Aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy

I do not know where to begin. I’m teary-eyed seeing how my fellow Filipinos suffered from Typhoon Ondoy. It is certainly heart-breaking. I feel for those who have lost their loved ones… those who have lost all their belongings… those whose cars have been swimming and bumping other objects in the pool of water… those who have no electricity, no food to eat, no fresh water to drink, no dry clothes to wear… those who have lost their valuables and their treasured memories… I feel for my home country, Philippines.

I was so worried and hurriedly called my Mom after learning about Typhoon Ondoy. I am so thankful to God that He has kept my family safe. I texted my friends as well and good thing they are all okay. God is good. I just hope that all of you reading this are safe. I hope that your family and friends are safe as well. Let us be thankful that we are still alive at this very moment. However, I’m also sad for those who have been badly hit by Typhoon Ondoy, especially those who have lost their loved ones and have lost most of their belongings too.

For my readers outside the Philippines, here are some heart-breaking photos that I wanted to share. I just gathered some of the photos I’ve seen around the web (hope the owners don’t mind, this is for a good cause). I am going to donate to the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. So if you would like to donate as well, you can send your donations below.

UPDATE: Any type of help will go a long way! Donations will be deposited to Red Cross‘ bank account either via Metrobank or Bank of the Philippine Islands under account name “The Philippine National Red Cross”. If you prefer to deposit directly, here are the details.

The aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy has left me thinking. In just one night, you can lose everything. I’ve heard that some people have lost all their stuff at home and even worse have lost a loved one. I think it’s time to rethink our actions… my actions. I can just imagine if I was in that position. I would have probably lost a lot of my precious belongings, but what is important is that I keep my loved ones safe. Now I am thinking, I don’t need all the stuff that I have. I’m going to donate and I hope you can send any help you can too. But more importantly, what I want to ask from you are prayers for all the victims of Typhoon Ondoy.



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  1. linked through this page for those who want to send in donations… i was super in shock when i saw the news. i thought it was just the ordinary flooding in some areas of Manila… i never thought that it was that bad. 🙁 super super daming affected 🙁 i hope all our fam and friends are safe. i haven’t talked to them yet.

  2. really?! i didn’t know marikina was one of the worst. i hope i can contact them tonight… 🙁 buti mataas sila arv… grabe, i’ve never seen manila like this. nakakasad 🙁 parang gusto ko tuloy umuwi! and i heard there’s another typhoon coming… 🙁 let’s hope and pray that it won’t hit the philippines na…

  3. heartbreaking, especially when you see the news. personally, my crv is now as good as dead. the flood reached 1-storey high at our place. but i can’t thank God enough that my family and especially my two little kids are safe. may God have mercy on our country.

  4. To wake up: Sorry I couldn’t publish your post. It’s too long. If you have a website/facebook/multiply/friendster blog, you can simply post it there and send me a link and I’ll approve it. this is not the time to be making fun of our country. This is simply not the time to be doing that. There are a lot of people in dire need of help.

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