New Louis Vuitton Kalahari Bags Available

About a two months ago, I’ve featured the Louis Vuitton Kalahari bags from the much publicized Madonna campaign. You can check out the bags here. Now, additional Louis Vuitton Kalahari bags are available at your Louis Vuitton stores and online boutique. They come in a different leather/material and also comes in two sizes – the PM and the GM bags. Let’s take a look, shall we? Here is the new Louis Vuitton Kalahari Bag.

Above is the Louis Vuitton Kalahari GM bag. It also comes in the PM size, as I’ve mentioned previously and this is how it looks:

If you’ve been eyeing on an exotic and edgy Louis Vuitton bag, this is the one. I remember the Madonna advertising campaign and the video which shows the making of that campaign… I remember Madonna just digging through the tons of Louis Vuitton bags and other goodies like a little child in a chocolate factory. Ahhhh… so lucky… Well, going back to the Louis Vuitton Kalahari Bags – I find it fierce and so “now”. The only thing I don’t like about it is… again… the price. Certainly, I couldn’t afford to buy a $5,800 or a $4,840 bag for that matter. Whew! Well, if I’m like a celebrity earning 80 Million US Dollars a year like Beyonce, then there’s a big chance I could probably get the Louis Vuitton Kalahari GM bag as my Spring bag splurge. 🙂 Then again, there are still tons of bags that must be prioritized over this. 🙂



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