA, california. Do i need to go to the philippine consulate here in houston if I want my name to be added when they will be going in Dallas? what do i need to do? thank you!:)

    1. Hi mary. No you have to submit soon because there is a limit to how many people can be accommodated. Go to the LA Philippine consulate Website above and click on the dallas outreach. There are instructions on how to sign up/apply πŸ™‚

  129. Check this out Mary, You might have missed my post above.

    A team from Los Angeles Consular Office will have an Outreach Program in Dallas, Texas: Choices Leadership Academy, 18106 Marsh Lane (Corner Frankford Rd.) Dallas, TX 75287-5701 on April 1-2, 2010 (9:00am to 6:00pm), that is Saturday and Sunday.

    Visit for more information.

    Here is the direct link,

  130. Sorry, It was May 1-2.

    A team from Los Angeles Consular Office will have an Outreach Program in Dallas, Texas: Choices Leadership Academy, 18106 Marsh Lane (Corner Frankford Rd.) Dallas, TX 75287-5701 on May 1-2, 2010 (9:00am to 6:00pm), that is Saturday and Sunday, Visit for more information. Here is the direct link,

  131. thank you so much for your help! thank you also Dengkie! im really glad i found this site. can i ask more questions? pasensya na!:) if ever i want to go to LA for my passport renewal, do i have to call for an appointment or i will just go as a walk in applicant? how does that work? how many days would it take me for my application if i go there personally? i need my passport kz as soon as possible, sayang talgah that i was not able to apply for the outreach program here in Houston, it would be much easier and practical for me. thank you…

    1. Hi Mary, of course naman ask as many times as you want. πŸ™‚ Anyway, yes you can go to the L.A. consulate anytime you want without any appointment. My only suggestion is, go there early because sometimes mahaba din ang pila. It depends kung madami kang kasabay. But for the two times I’ve been there, madami lagi tao. So make sure to arrive early para maka kuha ka kagad ng number. Just leave a message if you need anything else. πŸ™‚

  132. Hi. My bf’s passport has been expired for almost 3 years now. We will be going to the Philippines this May 8. We are going to washington DC on April 13 to renew his passport. Will we be able to get it that same day??

    1. Hi Theresa, sorry you won’t be able to get it right there. It takes 6 weeks to receive the new passport. You application will be sent to Manila and the new passport will be coming from there that’s why it takes that long. There are times that it will even take about 7 weeks depending on shipping delays, etc. I suggest you move your flight because there is no way you can get it within 2 weeks or less.

  133. A team from Los Angeles consular office will have an outreach program in Las Vegas, Nevada: Bugsy’s, 6145 W. Sahara Ave., (Corner S. Jones Blvd.) Las Vegas, NV 89146 on June 19, 2010 Saturday (9:00am to 6:00pm), and June 20, 2010 Sunday (9:00 to 1:00pm), Visit for more information. Here is the direct link,

    The consular outreach program is being undertaken in cooperation with the Filipino American Heritage Foundation – Nevada and U.P Alumni Association of Nevada.

  134. i have a spot for passport renewal in Dallas on May but I already renewed my passport in New York when I went there recently. I am willing to give up my spot for somebody who can’t go to LA to renew. Let me know. I will be checking this website for any response to this. I hope I can help somebody this way.

  135. I live in Montana and cannot fly to San Francisco during weekdays for the required personal appearance. Can I go to Las Vegas abd have the passport renewed there even if Montana is not under the jurisdiction of the Phil. Embassy in LA?

  136. Thanks very much for your response. I have emailed the consulate in LA, but they never respond. Do they ever respond to emails?

    I am planning to fly from Montana to Las Vegas for the outreach program, but I can only stay for a day. I don’t want to spend for hotel accomodation. How long does the whole process take (finger printing, etc)?

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi Mika, sometimes, they hardly answer. But anyway, if you’re going to the outreach program, you have to make an appointment. Have you done that? There’s a limited number of slots per outreach so you should already email them with the requirements.

  137. We’ll be traveling to Boracay (via Manila) this July and are looking for a nice place to stay. I have seen reviews of Dave’s Straw Hat Inn in Boracay. Has anyone stayed there? What did you think of it?

  138. Hi!
    I have a friend who is still married in the Phils. but got married in the US and about to get her green card. Her concern is that can she use her maiden name in her renewed Philippine passport, or is it required that she uses her spouse’s family name?

  139. hi,

    do you know if there’s an expedited processing for passport renewal? i need to get a new passport with my married name on it and need it in a month.thanks!

    1. Hi Abbie. I’m not aware of any expedited processing. I don’t think they offer it unless maybe there’s an emergency. If your passport is not yet expired and you need to go home, I suggest that you renew it when you go back.

  140. Hi, we’re here in Texas with my family, our passports expires on Sept of next year. Would you advise us to renew the our passports while the consular officer will be coming to Dallas for their outreach program? Is there a schedule for outreach program every year?..Please help..Thank you

    1. Hi Maricar, the Outreach Program in Dallas was already done a few weeks ago. In fact I have renewed my passport as well. If it will expire on September next year, then you can wait for the next consular outreach program. They do it every year. I’m not sure if they do it twice each year here in Dallas because I remember that they had one during the Fall season. If they will have another one by end of the year, I suggest you renew right away to get the new machine-readable passports/maroon passport. Some countries are no longer accepting passports that are not machine-readable.

  141. hi i need help i live in jacksonville florida, and i need to renew my green philippines passport can i do it here in miami or georgia??? thanks

  142. Hi is that the longest time to get the passport back?coz i went to the Consulate in miami and got my passport renewal there they said it will take 8 to 12 months how come it takes that long?also would u mind if i ask Plsss,i am a legally residence in united states now but not citizen yet,the problem is i am going back to Philippines and stay 8 or 9 months and i am 5 months pregnant now am i be able to gave birth in Philippines?even though the paperwork is a pain in ass again?Heheh sorry for that.i decided to do that cause my husband decided to work overseas again in the middle east,you know its hard for me,being far from my husband and my family so Eventhough i have to do the birth abroad of my baby again i’ll just do it you know.I just wanna ask too if how long is the processing?thanks and sorry for those qyestions.god bless ivy.

    1. Hi Ivy! First, the passport renewal takes 6 to 8 weeks – so I don’t know why they told you 8 to 12 months. Call them back again to confirm. As for the second question, so you’re saying you want to give birth in the Philippines? Coz you said “eventhough I have to do the birth abroad”. I’m a bit confused. Hehe. Anyway, don’t you want to give birth in the US so your baby will be a US citizen and then later can apply for dual citizenship? At least your kid will have an option. Coz if you give birth in the Philippines, you won’t be able to take your baby with you to the US when you go back until the papers are done – which may take a couple of months to years. It’s best to talk to a lawyer regarding your concerns about the green card.

  143. My husband has a Green Philippine Passport that expires this September 2010 we would like to go back home this August. How do I go about renewing his passport?? We live in Alaska and I just saw that the consular outreach will be in anchorage this week what exactly is that consular outreach? is he better off going to there?? I appreciate this alot since I really don’t know how to renew his passport since I was born in the US and have a US passport so everything is new to me.. thanks!

    1. Hi Raine, it’s called a consular outreach program because a team from the Philippine Consulate goes to various cities with no Philippine Embassy nearby so that Filipinos can renew their passports, apply dual citizenship, etc., without having to travel to another state to do so. Check the requirements in their website:,phildet/. And if possible, it would be better if you email or call the contact person for the consular outreach in your area just to make sure you will be accommodated. In other states, they ask that you make an appointment and they will set a time for you. So just to make sure, contact them. Hope this helps.

  144. OMG!!! Thank you and I found your website. I tried to call Phil. Washington embassy they don’t answer their phone. I am currently residing in Jacksonville, FL, can I renew my passport at Miami consulate since I live closer there? If not, how about Atlanta consulate? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Emilie, you’re welcome. Actually, the one in Miami and Atlanta are both by appointment only. So you have to call or email them to get an appointment if they will take you. Florida is actually under the Washington jurisdiction but you can have your passport renewed at any consulate. You can also watch out for consular outreach programs. They go to cities without a Philippine consulate nearby to help fellow Filipinos renew their passport without having to travel.

  145. Hello again. Im sorry if I have too many question. I called the consulate in Miami and an automated voice answered the call. Towards the end of the call the automated voice said that they not longer do passport renewal at that consulate. Does this mean I cannot even submit my form there and my personal appearance? Thanks again, I hope you don’t get tired of me. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Emilie, of course that’s fine. πŸ™‚ Well yes, that’s the thing. I wasn’t so sure but I heard that the Philippine consulates in Miami and Atlanta are not for passport renewals. Since you called and heard that, then that’s right. You can’t go there to renew. It’s either Washington or wait for the next consular outreach program near you. Sayang, the Philippine consulate just went to Florida last month. I just searched and found here:

  146. Thank you very much for your help I hope you will still email me for the updates and the website so I will have the updates forthe next schedule. I really appreciate your help.

  147. Hi,I am asking a help..I dont know what to do.My Philippine Passport was already expired and im having renew my greencard and visit in the philippines this year.I am here in Florida,i just called the miami recently they told me they dont accept passport no more so i need to go in washington,but i cant fly there,Is there any possible way that i can renew it?Please Help thank you..

    1. Hi Ckay. There’s no other way to renew your passport than to go to Washington or to wait for a consular outreach program. A consular outreach program is when a team from the Philippine Embassy visit cities or states without a passport renewal office nearby. They just went to Florida earlier this year to accommodate Filipinos who need to renew their passport. That’s why I’m not sure when the next outreach program in Florida will be. You can go to another location if you can’t go to Washington. On other occasions, they allow that you mail your application if you have duly notarized application forms, documents and letter stating that you cannot afford to travel to Washington for the renewal. Hope this helps.

  148. hi again.. i just want to ask about…… i’m already married here in florida…. and i still using my family name when i’m single… desame on my green card too,,, soo i’m going to renew my passport can i still use my family name? or do i need to change it and bring my husband family name?… thanks

  149. hi fashion juice, Do you know about international drivers license? I’m from Texas and a resident here…Can i get an international drivers license in the Philippines? I know i can get one here but i’m sick and tired of going back to DPS…You know why, i can’t do the parallel parking this make me upset and this is the only reason why i failed on my road test…Do you think it would be a good idea to get an international drivers license? helllllllppppppp….

    1. Hi Sushigirl28! Yes you can get an international drivers license in the Philippines but it will only be honored for 1 year here in TX. It’s best if you can ask someone to teach you to parallel park. πŸ™‚

  150. hi ms fashion juice,
    pls help me my green passport already expires april 14,2010..and i just read your site yesterday which is may 26,2010..hmmm sayang i miss the outreach of the phil.consulate comin here in alaska which is may 20 to 25,anyway,me and my hubby plan to visit to year2011 kasi i have a new born baby…so this is my that ok for my passport to wait them again next year to outreah here in alaska?do i need to submit all my requirements to phil.consulate before they comin here?do my baby needs phil.passport since his a kid and american citizen?thank u so much and may GOD BLESS

    1. Hi Kren! Yes, sayang nga. But anyway, let me answer your questions one by one:
      (1) Yes you can wait for the Philippine Consulate to return to Alaska next year as long as it’s okay for you to wait. It’s okay that it is expired. The only problem lang is in case you need to go home for whatever reason, you can’t travel until you have renewed your passport.
      (2) You don’t have to submit all the requirements before they go to Alaska. But you may have to call or email them when they announce the schedule to set up an appointment. Once you setup an appointment, they will tell you if they need the requirements. In my case, they will ask for an email with a scan of your passport and application form. But in some cities, they no longer require it.
      (3) Your baby doesn’t need a Philippine passport. With a US passport, he can travel to the Philippines freely.
      I hope I have answered all your questions and I hope everything is clear. Thanks for dropping by my site.

    1. Hi Arnold, are you in the Philippines? If so, it will only take you a few weeks. The 6-8 weeks is for the Filipinos in the US. If I remember correctly, when I was in Manila, it only took a few days to get my new passport.

  151. I renewed my passport last May in Dallas, I got my passport through postal last June 10, I was excited until I found out that my surname was spelled incorrectly. This is an MRP passport and I know its kind a sensitive especially if you travel. What are the steps to do, I haven’t talked to any Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles this past few days, I guess they are on holiday until Monday yesterday. Do I need to return my passport to them addressed to Los Angeles Philippine Consulate and they are the one to contact DFA in Manila? and Do I need to pay another fee. Paying another fee is unfair coz that is their mistake, There is nothing wrong with my old Philippine Passport, all informations are correct as well as the renewal form that I recently submitted.

    1. Hi Rootie! I was also there for the passport renewal and got mine yesterday. When your thumb prints were being done, did they let you review your name, etc? Mine was misspelled at that time but I caught it there so when I received the passport yesterday, it was correct. What you need to do is to call or email the LA Philippine Consulate. Don’t just mail it because it might get lost. You need to talk to someone there to inform them of what happened. I’m sure they won’t charge you another fee but I’m not sure for the shipping.

  152. Hi, Yeah, Everything were fine from my old passport up to submitting a renewal form except for my new Philippine MRP. I doubled check it and went home pretty excited after my appointment. Thanks Admin. I’ll update you guys whats next. I may not be the only one who is experiencing this luck but of course I won’t wish anyone in the same shoe as mine. It is really disappointing.

    1. I know how you feel Rootie. It happened to me back in the Philippines when renewing my driver’s license. It was such a hassle but as for your luck, even more so because we’re thousands of miles away.

  153. Good Day,

    I’m from Dallas Texas and I wanted to know if San Francisco Consulate can renew my passport eventhough Texas is not under their jurisdiction? Don’t want to go to LA. HELP!


  154. I am carrying a green passport and will be expiting n August. Reading the instructions above I’m a little bit confuse on this “.All applicants MUST APPEAR PERSONALLY at the Consular Office. You cannot mail your application because you need to personally affix your thumb mark and sign the form at the Consulate’s Office”. If the consulate for philippine Passport in San Francisco and I am from Washington, do I need to fly all the way to SF just to get my thumprnts? Or can I go to INS in Washington States to get my thumprints? Please fill me in.
    Thank you very much!!

  155. Hi Jenmay, my question is, did you have to go to Seattle Consulate to get your fingerprints? After getting the finger prints did you have to call Geneses to make an appointment? Can you please share how you did your process? I am not carrying a greenpassport, it’s my sister. I’m trying to assist her.
    ANy input will be very much appreciated. God bless

    1. Hi Row Little. Yes, all applicants MUST APPEAR PERSONALLY. You have to go to the nearest Philippine Consulate not INS because they are not the ones issuing the Passport. However, there are instances that they do allow mailed in applications but you will have to call them to tell them you reason and they will ask you to notarize all the applications and forms to be submitted.

  156. Thanks Fashion Juice. There was a comment her somewhere that Geneses was renewing passport. I called them Saturday and they stop doing it last month. I do understand why they are requiring fingerprints, but they should also provide help or should have annex in every states. What if people don’t have the money to fly or drive in LA or San Francisco? I know we must follow the new law, it’s just very inconvenient and very frustrating.
    Do you know if there are any phone numbers to call? There was nothing on the website and I emailed them but I haven’t received anything back from them.
    Thank you!

  157. Hello FJ. I got the number for San Fran and LA Consulate. Thanks for creating this website. It sure helps alot of us. Great Job!!

  158. I’m pretty much in the same boat. I don’t have any money to go to San Francisco JUST to make a fingerprint impression. I’m settled in Seattle, WA. My brother’s wedding is in December this year and I need my passport renewed. I’m saving my vacation time and money just to make the trip. What am I going to do now?
    Can I contact them somehow to plead my case?

  159. I was able to contact Consulate and they are coming in Portland Oregon Aug 13 and 14 and Seattle Oct/Nov. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Maria,
      Texas is under the jurisdiction of LA Philippine Consulate. Thus, you will need to go to L.A. California at Wilshire Blvd., to renew your passport. However, if you’re not in a rush, they do go to Dallas, Austin, and Houston twice a year. Last May, they were here in Dallas to accommodate Filipinos who need to renew their passport. There’s no schedule posted yet but last year, they also came around Fall season. Check their website at regularly for consular outreach programs here in Texas.

  160. Ms Maria, as I was reading he consulate in LA you belong to the consulate of :
    Los Angeles:
    3600 Wilshire Blvd Suite 500, Los Angeles CA 90010 | Tel: 213.639.0980 | Fax: 213.639.0990 |
    Consul General: Mary Jo A. Bernardo Aragon
    Jurisdiction: Southern California (covering the counties of: Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Imperial, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Kern, and San Luis Obispo); Southern Nevada (covering the counties of: Clark, Lincoln & Nye); Arizona, New Mexico, # Texas #

  161. Hi Ms. FashionJuice,

    I need to fly to the Philippines for family emergency. I have a green passport and it will expire on September 2011. DO i need to convert it to MRP before I can fly home?


    1. Hi Chad, you don’t need an appointment if you’re going straight to the Philippine Embassy. Just be early because there’s usually a long line/wait – it depends though on how many other Filipinos are renewing, etc. πŸ™‚

  162. Do you have any idea if a need a passport to go to a cruise? i’m holding a green passport it will be expired this coming september 2010 and a green card holder living in Houston, Texas. Too bad, i missed the Consular Outreach Program from L.A when they came here in Houston and Dallas. Hoping they will come back before we go to a cruise…Need some helppppppppp…thanks…MABUHAY!!!

    1. Hi Pam, in most cases, you do. But since you have a green card already, it may not be a problem. However, they will probably hold you longer when they check for documents. Are you going to Mexico for the cruise? My cousins went on a cruise to Mexico. They are already US citizens though. But they told me that those who weren’t or were just holding green card documents have a separate line and were being held longer to check on documents. So I guess it would be safer to have your passport renewed unless it is still valid when you go on a cruise. If it’s not expiring on the scheduled dates of your cruise, then have it renewed after. But otherwise, it’s best to be safe.

  163. Hi there Fashion Juice, Like you said those who were just holding green card documents have a separate line and were being held longer to check on documents. I guess i have to renew my passport then before going to a cruise. We were not traveling ti’l January 2011 since we will book our cruise tickets 5 months in advance so i still have 5 months to go to have it renew my passport done. Atleast now, i gathered some travel advice from you to expand my knowledge. Fingers cross hoping the Consular Outreach Program from L.A will come back by the end of december her in Houston. Not only Mexico we were going to but also we were going to Montego Bay, Jamaica, George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands for a 7 night western Carribean cruise trip. Thanks for the travel advice again…MABUHAY KA!!!

    1. Hi Pam, you’re welcome. Yes, just remind yourself to check their schedule every week. Hopefully they have a consular outreach program there during the fall season so you can renew before you go. πŸ™‚

  164. Here I am again Fashion Juice wanted to ask some questions like, I was thinking to fly to LA to renew my passport this coming October but like i said it will expired this coming September. Do i need my passport to travel over there or just my green card? Does it take one day to do everything like my finger prints, signature at Philippine Consulate? Do you know some nice hotel where we can stay in downtown LA? help me againnnnnnnnn….

  165. Hi Pam, you don’t need your passport for domestic flights. But make sure you bring all necessary docs – such as your green card and your old passport. Well, you will bring them anyway if you are going to renew. It will only take you 1 day to do all those – finger prints, signature, etc. However, the new passport will arrive in 6-8 weeks after application. You may choose to have it shipped directly to your home instead of picking it up there. as for the hotels, it really depends on what kind of hotel you’re looking at and your budget. it’s best to search at google. beverly hills hotel is really nice but really expensive too. but there’s also hyatt regency and hilton and four seasons among others. πŸ™‚

  166. hi washington dc have a outreach program in orlando florida but they are already appointment full…i just want to know if maybe i have a chances to renew my passport even if i dont have an appoinment? in case if some-one dont show up for ther appoinment and get ther spot?? thanks

  167. hi washington dc have a outreach program in orlando florida but they are already appointment full…i just want to know if maybe i have a chances to renew my passport even if i dont have an appointment? in case if some-one dont show up for ther appointment and get ther spot?? thanks

    1. Hi Alyn,
      If you are near the area, then try it out. In my experience at the outreach program in Dallas, they accepted people without appointments. In fact, I heard from the lady working there that there were a lot of people without appointments who showed up. Hope this helps.

  168. Hi FJ,

    I’d like to renew my passport, but i dont have a greencard i’m married to a us citizen we filed for a greencard but it was denied coz its $10 short. I am not planning on refiling again, i wanted to go back to the philippines but i have an expired passport and i dont have a greencard. Do you know if i can get my passport renewed without a greencard? I’ve been here for 4yrs. thanks.

  169. I’m going to washington to renew my passport. I will do a report of marriage too. do you think I can do all of these in one day? how long –max time– did you have to go thru to get your passport renewed?

  170. Hello Kabayan,
    I have an expired Phil passport and also currently out of status. Will there be a problem renewing my Phil passport? I want to return home for good. Thanks

  171. Hi, I’m rose currently residing here in San diego CA.. I have read some of the comments here in your site and the info u gave helps a lot..I’m just hoping that u can help me with my concerns regarding the renewal of my passport. My husband and I were planning to go back to the Philippines on may 2010 for a 1 month vacation but my passport will expire on april 2011. My only concern is that is there would be any problem in my greencard if i am going to change my status and my marital name in my passport. I’m still using my single last name in my green card but i cannot change it for now cause i have to wait for another 1 year to renew it and change..and I really don’t know if it is ok to change my last name in my passport when i am still using my single last name in my greencard..I’m afraid it would bring me any problems when I get back here after the vacation.please give me some sort of advice coz i really have no idea what to do…And is there a nearest consulate here in san diego where I could be able to renew it coz I’m currently in my 3 months of pregnancy and I can’t travel alone…I am new here in US and my husband is currently deployed.Thanks in advance.Hope u can help me..

    1. Hi Rose, since you cannot change your last name in your green card, that’s fine. Just make sure to bring your marriage certificate with you when you get back for proof. Any other ID or legal document such as birth certificate can also be helpful just to show that it’s your maiden name in your green card. Hope that helps.

  172. Thanks for the advice..This gave me an idea coz i was thinking if i would go on this option or not…I was thinking if it would be better to change my lastname when i renew it or just stick to my single lastname for a while till my greencard is ready to be renewed too…One last thing, when I’m browsing earlier, there is a page that suggest of the address here in SAn diego where I can renew my passport…Do u know if there is consulate here that I can rely on renewing my passport?Thanks a lot for the help.Godbless u!

    1. Hi Rose,
      Sorry I forgot to answer your question about the consulate in San Diego. San Diego is under L.A.’s jurisdiction. It’s the closest embassy to you. It’s about 2 hours drive… I heard there are trains that you can take from san diego to cali if you don’t want to drive that far since you’re pregnant.

  173. Hi Fashion Juice!

    I just applied to renew my Philippine passport at the Philippine Consulate in Chicago. I was wondering, can I still use my old passport to travel domestically in the US? Can I still use it as my primary ID? Thanks for your help!

    1. Has it expired? If it’s expired, you can’t use it as a primary ID but usually, you don’t need a passport to travel domestically. You can bring it with you in case they request for one and tell them that you are just waiting for your new one. If you have a receipt from the passport renewal, you can attach that temporarily to your old passport as proof that you have renewed already and you’re just waiting for it.

  174. Hi I’m Danielin from Florida.Thanks for ur site it helps me have some idea.Have still a question though. I’m having the green passport,unfortunately it was expired last year pa of Sept.just have our 1st baby that time and I’m not also checking my passport.We are planning to have a vacation in the Philippines and when I looked for my passport that time,we noticed that it’s been xpired for almost a year.
    My questions will it be difficult to get a new passport? Will there be more fines? How long will it takes to have one renewed?
    Your help will gladly b appreciated…God bless

    1. hi Miles, sorry I’ve been out all day and my phone had no battery so i couldn’t check my emails. anyway, I think you’ll be able to renew your passport but they might question your visa and advise you to go home/be deported? i’m not so sure about that.

  175. helo…jusat wanna ask,can i renew my philippine passport even if my visa is expired already…hope you can reply ASAP and i really appreciate it..Thank you so mch!..GOD BLESS!

  176. helo ma’am..i just wanna ask if i can renew my passport here in US even if my visa was expired for 2yrs..i hope you can reply me ASAP and i do really appreciate it…here’s my email…thank you so much! and GOD BLESS!

  177. Dear Ms. Miles,

    Here is the answer I got from the officer in SanFran consulate.

    My question to them was: If there is penalty for renewing an expired passport.

    Here is their answer:
    Even if the passport is already expired, it is basically a renewal so no other requirements, just the old passport. No additional fees/penalties.

    Hope this will help you.

  178. Dear Ms Fashion,
    Do you know anything about Consulate Outreach Program in Seattle? Last time I made an inquiry it was mentioned that they will be coming here either October or November. I went to the LA/San Fran website but I don’t see any Seattle schedule.

    LA Consulate will conduct consular outreach mission in Las Vegas Oct 9 -10, 2010.

    San Fran Consulate will conduct consular outreach missions in Denver, Colorado on October 14-16, 2010 and in Colorado Springs, Colorado on October 17-18.

    If I knew the schedule will change we could have driven all the way down to Eugene Oregon last August 13 and 14.

    Can someone please share any information.


  179. Hello,
    My name is Danny and I have a 5 year old US born daughter. My wife and I were both Filipinos at the time of her birth. She already has a US passport. We just want know if we can also get her a Philippine passport. I am in San Diego and I tried calling the consulate in LA several times to get more info but no one is answering. I also tried the consulate website but I’m getting conflicting info as to which documents I need to bring. Thanks in advance!

  180. If you have dual citizenship (Filipino and American) and you go home to the Philippines for a visit, do you need both Philippine and American passports? Can you just have a valid Philippine passport and a proof of your American citizenship instead?

  181. I am planning to go visit Phil. this coming Dec. 26. I am a green card holder and applied for naturalization and got a notice in the mail that they have received my application. I was told within 3 months i will be called for interview, which falls around Dec. 11. Assuming i pass the interview, when do i legally become a citizen? i was told after the oath taking which wont happen during the interview. If my departure date is Dec. 26 and before the oath taking, what is my status? Do I travel as a green card holder and continue to use Phil. passport? or am I an American citizen and need a US passport? I still carry an old green card that doesn’t have an expiration and the information on the card needs updating though. Do i go ahead and renew my green card now, pending my interview so that i have an updated one in case my application is denied? I hope i didn’t confuse you with all these facts. H E L P!

  182. Hello my name is Hazel. I have a question regarding my signature that i have been using since i got married (husband name. When he applied for my tax number using that signature they did return it and asked me to sign it in a right way. So i did changed it as what they wanted. My question is that we are going to send our application for my AOS hopefully next month, as we know i have to sign on it, can i change my signature which is different from the passport? can i write it down in a sheet paper asking their permission about changing my signature? or really have to follow that one?

    Hope to hear some answers, thanks a lot!!!

    1. Are you going to send your passport for the application? If so, perhaps you have another ID that you can easily get a new replacement to reflect your new passport? I think that can work. You can also tell them that you have a new signature after marriage.

  183. Hi FJ,

    My green passport will be expiring on 1/09/11. I have learned that they are issuing a new Machine Readable Passport (MRP). It means that green passport is getting retired. Am i right? So every Philippine green passport holders now must go personally to Philippine Consulate General Office. Is this correct?

    I only have less than three months prior to my passport expiration. Is there a problem with renewing it late?

    Looking forward to your accurate and direct answer to my Qs.

    Thank you.

  184. Hi FJ,

    So it is true that I do not have to travel to DC coz’ NC is one of those States who has jurisdiction for DC office?


    1. Hi Ms. Joy! There’s no problem in renewing it late. It’s only best to have an updated passport all the time in case you need to travel or go home for any emergency (hopefully none). North Carolina is under D.C. Consulate so you will need to travel to D.C. unless you have a notarized letter, application forms and documents stating a valid reason why you cannot travel. So far, there’s no schedule for a consular outreach program in NC yet. It’s best if you can go to their website and join their e-list (right side) so you will receive updates and news in your email in case they have an outreach program in your state. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  185. Hi FJ,

    I have another question for you.

    In order for you to renew your passport or get the ePassport, is it true that I have to report my marriage first prior to my renewal? That is what I have read on the Philippine Embassy, D.C. Website. Has everybody done this before their renewal? I just got married last year so I am newly wed. Am I suppose to report this first?

  186. Hi FJ,

    Thanks for the info last night. I have another q for you.

    According to what I read on Philippine Embassy website, is it necessary to bring (4) original copies of marriage contract?

    If so, we need to get more copies from the courthouse besides my copy at home and pay for it, then it is also stated there that another (4) photocopies of it. It stated that the orginals will be returned to the applicants. It does not make sense to me why four original copies of it. I just want to know the details from those who have been on this renewal process.

    1. Hi Ms. Joy, that I’m not sure. I changed my passport due to marriage back in the Philippines and they only asked for 1 copy of the contract. If that’s what the Philippine Embassy in DC requires, then I suggest to do that just to be sure. Or perhaps it would be best to call them and ask? Hope this helps.

  187. Hi, i just wanna ask what is the requirements to renew the passport and change the status to single? coz i was recently divorced last 2009 and my passport is almost expired next year and i want to renew it with my new family name…
    Thanks again!

  188. Does it really take 6 weeks to process renewals since they started the MRP? My passport just expired and I wanted to renew it so I can travel to the Philippines on Nov. 25. Will I be able to get my passport on time? It seems that from today, I’m cutting it close.

  189. Hi Fj as i am reading all the questions here in your website i don’t even have to ask about my concern i totally focus reading all of it and i did get my answer to my question, i had alot of people here have the same sitsuation. i never thought there’s a website like this that can help people to know everything about passport renewing, i am currently in the PHILIPPINES for vacation i came here with my old green passport using my single name which is doesn’t match to my GC as i am using my married name pag dating ko ng pilipinas mga 3 days palang ako narealized ko bigla na baka mag karoon ako ng problema pabalik ng USA with my old passport since then i freak out na baka pag uwi ko back to USA ihold ako ng immigration sa atin.tumawag ako agad sa DFA 2-4 months daw ang processing kasi sa USA daw ako kinasal kaso ang problema is isang buwan at kalahati lang ako dito sa Pilipinas so i dont have enough time to process my passport buti nalang nakita ko ang website mo gumaan ang loob ko sa mga nabasa ko. since i have all the doc. marriage cert, my birth cert. and CR i even have my california DL. kaya wala na ako magiging problema diba ?

  190. Hello!

    I just came across your page when I’m searching about passport issues…

    On my case… My passport will expire next year (january 2011)… and I have overstayed my k3 visa for almost a year now (it was expired last march 2010)… I still have yet to do my adjustment of status application.. I don’t know what to do… Me and my husband are still together, we’ve been trying to submit my application (adjusment of status). Now my problem is… is it too late for that?! Is it possible for me to renew my passport here? but If I do that, will I get in trouble bec. I overstayed my k3 visa? Please send me an email or a response!!! I would greatly appreciate! I really need to renew my passport before It gets expired.. Please help!


  191. Hello!

    I just came across your page when I’m searching about passport issues…

    On my case… My passport will expire next year (january 2011)… and I have overstayed my k3 visa for almost a year now (it was expired last march 2010)… I still have yet to do my adjustment of status application.. I don’t know what to do… Me and my husband are still together, we’ve been trying to submit my application (adjusment of status). Now my problem is… is it too late for that?! Is it possible for me to renew my passport here? but If I do that, will I get in trouble bec. I overstayed my k3 visa? Please send me an email or a response!!! I would greatly appreciate! I really need to renew my passport before It gets expired.. Please help!


    1. Hi Mayrylle, I don’t think there would be any problem renewing your passport here. Also, even if it has been expired, you can still renew. However, I suggest you process your adjustment of status now so by the time you renew your passport you won’t have to worry about your visa.

  192. hi,

    I just wanna ask if it is necessary to follow that jurisdiction in renewing Phil. passport? because i’m from SC and this coming December I plan to go to NY for vacation, so since I’ll be in there already I’ll just renew my Phil. passport in NY. Is this possible?

  193. Thanks FJ for the reply.

    Why is it that when I made a call to DC, they said “hindi ka pwede sa ibang consulate magparenew ng Ph. passport kasi nasa jurisdiction ka namin”? HUH!

    1. Hi JL. That is what they’re going to say, but based on experience and thanks to others who have shared their experience here, once you’re there, they allow you to renew even if hindi nila jurisdiction. Maybe it’s best to call the embassy kung san mo plan magrenew and sila ang i-ask mo kung okay lang since you are going to go on vacation there. Let us know what they say.

  194. is renewal of passport needs to have an appointment? or they will entertain walk ins? and is the Embassy opens on Dec 30?

    1. Hi Lanie,
      If you’re going to the embassy, you don’t need an appointment. They entertain walk-ins. Appointment is only needed when you go to the outreach programs in your city/state. You can call the Embassy that you’re going to go. But they usually follow Philippine holidays, etc. So most likely, the Philippine Embassy won’t be open on December 30.

  195. Hi,
    I need to renew my passport as well, it will expire next year in 2011 but I’m already worried, cos it’s hard for us to go to CA to renew it, we live in Texas.. I would like to go to the Philippines but not until October next year. I emailed the Consulate asking question if I can still travel within a month before my passport expired and this is what they said:

    Dear Ms. Chambers,

    As a general rule, the airline will not issue you a ticket if your passport has less than six months validity for travel.

    Also, you might encounter problems with the US Immigration if you insist on traveling with a less than six months validity on the passport.

    May we suggest that either you renew your passport before Oct 2011 or travel in January so your passport will have more than 6 months validity then in Manila.

    I wish there’s an easy way to renew our passport, I’ll try to ask if there’s an outreach program scheduled here in Texas.

    Thanks for the blog FJ it’s very helpful.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, if you’re planning to go to the Philippines by October 2011, I’m pretty sure there will be another outreach program here in Dallas by April or May. Every year they go here in Texas around that time. So make sure to check their website starting February/March so you don’t have to go to CA just to renew. πŸ™‚ Hope this helps. This year, I had my passport renewed here in Dallas in May. I think they were in either in Austin or Houston last April.

  196. I was at the SF outreach in Seattle this morning and I was really disappointed the way things were handled. We got there at 8:00 AM and the line was already a mile long and no parking. We stood in line for 2 and half hours to get a number only to find out once we got to the window they stop issuing numbers because they’ve met their quota for that day.

    I think the whole process is very unorganized and the requirements were not very clear. For example, photocopying Id’s, greencard and passport were not mentioned in the procedure.

    I think the number should have been given to the people before entering the building rather than getting in line to get the number. They could have prevented an unruly crowd were people cutting line and fighting with each other. Other people came as far as Oregon, Yakima and Spokane to renew their passport only to experienced this mess. Now I have to go back tomorrow to face the same problem.

    In my opinion to resolve this problem they should have more manpower in assisting the people. They should prioritized the old and the handicapped. The place was very small and with the amount of people and the size of the building it becomes a safety issue, like fire.

    Hope this will get resolved. Thank you very much.

  197. hi! im from Seattle Wa and i want to renew my Philippine Passport but i missed the LA consulate outreach here in Seattle. i heard that i can do it by mail, what is the address and what are the things to send? please help me, im planning to have my vacation soon. thanks you

    1. Hi Kitz,
      It’s best if you call the Embassy in SF about mailing your passport. In general, you have to renew personally. So you need to go there in person. However, they allow those who have valid reasons and they will require notarized documents.
      Contact Information
      Telephone: 415-433-6666; Fax: 415-421-2641; The Duty Officer: 415-269-2090
      Mailing Address: 447 Sutter Street, 6th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94108

  198. Can I renew our passports anywhere in Consulate offices even if we are from Houston, Texas? Our passport will expire on Sept. of 2011, do you know if they have an outreach program here in Texas next year?

    thank you

    1. Hi Maricar, yes, you can renew anywhere although they would usually tell you to renew in Los Angeles California. However, other offices will allow you to once you’re there. Anyway, the LA Consulate always go to Texas each year. It’s usually April-May. So just go check on LA Consulate’s website around February to reserve your spot.

  199. Hi Ms. Fashion,
    My sister renewed her passport in November 20 during the Seattle Outreach and we would like to find out if we can get it expedite. We have been trying to call the SF office and can not get a hold of anyone. I’ve emailed and left voicemails and still haven’t heard from them. My mom is in the hospital and we need to go home as she is in critical condition. We would really appreciate all your input in this matter.

    God bless,

    1. Hi Rowena, once it’s there, it’s hard to track. They may have allowed you if you have asked before or during the application. But since it has been submitted, it would probably hard to ask them to expedite it. It’s even harder to do that now because of the holiday season. The earliest you can receive the passport is probably second week of january. sorry about that but you can keep on calling them and see if there’s a way to expedite it.

  200. Thank you for your quick reply. The SF Consulate called me today and I didn’t realized tha yesterday was a holiday for them.

    They are checking on it and see what they can do to get it expedite.

    Happy New Year and hoping 2011 will be a great year for everyone.

    God bless,

  201. Hi Ms. MJ,
    I was able to talked to several people but they keep saying that they are busy and they will call me back. It is now 4:42 and still haven’t heard from them. I know that they can’t expedite it, but all we want to find out if it is already back in US (SF) and if they can send it to us overnight. I guess “emergency’ doesn’t mean anything to them. I do understand they are busy and don’t have time to dig but I thought it should be on the system so they can track it fast.
    I guess we will just have to wait until her passport gets here and then book her ticket. I will be leaving without her as we need to be there.
    I thank you for your wished. I know lord is watching over us and she will be fine.
    God bless,

    1. Hi RTL, you know, it’s actually a shame but I think that our passport renewal process is still not that high tech. I don’t know if they can track where your sister’s passport is but let’s hope so. I hope she gets it soon so she can follow you right away. God bless!

  202. I concur with you. They should have a better system how to process Philippine passport. I am sooo glad that I have a blue passport and don’t have to deal with this.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL and I hope 2011 will be a good year to everyone.

    God bless!

  203. hi admin ! im glad to read ur site bout this topic, i have the same problem of renewing my passport is going to expired on july 13 option is renewing it in pinas but u think my passport still good to used?my 2nd option is make and apointment in atlanta GA.are they gonna to accept5 from texas
    thanks god bless

    1. Hi Ressa, when are you going to the Philippines? If you’re there for about 2months, that’s enough time to wait for your passport to renew. The Phil. Consulate in Atlanta, GA is not a passport renewal center. If you can wait, the embassy will have an outreach program here in Texas – sometime in April or May.

  204. My wife’s Philippine passport expired in November.She needs to travel to the Phillipines right away. Is this possible? We live in Colorado.She has a Green card. Your help is greatly appreciated. Bernie

    1. Hi Bernie. She can’t travel with an expired passport. Whether she has a green card, is a citizen, or has a valid visa, those are not sufficient to travel internationally. A valid (not expired) passport is required in any airport in order to travel. You need to have that renewed asap in order for her to go to the Philippines.

  205. Understanding that she needs her passport renewed before she can travel and living in Colorado, is there any way to get it renewed without having to travel all the way to San Francisco and is there any way to expedite her passport renewal? Thanks so much. Bernie

    1. Philippine consulates offer outreach programs where they go to different states or cities that dont have a Philippine Embassy near them. You can check their website if there’s a scheduled outreach program in your area. However take note that there’s a processing time of 6-8 weeks since the passports will come from the Philippines. If you have a valid reason or emergency, you must call them directly to expedite.

  206. Hi,
    Is it possible to renew a philippine passport ( green/not yet expire)even the visa has been expired a year ago? Your reply is favorable requested. Thanks and more power!


  207. FJ,
    Thanks for your quick response. Appreciated!!!
    No, I don’t have a new I-94. Can my phil.passport be renew without this documents? I want to go back home for good soon.


  208. im sorry jejeje,i was laughing when i read ok it need ur aproval b4 it posted now i knew!okay i guess im gonna wait to renew my passport than renewing it in philpippines. then it cost for me to fly there just to good the passport to use b4 the expiration?a lot of requirements to be done if i renew it here i need to get ROM as i am married here not in pinas. and my greencard is expired on feb2011 but we have to file for change status. i already emailed the los angeles philippines consulate asking bout when they are coming to texas .so far they answered me to update there website as they dont have scheduled
    thanks Fashion juice
    more power


  209. Hello. How are you doing?

    My name is alexandra. My passport is gonna be Expired on Aug, 2011
    Where can i go? And how can i renew passport? I live here in jacksonville florida… Do i have to be at the office to get the forms for my renewal passport? I came here in united states as a fiance Visa in now my passport is gonna be Expired soon.

    Please email me at.
    Thank you so much!

  210. Hi, I want to renew my passport..I live in Mt Pleasant Tx..which is near to Dallas..I want to know where in Dallas the outreach program. thanks

  211. Hello,
    I’m living in Houston, TX and my Philippine passport is going to expire in June 2011. I’m going to New York this week can I renew my passport in NewYork?
    Thank you, G.G.

    1. Hi Grace! They will usually tell you that you have to renew in the consulate managing your area, in this case in L.A. California. However, many readers here who shared their experiences were able to renew elsewhere. Bring all your documents and go early. They will most likely allow you to renew. πŸ™‚

  212. Hi! Quick question – when we go to SF – do we need to set up an appointment for passport renewal? Or do we just walk in with all the required documents? Also, i read in one article that we don’t need to bring photos since SF has a photo center for our pictures to be taken – is that true?

    1. Hi Mitchie, no need to set up an appointment in SF. Just go early coz there’s usually a long line. There is a photo center there and I suggest you get your photo taken there. The embassy tends to be strict with the photo requirement so it’s best to have it taken there. πŸ™‚

  213. I’m going to renew my expired Phil. Passport ( Green color) Do I need to submitt an original birth certificate? Need your help pls.

  214. Will i get my passport right a way if i renew personally or i still have to wait for it on the mail.. Coz my passport expired lastyear and i have to travel this march to philippines for my sister wedding? Pls pls reply asap.. Thank u so much?

    1. Hi Maria! No you won’t get your passport right away. It will be sent to Manila and they will get you a new passport from the Philippines too. Then they will ship it back to the consulate where you apply and they will be the one to send to you. I suggest applying as soon as possible and let them know if you can expedite the shipment. Hope this helps!

  215. Hi, FJ! I’m here in Alaska and I plan to renew my Phil Passport in San Francisco, CA and stay for about 3 days only. Can I arrange for an appointment in the consulate on 15 March 2011 at l0:00 a.m or anytime within the day? How will I do it? Thanks for your outreach services for the Filipinos.

    1. Hi Julio. You are going to San Francisco Philippine Consulate right? If so, you don’t need an appointment. Just go there as early as you can so you finish early as possible. You only need 1 day to do it. Your passport will be sent to your home after 6-8 weeks. Hope this helps.

  216. hi Ms. MJ i am back again to i need to Get ROM if ever im going to renew my passport?as i am married here not in pinas!and if the outreach consulate will be heading to texas should i set up my appointment?thnak in advance

  217. hi there mis MJ its ressa .what u mean is i need to have my ROM certificate with me or i get the ROM at the same time when renewing my passport?or do i need to Order ROM certificate w/ me to renew my passport? is it ok if im just going to use my family name not my husband last name? thank again for the reply more power


    1. By ROM you mean proof of marriage right? If ur changing your name in the passport then you should bring it with you during renewal. If not, as long as you have a proof that your stay is valid then its ok not to bring it.

  218. hi miss MJ thanks for d quick reply.yes its a mriage proof. ok thnks again i thought its relevant to have ROM with me to renew my pasport ,so it is optional only if i want to change my last name thnks mis MJ ..ill be in touch on ur blog and more power

  219. Hi! I’m in a dilemma where I booked my hotel and flight already but my did not realize my Philippine passport has expired! Is there any way I can expedite it. I am willing to pay extra fees. My vacation in Mexico is in 2 weeks. Please help!!

  220. Hi there. I’m planning to renew my passport (change maiden name to married name). I got married here in the U.S., as I was reading the requirements from Philippine Consulate LA website I got confused on the ROM requirement, it says ROM issued by the Philippine Consulate? My marriage certificate was issued here in Houston, Texas. Are those the same? If not, how can I obtain a ROM issued by Phil Consulate? Please advise. Thanks in advance.

    ~ Apple

    1. FOR MARRIED WOMAN WHO IS USING HUSBAND’S FAMILY NAME FOR THE FIRST TIME: In case of woman married in the U.S.: one (1) original and one (1) photocopy of the Report of Marriage (ROM) issued by the Philippine Consulate where the marriage took place. In case of woman married in the Philippines: one (1) original or certified true copy and one (1) photocopy of Marriage Contract duly authenticated by the Philippine National Statistics Office (NSO).

  221. Thank you so much pretty Admin πŸ™‚ And if it’s ok with you, I have another question. I know this is not passport-related question, just wanted to know if you have an idea. Can I travel to the Philippines without having my passport change to my married name? I am a green card holder and my passport (with my maiden name) will not expire until 2013. Just thinking not to have it change just so not to spend extra money. If you don’t have an answer to this question I would understand. Thanks much! Have a great day! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Apple. There will be no problem going home with your old passport. However, if its the old green passport, all airports, regardless which country, will be requiring machine-readable passports this year, and if I’m not mistaken, starting April, they won’t be accepting old passports. Plus, you may have an issue going back to the US when immigration checks your documents. But as long as you have your marriage documents it would be fine but it’s better safe.

  222. Thanks Admin. I have the machine readable passport, that’s the maroon one right? I guess I’ll be ok to travel then. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much!

  223. Hello! Im so happy to find your website and I nΓ©ed your help to fix my problem πŸ™ my passport was expired and I bought an airplane under my married name and my passport is in my
    maiden name but the thing I was divorced already what should I do? πŸ™ huhuhu

    1. Hi Haniza. First of all, I think it’s important for you to ask if you can change your name in your plane ticket since you are already divorced. What name are you using in your driver’s license or office id? Perhaps if you show the airline a document that you are already divorced, you can have your name in the ticket changed without a problem. Once you have settled that, make sure to renew your passport right away – in your maiden name, because remember, it will take 6-8 weeks before the new passport arrives. Hope this helps.

  224. Hi there!

    I got a problem :(. I had a k3 visa expired a year ago ( me & my husband is yet to do my greencard application… too much things going on us with us but we are still together & are living together) and my passport will expire tomorrow. I’m so worried sick about this. I can’t go anywhere. Is it possible for me to renew my passport here in the U.S with an expired visa? Will I be in trouble if I renew my passport now with my visa & passport expired? Will this trigger a deportation report for me if I renew an expired passport with an expired visa? What should I do?

    My husband is doing his best to get things settled for my greencard for me. And want me to stay in this country w/ him. And even if I do want to leave this country, I still can’t leave cuz I believe it wont happen without a valid passport :(. So, I’m so lost.

    Please help! I would greatly appreciate it!


  225. Hi im cherry taga alaska ako gusto ko lang malaman kung sa san francisco lang ako pedeng magrenew ng philippine passport ko…seen papunta kmi ng vancouver canada at may philippine consulate doon baka pede doon na rin ako magrenew para ma less ang gastos nmin….thanks a lot…

    1. You can try calling them. I don’t see any reason why they won’t let you renew there but the problem would be if they will ship to US since passport processing takes 6-8 weeks and then they will have to ship to you the new passport. So it’s best if you can call them first but you can just bring your requirements to be sure.

  226. hello Fb. i have a old passport ung green. expiration siya sa aug. 2011 pero kasi uwi kami ng pinas sa march 1. pumunta ako sa NY Fil embassy pina extend ko ung passport ko. so valid na siya sa 2012. madalian lng kasi dahil next week na alis namin last 2 weeks lang ako pumunta ng NY. ag name sa passport ko e ung single pa ako dito ako kinasal sa NJ so ask ko lang kung wala ba magiging problema pag uwi ko sa pinas kung ung single name pa din gait ko don at iba sa Greencard ko? at anong papers ang dapat ko na dalhin. balak kasi namin na pagbalik na namin dito assikasuhin ang pag papa ammend e. 3 weeks lang kami sa pinas..

  227. Hi, Do you really have to renew passport in the Philippine consulate where your state is under Jurisdiction? Say for example, if you are based in Kansas, can you renew in Los Angeles CA instead of Chicago?


  228. So its does not matter on how long the passport has expired – mine has been 6 years. Have green card. Plan on going back to philippines in 2012. Will be doing to a out reach program in Seattle 26 Mar 11 will they make me pay any additional fees for being expired.

    1. Hi Lilia, I don’t think they ask for additional fees. Not sure though if there is a penalty for having an expired passport for 6 years but I doubt it. It would be best to make a call or when you schedule an appointment for the outreach program, don’t hesitate to ask them in your email. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  229. Hi! Once Im done renewing
    my passprt here in CA.I was just
    wondering can my relative/ partner just picked up
    my renewed passport in Manila or have it delivered
    on his address and he will just send it to me via
    express couriers in the Phils so I can get it faster.
    I really need to fly back to the Phils for personal reason soonest possible

    Hope you can assist.Thanks..

    1. Hi Terry,
      If your passport has just expired or is just about to expire, you can go to the consulate and request for an extension so you can go home right away. I’m not sure about asking them if you can pick it up in Manila but you can try asking them that. Please call their office and tell them your situation. In other cases, they can expedite the process, especially if it’s an emergency. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  230. Hi! Thanks for replying.This site is really helfpul.:)
    Yeah..I realized that too. I might just call them up tom and asked. My passport expired last Jan 2011.My worry is I heard renewing it will take approx 6-8wks.I was just wondering if my fiance can just get it there in manila on my behalf and he will just send it to me in CA..( I dont knw if that is acceptable though.. )but anyway.. I will just inquire tom.Btw Im here in Hemet ,CA is the nearest consulate located in LOs Angeles?


    1. Hi Terry. Yup, the nearest would be in LA. Also, it does take 6-8 wks. I don’t think you can ask your fiance to get there on your behalf because you need to be there for fingerprinting. However, they make exceptions for certain cases but you would have to notarize your documents and should have a valid reason why you can’t go (like disability, senior citizen, children, emergency, etc). Hope this helps.

  231. Hi! Thanks for replying.This site is really helpful.:)

    Yeah..I realized that too. I might just call them up tom and ask. My passport expired last Jan 2011.My worry is I heard renewing it will take approx 6-8wks.I was just wondering if my fiance can just get it there in manila on my behalf and he will just send it to me in CA..( I dont knw if that is acceptable though.. )but anyway.. I will just inquire tom.Btw Im here in Hemet ,CA is the nearest consulate located in LOs Angeles?

  232. hi fj, my passport expires last feb15, i live in west virginia do i need to a copy of my birth certificate for renewal.thank you so much..

  233. my passport was expired last MARCH 29 and i’ll be leaving for a conference soon… Can i still request for an extension? and how long will that extension last? because i’m not sure if it’ll come on time if i file for the new machine readable passport…

  234. Hi!
    My passport expired for over 5 years and kailangan ko na umuwi sa Philippines kasi of emergency. Na extend yung green passport ko until 2012. My problem is, would I be able to get back in the US without being questioned or would I be able to get back to the US period? I’m scared. I’m a green card holder though.. Any advice? Thank you.

    1. Hi Judy, as long as your green card is valid, and they extended your passport – with documents that you should bring with you, it will be okay. Just make sure to renew right away when you get back. πŸ™‚

  235. hi im so gald i search for u,my philippine passport is expired since 2008 its a green passport,and i married to us citizen guy,but i need to go home my little brother die last nigth,just dont know what to do,are they going to alow me to go back to philippines without my expired passport,i has to go home for last time for my brother diath.hopefully you could help me asap…

    1. Hi Jane,
      You will have to personally talk to them about that. You cannot travel with an expired passport but if you tell them the reason and provide proof, they might give you an extension for your passport’s validity. Call them since this is a special case. My condolences to you and your family.

  236. hi
    i have a green card that will expires 2014,under my first husbands name…been here for almost 11yrs. divorce nw.i got married again 2 yrs ago.using his last name nw..dnt have any plans of going back till now.coz of my mother is ill..
    my greenpassport is expired what do i need to do?not citizen yet..
    do i need to do the epassort(readable)or i can get a new passport?
    all my identifications expect my green card change due to marriage…pls help..need go back soon…philippines…tnk u.

    1. Hi kennedy! You have to get a new passport its the machine readable one. No more regular/old style because all the passports they issue are now machine readable. Just bring all your legal documents when you renew and you’ll be fine. The only thing is, it will take up to 8 wks for you to receive your new passport so make sure to renew it asap.

    1. Hi Judy, if they renewed your passport and your green card isn’t expired until 3 years, then you’re good to come back here. Just bring necessary documents showing that your passport was extended.

  237. @Fashion Juice (Admin)
    hi ms.FASHION,

    1. Hi Kennedy, as long as you have the documents that proves you divorced and re-married, that’s okay. But just to be sure, you will have to ask or call the USCIS. This is beyond my knowledge already. Hehe πŸ™‚

  238. @Fashion Juice (Admin)

    1. Hi Kennedy, dont you want to renew all your documents to show your new last name? You can ask the embassy if its okay to retain your old last name. It maybe okay with them but the question is when you come back and pass by the immigration they might question you why you havent changed your last name in your green card.

  239. @Fashion Juice (Admin)
    hi my green card hasnt expired yet and im thinking what the use if i renew nw and when i come bck i have to do my citizenship and too much money to do it rt ?idk thats why im asking question i really need to do this before september pls help
    is there a way i can talked to i could explain it to u everything…pm me fb..charisma kennedy from maryland..ty

    1. Hi Kennedy,
      I’m only helping about the renewal of passport based on my experience. I do not work at the embassy. You don’t have to worry because you can ask these questions to them when you renew. Just bring all your documents there and they will be able to answer and help you out. πŸ™‚

  240. Hi my name is judy my passport will be expired on august 2011 ,,i inquired regradibg renewal and it would take me 6-8 weeks but my problem is i had to visist my mom in spain need to be there in august so my travel agent suggested just to extend my passport for 2years do u think it would be safe for me to apply for a spanish tourist visa if i just extend my passport? Thanks i really need advise…;)

    1. Hi Lucy! If you have the old passport, yes you can and you should renew early. Some airports are strict and will be requiring the new machine-readable passports by this time now. This is for faster queues in the airport. They will still however have separate lines for old passports. But for convenience, it’s best to renew to get the new machine-readable passport already. πŸ™‚

  241. hi
    i have a green card not expired yet passport (phil)expired i need to go back to for emergency,can i jst asked to extend my phil passport or what?married bfore been divorce now but got married can i apply to extend it or what pls help?

  242. Thank you so is very helpful.
    My type “P” passport will expire July 2011.Im now in Kansas after i got married in September 2008.My question is – can i renew my passport in Los Angeles,Ca since i am more familiar with the place? Thank you very much.

  243. Hello. I live in Seattle and I believe it’s under San Francisco’s jurisdiction. Do I have to renew my passport there or can I go to any consulate (in my case, LA as I have a wedding to attend to)? Hope to hear from you πŸ™‚

  244. as i extended my passport i have no problems of coming bck here?and whats is report of marriage?do ineed to file one?

    1. As long as your passport has been extended, that means it’s valid and you can come back here without any problems. If you have married and want to use your new last name, you should renew your passport and file your marriage so it will show your new last name. πŸ™‚

  245. Hi. is there any place I can go to to renew my green p.i passport? LA is really far here.. I was just wondering if there any nearest place i can go to that is cheap.

  246. Hi Im Rose. Can I renew my passport in Washington DC although i live in Washington state? I can see that it’s not within the jurisdiction but you think it’s possible? I’m planning to visit a friend in Maryland & seeing that there is consulate in Maryland I want to renew my passport there to save me the time of going down to California for another trip.Do you think it’s ok? By the way, i really appreciate your post…great job! very helpful! i’ve been researching on the process to renew my passport & ur post is really of great help. thanks!

  247. Hi My Name is MaShirley. i got my new green card that will expire on 2018 but the name on the new green card is not match with my passport and my birth certificate. they put Maria Shirley instead of Mashirley. Do i have to go to INS to request for a new one? please help me.

    1. Hi Shirley! I’m only giving tips on renewing Philippine passport. I’m not that familiar with green card processing, etc. but if it was me, I would definitely report this to them because when the time comes you have to get citizenship or if you need to travel, you might have a problem because it doesn’t match your passport and birth certificate. So I would suggest you give them a call.

  248. Hello. My name is Bernadette. My passport will expire on April 19, 2012. I am getting a new H1B visa this summer and somebody told me that the duration of my visa will depend on the validity of my passport which means that I can’t even be granted a year visa due to expiration of my passport.

    Can I possibly renew my passport now even if it is still too early so that my visa will not be affected of the expiration date?

    I have been researching about this and came across your post which I found very helpful.

    I hope to hear from you. God bless.

    1. Hi Bernadette, that is not true. The duration of your H1B visa does not depend on your passport. I know this because we had our H1B visa renewed 2 years ago and only had 1 year left for the passport but still was given 3 years. I had renewed my passport and they just attached my old passport to show my new visa, etc. H1B visa duration is 3 years. When it’s time to renew for the first time, you will be given another 3 years. However, the next renewal of H1B visas will be yearly due to limits. For more info, you can read the details at the uscis website.

  249. Hi I’m James. Just wanna ask if a Philippine passport can be renewed eventhough the visa has expired. Thanks!

  250. Hi My name is EM-j, My PI passport is been expired 5-6 years ago, i just need to renew it because im renewing my greencard. Do you know where to renew my passport, i live in union City CA. Thank you so much. BTW great job with the article, it does help us a lot. God bless your heart.

  251. Hi My name is EM-j, My PI passport is been expired 5-6 years ago, i just need to renew it because im renewing my green card. Do you know where to renew my passport, i live in union City CA. Thank you so much. BTW great job with the article, it does help us a lot. God bless your heart. I will be waiting for your answer.

    1. Hi Em-j! Didn’t you receive the message I sent you just above your new message. If you read the article, the address of the Philippine Embassy in Los Angeles California is above. You can renew your passport there.

  252. Hi,

    My passport has been expired last Dec 29, 2006 and wants to renew it. I live in Kentucky and I know we have to go to Washington DC in person to get one. Is it alright to apply by mail if we will give all the requirements? We are financially unstable that is why I was not able to renew it. Please give me some advices and thank you very much.

    1. Hi Ma. Theresa Miller! Usually they give exceptions and they will ask you to have your documents notarized so you can just mail it to them. Please call them directly so you can tell them your situation and they will tell you what to do.

  253. Hi! My passport expires on in Jun 2012 but because of the backlogs, I wish to have it renewed soon coz I’ll be traveling to Europe in Jan 2012. I understand that it takes 12 weeks for the new passport to be issued. Would it be alright to ask the philippine embassy for me to hold on to my current passport since it’s still valid so I can travel outside of the US until Dec while waiting for the new one to be issued? Thanks!

  254. Hi! My passport expired last feb 2011. I was divorced in Hong Kong and just got married last year here in US ( North Carolina) My question is I’m holding green passport and I need to renew in washington dc . My question is a little bit different do i apply for renewal of passport with my original name that was on the green passport or can i use my husband last name which is in my marriage certificate and green card??? . Thanks

    1. Hi Aina, You can renew with your new last name which shows in your marriage certificate and green card. That’s better so you won’t have any problems in the future. Just bring your marriage certificate and ID along with your old passport and they’ll take care of changing your name in your new passport.

  255. hi
    well,i so still confused bout my status ok,im have my green card not expired still my 1st marriage name and my passport is expired since 06 that im marriage again what do i need to do with my greencard and passport(green passport)??? i have to go back to p.i.???pls help…rt nw my ssn and id are in my new last name…
    can it be possible for me to jst get a new passport and my greencard jst used i-90 to change my last name on it???and what application form i need to use for the passport btw im not citizen yet..tnk u

    1. Hi Lovely! I can only help you with the passport renewal. You can renew and put your new last name there. Just bring your new marriage certificate and your old passport when you go to the embassy to renew. You won’t have any problems.

  256. Hello, I’m Marie Ann. My passport will expire on the 28th this month. I’m going to DC to renew it this coming Monday. My concern is, I have a trip to Canada this coming Aug 8, what option do I have to get my passport earlier so I won’t miss my trip. By the way, thanks for helping us. Take care and Godbless

    1. Hi Marie Ann,
      You may request for an extension but you’ll have to ask them for this. They may be able to extend your passport validity until you get back from your trip but you’ll have to go back to them and renew it again after that. It’s best to call them ahead and tell them of your situation so you’ll know what to do.

  257. HiFJ!My Name is Hazel,i lived here in Houston Passport(Green) will expired this February 2012 and currently waiting for my Citizenship approval,kinda nervous about it because we applied it late,instead Feb.2011 we applied last May.but hoping for the best.We are planning to visit Philippines either November 2011 as soon the citizenship approve or January question is if ever my American Citizenship will be approve and we will travel 2 momths or 1 month before my Philippine passport(green)will expired,do i need to renew it?Thank You so much…sincerly Hazel

    1. Hi Hazel! If your citizenship is approved, then you don’t have to renew your Philippine passport because you should already be using a US passport once you are a US citizen. After your citizenship is approved, apply for a US (blue) passport and you will probably get it in less than a month. You can check when you get your citizenship approval how long the US passport will arrive.

  258. Hello Im patrick, my passport will expire july 2012. Im from St. thomas US virgin Islands. Instead of washighton DC, can i go elsewhere like in chicago, or new york to renew my passport? and is it exactly 6 weeks I will received my renewed passport here in St. Thomas?

    Thanks for you help.

  259. Hi FJ,

    I found your column very helpful. I found some answers to my questions in mind but still there is still another one in my mind that I hope you can help me.
    I live in Seattle, Wa. and has plan of visiting a friend in Los Angeles. Am thinking of renewing my green passport which will expire on April 2012. My concern is this, if I fly back to Seattle, I have no passport to show if asked by airport authorities cause it will be left in the consular’s office for renewal.
    By the way, I have no other old passports with me, what shall I do? Can I still travel back home without the passport? Pls help.
    Much thanks and more power.

    1. Hi Loida,
      Have you traveled locally (within the US) before? They usually don’t need your passport. You only need your ID in case they request it but when traveling within the US, your ticket is the only thing needed. This way, it’s okay for you to travel from LA to Seattle without a passport. πŸ™‚

  260. I have my green philippine passport which will expire in Nov 2011 can i still travel to the philippines and go back to US using my green passport i will only be traveling for 2 weeks this september is it possible or will i be introuble if i travel using my green passport tnx

  261. Hi. I lost my passport here in california. I’ve read taht it will take 6-8 weeks for the replacement of the lost passport. Is there a rush passport or expedite passport? My funds is limited so I can’t stay for too long. Thank you

  262. Hi! My passport expired a month ago, I am already out of status and planning to go home. Can I renew my passport here in the U.S.?

    1. Hi margarita,
      Yes you can renew your passport here in the US at the Philippine consulate near you. They will however probably ask you about your status but since you are going home, it won’t be a problem. There’s no problem going home. It might be a problem going back since you are already out of status. Hope this helps.

  263. Hi. I just renewed my passport at the RP embassy in DC today. everything was fine but when I got home I realized that my old passport wasn’t with me. does the RP embassy get your expired passport when you apply for a new one (renew passport)?

  264. Hi, I live in South Carolina. Washington DC is a bit far and expensive to go to renew passport. Atlanta GA is the closest to me. Can I renew my passport in Atlanta?

  265. I forgot to tell that I’m a tourist here and I can’t stay for too long. Is there such thing as a travel document in lieu of the lost passport? Or a rush passport maybe?

  266. Hi Maria,
    Instead of renewing it, just go to the embassy and tell them your situation. They will instead extend the validity of your current passport so you can go home as soon as possible and have it renewed back in the Philippines. hope this helps.

    1. Hi Maria, do not renew your passport. Instead, when you go to the embassy, tell them if they can extend the validity of your passport because you’re only a tourist and you are going home soon. This way, they will just extend the expiration date of your passport so you will still use your same passport with an extended validity.

  267. Hi, just have a quik question, i am from sydney holding permanent visa and still phil passport. just wondering because my passpost will be expired on Feb 2012 and i need to go to phils on Jan 2012. Do i have to renew my paasport or I can still use my phil passport? please help
    me. Thank you

    1. Hi Nica,
      Yes you can travel and be back before it expires. However, it’s advisable that you renew your passport 6 months before expiration just to be on the safe side (like if an emergency happens, if you need to go home, etc).

  268. hi,my passport expired on dec in middle of process with my green card bec i lost it,,,and i dont have any photocopy on it..what should i do,,,

    1. Hi lina! You said that your passport expired? or will it expire this coming december 2011? if you are not leaving the country, you can just wait for your green card to arrive in the mail before you renew your passport. If not, you can call the embassy where you will renew your passport and tell them that your green card was lost and you’re in the process of getting another one.

  269. hi my name is alyn…… i just want to know of how long i can stay in u.s to go back to philippines……. i just got back from philippines how long do i need to stay in u.s then go back to phil.? does it matter or i can go back in philippines anytime?

    thanks you:)

  270. My philppino passport expired in Jan 2011, can I travel to the phillippinnes on an expired passport, Iam also a green card holder



  271. hi, i am nena, been here in Kansas for 9 mos now. My passport will expire july of 2012. Can I renew my passport in LA even if its not my area of jurisdiction?

    1. Hi Nena,
      Yes, you can renew your passport in LA. They are more lenient now and will accept even if you reside in a state that’s not included in their jurisdiction. πŸ™‚

  272. Hi. I applied for an extension of my old passport last year (August 2010) and it is expiring Aug 2012. I still didn’t get the chance to renew it to the new MRP and I’m planning to go to the Philippines this Oct 9th. Do you think it will cause me some issues? If ever, I will just renew my passport there in the Philippines since I’m gonna be staying there for 3months.

    Thanks in advance for your insight.