Easiest Way to Make Palabok

My Mom doesn’t usually cook Pancit Palabok (Filipino noodle dish), because there are just too many ingredients to prepare… and perhaps it was more tedious to make than the rest of the stir-fry noodles. She makes the Bihon, Guisado, Canton, Lomi, Sotanghon, Pancit Molo, etc. The Pancit Palabok though, she almost never cooks… after all, it’s something that you can easily order.

It’s like a given already… (in the Philippines), when someone celebrates his or her birthday, there should be noodles for long life – a custom that the Filipinos inherited from the Chinese people. There’s the spaghetti for the kids and the pancit/stir fry noodles for the adults… if she doesn’t want to cook, then we’ll just order Pancit Palabok or Pancit Malabon from the many vendors spread throughout the Philippines. There must be at least one Noodle Take-out shop at every commercial area in the cities of Metro Manila. So it was very accessible, not to mention affordable. At the same time, for a cheap fast-food fix of Palabok, there’s always Red Ribbon and Jollibee.

So being in the US and in the state of Texas, where no Red Ribbon or Jollibee could be found, Hubby and I have been deprived of Pancit Palabok for years! Of course thanks to visits to L.A. that we could again enjoy the delicious noodle dish. But while we were doing grocery at the local Asian market, we discovered that Mama Sita’s already have a palabok powdered mix! I was a bit skeptical. So we just tried one first.

What you’ll need:

  • Rice noodles – we bought 1 small pack but only about 1/2 of it was used for 1 pack of the palabok mix. We want our noodles all covered in palabok sauce! This would yield only about 3-4 servings.
  • Shrimps – shell removed and cooked (fried or boiled will do)
  • Tinapa flakes – Smoked fish flakes which we didn’t have and so we just used dilis/small fish/anchovies – for real! It was good!
  • Squid – optional, but I didn’t use it here.
  • Boiled eggs – as many as you want, it’s just for garnish
  • Green onions – again for garnish
  • Minced/chopped/ground pork – you can do without this but it would add flavor to your Palabok
  • Mama Sita’s Palabok powder mix
  • Water

How to do it

  1. Cook the rice noodles according to the package directions. It will just ask you to boil the rice noodles and then drain it before mixing it with the palabok sauce.
  2. Boil the eggs, cook the fish/dilis/anchovies, pork, and shrimp separately and set all aside for garnish.
  3. Chop the green/spring onions and set aside for garnish.
  4. As for the sauce, this I tell you, simply cook the powdered mix according to the instructions.
  5. Just add the noodles to the sauce. Coat the noodles with the sauce evenly.
  6. Transfer to a serving dish and garnish with the eggs, fish flakes, pork, shrimp, and green onions! Voila!

I swear to you, it’s really good even without the Tinapa flakes being asked in the Mama Sita’s Palabok Powdered mix. You can taste the sauce of Jollibee’s and Red Ribbon’s palabok with all the garnishes that you want! We loved it!!! For me, this was the easiest way to make palabok!



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  1. Wow looks great! Can’t believe Mama Sita has already reached the grocery shelves in the US. Looks like a really delicious dish! 🙂

  2. thanks to this website coz i found the easiest way to cook palabok for my daughter’s coming birthday.but most specially,thanks to MAMA SITA’s palabok powdered mix.now,i can serve palabok for my baby’s birthday party.i’m sure everyone would LOVE it!thanks MAMA SITA!!!

  3. Thoughtful and interesting, thank you. I grew up in manilla but moved to england at such a young age I can hardly remember anything apart from the delicious food. I finally found some authentic Filipino recipes if you want to take a look, I thought I’d share it with you!

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