New 2010 Chanel GST, New Price

Yes Chanel enthusiasts, ladies and gentlemen alike, there is a new Chanel GST or Grand Shopping Tote in town – with a new price. OUCH! A price increase indeed. Why oh Why Chanel do you keep on increasing prices of your bags that fast???

As some of you may already know, the previous Chanel price increase (end of 2009) had affected one of the most iconic bags of all time, the Chanel Flap bag or the 2.55 bag. The medium/large flap bag (yes, the size is called a medium large) was previously the same price as the Chanel Medallion and GST bags, selling for $2,125 USD. However, it went up to $2,400 USD. This February 2010, it’s Chanel GST’s turn to get that price increase.

I’ve compared two black GST’s from the 2009 and 2010 versions, one in silver hardware and one in gold hardware. Note that the GST comes in silver and gold hardware, with colors such as black, white, beige, bordeaux (red), and brown among other seasonal colors like light pink, mint, etc. Anyway, what’s new with the 2010 GST and what’s the new price? Continue reading below to find out!

Old Chanel Grand Shopping Tote / GST

The old Chanel Grand Shopping tote had interlocking C’s that looked like they were stitched unto the quilted material of the GST bag.

The 2010 Chanel GST’s interlocking C’s looked as if the embossed part was part of the quilting of the leather (caviar). Sorry for the poor quality of the photo…

The old Chanel GST had smaller and roundish grommet where the chain is attached.

The new Chanel GST has a flat grommet with the words: “31, Rue Cambon” written on the top part, and “Chanel” written on the bottom.

The old Chanel GST had a D-Ring inside the bag so you can hook your keys to it. But the new 2010 Chanel GST has a strap with a hook, more like a lanyard, that you can attach to your wallet, keys, or cellphone case perhaps.

And as I said, the old Chanel GST price was $2,125. This February 2010, the new Chanel GST now costs $2,350!!! Waaaaaaa!!! Now I haven’t confirmed with my local Chanel boutique if the price is already in effect, but it’s most likely the case. So what can you say about the Chanel GST price increase? And what can you say about the new 2010 Chanel Grand Shopping Tote? I’m actually loving this new GST even more… well, except for the price. LOL!



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  1. Hmmm, I’d like a reissue tote if u asked me, GST is waay heavy, I’d tried it on my shoulder hehehehe ! perhaps it’s my scoliosis add more weight. But yeah, I heard Chanel increased their prices Last Feb. 1..yay !

    1. Hi Dailyfashionista. I’ve tried it too. I was almost tempted to get it. My SA was asking me if I want to exchange my Medallion with the GST since I just bought my Medallion at that time. But I love my Medallion and I just want to save up for my Flap. πŸ™‚ By the way, I couldn’t comment on your blog. Is commenting only allowed for Google users. Maybe you can turn it on for those without Google accounts to. I do have a Google account but I would want to leave my blog name and URL instead of my real name πŸ™‚ Anyway, Happy Birthday and I really love the birthday presents you got. Yummy! πŸ™‚

  2. i looove the new chanel gst and i want it soooo bad! but i just bought my first chanel gst 3 weeks ago and it’s the old model! grrr! bummer!!! if i had only known they’ll come up with a new model, then i could have waited for this one!

  3. Hi Ive been wanting to buy a chanel hobo bag but i cant find any pics in their website. isaw someone carrying a white quilted hobo bag with cc logo and silver chain strap..loveit but dont know what it is.. I love big bags that why i like hobo bags. do you have any suggestions? I saw the rodeo hobo but iread that it looks like a laundry bag. thanks. love your site.

  4. Hi there,

    Love your blog. just FYI, price in KLCC for GST has increased recently from RM7900 to RM8920. RM1020 diff!!!

    1. Hi Flowerella, thanks. oh shocks that’s a big price increase huh? well if you have friends from Europe or US, I think it’s best to have them purchase for you… or in case you’re planning a vacation. πŸ™‚

  5. in love with your blog …

    i just purchased the new GST dark grey with gun metal chain,in Jakarta, love it!!!

    how much is the price of the GST in Paris my dear Fashion Juice?

    1. aww thank you DMommy! πŸ™‚ Wow, that is a great choice DMommy! πŸ™‚
      I live in the US. The new GST is $2,400 here. In Paris, I’m not so sure of the new price. It used to be about 1,900 when converted to USD. But that’s the old GST. It’s possible that it’s about $2,100-2,200 now.

  6. hi..your blog is soo helpful in all levels..i have a friend selling her old gst for $2,000 it was purchased just last trapped between buying it or to just buy the new soo price conscious, if where i can haggle more the better.but if your saying that most probably the price in europe will only be $2,100 to $2,200 then better get the new one right?!is the $2,100 price your saying includes the 12%rebate already..thanks!

    1. Hi Anna,
      The tax rebate is not yet included so it may be less. But if you have a friend there, it’s best to ask the price first just to confirm… in case there has been any price increase again. But anyway, I suggest that you buy the new one. Is it going to be your first Chanel? It would be more memorable to buy it at the boutique. hehe πŸ™‚

  7. i loooove my new baby! a jumbo black caviar flap w/ shw! bought it in singapore at their boutique in ngee an city along orchard road! i can’t help smiling as i walk out their boutique carrying my precious baby. btw, it’s S$4,880.00 and worth every penny! & as a tourist, i got a tax rebate!!!

  8. hey, question…is there still Biarritz available in the stores? my friend asked someone to buy for her a Biarritz last march at Paris, but unfortunately they have no stocks since its an old collection accdg to the lady at the store.Would you know how much it cost in the U.S? i love big bags so my choice is the GST or the Biarritz. what you think?

    1. Anna, the Biarritz is indeed from an old collection so there’s a big chance it’s no longer available in the boutique. Now there is an entire collection of Paris Biarritz bags. I’m assuming you want the Paris Biarritz tote (rectangular in shape) because you said you love big bags. If that’s what you’re referring to, if I remember correctly it’s in the $3000 (USD) range. Note however that there are also different versions of the Biarritz tote (e.g. year 2007, 2008, 2009, etc.) and in different materials too. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  9. hi!!! may i ask how much is the black metallic tote bag this 2010 collection?? …uggghhhh i love it!!! thanks

  10. hi!!! may i ask how much is the Chanel 2010 Spring – Summer Pre Collection ( Metalic tote bag)?? …uggghhhh i love it!!! thanks

    1. Hi Cheska, I’m not exactly sure of the price. This style without the diamante signature would roughly be close to $2k. But since this style from the Spring-Summer Pre Collection 2010 has a diamante detail, it may be in the $2500-$3000 range. I will let you know though if I find out the exact price. πŸ™‚

  11. Hi!! I’m visiting Sg to grab this bag so your site has actually provide a very useful information for me!! TYVM!! However, I’m
    also confused as I also check out lots of other blogs on the price of GST, and 2 of the other blogs claims that GST latest price is SGD3900 which shocks me!! I remembered, I did check out the price in Taiwan last year and it was around NTD60k-70k. Can you pls tell me SGD2350 is the confirmed price?? lol!

    1. hi Belle. I’m glad you find my blog helpful. The price I’ve mentioned above is in USD. So the new GST is actually $2,400 plus tax. So it’s most likely the price in Singapore is SGD3,900. Sorry for the confusion.

  12. hi, is it cheaper to buy chanel in london,do you have any idea how much? is it cheaper there than in U.S.? how may sizes are there in gst?

    1. Hi Chyna, yes it is cheaper in London than in the US. At the same time, if you’re a tourist, you can refund the tax at the airport in London before you leave. The GST is the Grand Shopping Tote. There is a smaller version but it’s called the PST or Petite Shopping Tote. The GST is about 1,400 in Euros while the PST is about 900 Euros. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  13. hi again,my friend who’s in u.s told me that the running price of GST in vegas,is only $1600 plus taxes it will come out $1800,is it true? But you have just mention it is about $2400 plus taxes,so is it cheaper in vegas?

    1. Hi Chyna, I think that is impossible. I went to Vegas last December and they have the same price. Perhaps your friend looked at the PST because that is the smaller version of the GST. When did she check the price?

  14. Hi,

    very useful website!

    any idea bout the current price for GST and jumbo classic flap in paris and rome? Thanks

  15. Thanks for the prompt reply…

    what is the current price for those two at the moment in euros? still deciding which one to buy… any recommendation?

  16. hi,

    May i know the current price of chanel medium classic flap in the US? My friend told me its around $2,600 plus tax. Is it cheaper to buy in the U.S. than in Hongkong or Singapore?

    1. @tiff: The Chanel Medium Classic Flap in CAVIAR used to be $2,150. I’m just not sure if they increased again. If they did, it would be in the 2400 range. The medium flap in LAMBSKIN is more expensive though and at that price range you mentioned which is $2,600.

  17. Hi I recently asked my friend to check out the GST in Ireland, she said it’s only 1540, it’s insanely cheaper than the US. That’s why I’m thinking twice, maybe the price she gave was for the PST? 1540 euros for GST, is that even possible? please let me know! thanks!
    I love your blog btw, it’s my first time here, and I’m enjoying it and I’m a filipina too!

    1. @Raisa: Hi. It’s definitely cheaper in Europe than in US. I’m just not sure about the price in Ireland. Perhaps she meant 1540 GBP not euros? Double check with her. Prices in Europe are really way cheaper since it’s closer to Chanel’s base πŸ™‚

      btw, glad you’re enjoying it here. noticed you have a blog too. I’ll check it out! πŸ™‚

  18. hi, thanks so much for your reply. its so helpful and i can’t wait to have my new chanel baby! Do you have an idea how much a chanel medium caviar classic flap cost in hongkong or singapore? thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Tiff! Glad I can help πŸ™‚ In HK it’s roughly about 2500 to 2600 USD. In Singapore, it’s about 2800 USD. It’s more expensive in Sing. Anyway, I’m pretty sure an increase won’t be anytime soon. However, if they do, it will probably be around November because that’s when they usually increase their prices. If not, it’s going to be early next year. Looking at the previous price increases, they usually increase every after 2 years. So hopefully there would be no more price increase this year. πŸ™‚

  19. sorry i forgot to ask, will there be another price increase this year for chanel after the recent price increase?

  20. Hello ladies,

    I had a look at the Chanel Tote at the Chanel shop in Sydney Australia and the price is around $3200 if i remember correctly. Do you ladies think I should buy the tote overseas instead as it may be cheaper for me. I am also deciding whether to get it in Silver or Gold hardware. Will greatly appreciate any sort of feedback.

    Thank you!!!

    Fion from Australia

    1. Hi Fion! Is that price in USD or Australian Dollars? If you are traveling, I suggest you buy it in Europe. It’s definitely a couple hundred dollars cheaper. As for the hardware, it depends on what color of the bag you’re getting – black? beige? white? red? Plus, it also depends on what kind of accessories do you wear often? I usually match the color of my jewelry/accessories to the hardware on my bag. So if I’m wearing gold accessories, I wear a bag with gold hardware. It’s totally up to what you really like. πŸ™‚ If you ask me, I love the gold hardware. πŸ™‚

  21. Thanks for the quick response Cris.

    Yes, it’s in AUD not USD! I am not travelling at the moment. Do you know of any Europe websites selling Chanel bags? If not, I guess I might just get the one from the Sydney Chanel shop.

    I am getting a Black Tote – I really do like the gold hardware as well but some of my friends has been saying SHW is better for everyday use but I am still on the GHW side. I don’t wear much jewellery; only my necklace which is white gold. I think I might go for the GHW.

    1. Hi tiff. In chanel boutiques and department stores that carry chanel, gold and silver hardware are the same price. However, resellers – those who sell second hand bags or those who buy and sell bags for profit do sell the silver higher than the gold because of the demand. However, last time I visited several Chanel boutiques gold hardware now has higher demand according to the sales associates

  22. hey I’m new comer. I just wanna ask does still gst bag cost $2400 in us?
    I’m thinking about buying one in paris. do you know how much are gst bag and
    olsen tote bag in euro? thanx!!

  23. thanx a lot!! 1900 euro and I can get a tax refund?
    that’s great! in Asian countries chanel is just unbeilivably expensive.
    cause my cousins and I are half American citizen I was thinking about
    going to newyork or La for the gst. but it would be cheaper in paris.
    well thanx for the information, chao!

    1. that’s great Joan. Yes, you should definitely get it in Europe. Actually, I think I made a mistake with the price. Was already sleepy last night when I sent you the message. Its about 1600 euros in Paris. πŸ™‚

  24. Hi!How are you fellow Chanel lover!May I inquire please… Really confused and your inputs as well as other readers would be really helpful!

    If you had to chose which would you keep for yourself? The old GST in caviar or the new GST?

    Is the new GST available in Caviar?

    Thank you very much.

    Warmest Regards from Cebu!

    Mary Ann

  25. When i called chanel outlet in Milan and Venice a couple weeks ago, they said that all the classic bag price will increase. Do you know the latest price of Big GST?

    1. Hi Jane. I’m not exactly sure about the price in Milan and Venice. Did you ask them? But the price of the GST (Grand Shopping Tote, the smaller one is called PST- petite shopping tote) in Europe in general is around 1500-1900 in Euros. In the US it’s $2,350 – already with the price increase.

  26. Dear Tiff,

    Good tidings and thank you very much for your reply that you prefer the new over the old.

    May I inquire please…for investment purposes which GST the old or the new would be best to keep and would appreciate or keep its value over the long term?

    From your experience does a discontinued bag become a collector’s item and therefore increase in value or does it go down in value instead because it is had been discontinued?

    May we ask for your valued opinion on this particularly in relation to the Chanel GST?

    Thank you very,very much!

    Warmest Regards!

    1. Hi Maryann,
      I’m not Tiff. I’m the owner of this site. My name is Cris but you can call me MFJ here. πŸ™‚
      Anyway, GST is a classic style but it doesn’t matter which one you’d like to keep – in terms of value over long term. The classic flap or 2.55 is the collector’s item since it’s the most iconic bag of Chanel – the bag that Coco Chanel designed and carried herself. But since we’re talking about the GST, the newer one would have a higher value in the long run as the old GST started out in the $1k++ price range. This new one started out with a price of $2,350. So the starting selling price would definitely matter when it comes to its value in the future. I suggest keeping the new one especially with its new features – like the rings having Chanel markings. The interlocking C’s being incorporated in the quilting of the material, and extra features like the D-ring/strap inside the bag for wallets or pouches. The new one seems to have better value-thus the higher price. πŸ™‚

  27. Hi MFJ! L-O-V-E this site!

    Thank you VERY, VERY MUCH! You are such a gem and soooo helpful!

    Warmest Regards!

    Mary Ann

  28. hi MFJ,
    was just curious!!comparing the GST 2010 with the old one, is it of the same weight?is the leather the same? because i was just comparing the red GST which my friend also got early this year and 2010 version with the new 2010 gst in black caviar that a friend is selling to me which she supposedly got in New Jersy..the red one is heavier and the leather is thicker and more stiff, while the new GST in black is softer leather,thinner leather and is lighter in weight than the red and looks smaller…makes me wonder if the black GST is really authentic?!

    in your observation is it lighter the new GST 2010?the leather softer than the previous?

    thanks thanks

    1. Hi Anna, it depends. Ask your friend if it’s the lambskin. GST comes in two materials – there’s the GST in caviar – the heavier and rough textured leather, and then there’s the soft and lighter material which is the lambskin. The classic flap also comes in caviar and lambskin and lambskin is always the more expensive one. Ask he if the new GST is caviar or lambskin. Because if supposedly she says its caviar, it shouldn’t be soft.

  29. Hi MJF, I am wondering how much is GST in Greece? Do you happen to know? And has the price of GST in Europe increased yet? At the moment, I have a friend from Greece who could buy me right away; however, I am looking for a friend from France as well. Scarring that the price of GST in Europe will increase, I am plaaning of just buying from Greece but if the price has already increased then I will wait and find someone to buy it from France which should be cheapest among EU countries. Thkx in advance. You are very helpful ^^

  30. To everyone concerned, I apologize for the confusion. There is now a large GST. PST is the Petite Shopping Tote – which is the smallest. Then there’s the GST or Grand Shopping Tote – which used to be the big version of this style. However, there’s now a large GST which has the same details of the GST and PST but is really bigger. It retails for $2995 here in the US.

  31. hi! i’ll be going to italy this month. i read here that GST is 1,600 euros. is that with tax already or the SRP? thank you.

  32. I recently got my 2010 gst but the bag was deformed due to shipping since my friend bought it in Ireland for me.. What do I do? The shape of the bag looks really off

  33. I have just bought the gst in ghw and i must say the price has increased tremendously.. it used to cost 1540 euro and i bought it for more than 2000 euro!!! should have bought it before the price increase:'(

  34. I’ve been eyeing on the new beige caviar flap bag (medium/large). I went to Chanel Sydney recently to enquire about the price. its currently AUD3800. Do you know how much it is sold in paris?

    1. Oops Gian, sorry for the confusion. I thought you were referring to the jumbo. The medium/large caviar flap bag here in the US is around $2,600. The one in Paris is slightly cheaper than this but the tax can be refunded at the airport.

  35. Hi – I was in Chanel London in May 2010 and the price for the classic caviar 2.55 flap bag silver chain (medium/large) was Β£1650….I wasnt sure what size I wanted to buy so I didnt buy on that day. I then revisited the store in July and the price had increased to Β£2020….I was so annoyed with myself for not purchasing in May…as I could not justify speding a futher Β£400 TO accommmodate the increase! In NYC in April this year and it was definately more expensive for the same bag! However not sure if USA already had the price increase that London just made in July? but regardless im kicking myself for not buying at cheaper price booooo!

  36. Hi! My friend got my Gst in Ireland. It’s 1540 euros but she paid in dollars so it was 2000$ but with rebate still so I guess I got it cheaper. πŸ™‚ it’s the 2010 gst too.

  37. Hi,
    I have a question.Is Paris is cheaper than US after increasing last time?What do you think price on sept?I know US will increase their price on August 1st.How about Paris?


    1. Hi Lena, Europe already increased their prices. However, if you’re traveling to Paris, you can reimburse the taxes at the airport so that will mean it’s still cheaper than the US. πŸ™‚ Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  38. Hi MFJ,

    I heard that in the USA, Chanel bag prices will increase again on Aug. 1, 2010 (in a couple of days). Do you know if this is true? Furthermore, I heard that the increase will be astronomical. For the classic styles, I heard the increase will be two-fold (rather than 5 or 10%). The reasoning for this is that Chanel wants the prices of their classic styles to be comparable to that of Hermes.

    I know much of this is based on heresay, but the friends I spoke to about this are usually fairly reliable with this information. Are you able to clear up any of this? Thanks!


    1. Hi Joey,
      Yes, there will be another increase and it seems it will be 20%. The increase will be for the classics such as the flaps. There’s still no confirmation on the prices but seems to be we’re looking at 20% markup.

  39. Will the GST also be subject to increase? Do you recommend buying today, if the prices are going up next week? Thanks again.

    1. Hi Joey,
      As far as I heard, only the flaps, in all sizes, and the reissues will be the ones increasing. I haven’t heard any increase for the GST. Perhaps it’s also because the GST just increased early this year… but I’m not 100% sure about that. If you buy at major dept stores like Bloomies/Neimans/Saks, some sales associates allow holding a bag for you for up to 2 days. Just to help you decide. πŸ™‚

  40. hi my first time to open your blog. i love it and learn a lot. i also want the gst. I’m not sure if the lady on the phone heard me right reg the gst she give me 2size maxi jumbo 23 x 34cm code is a47600 2,700 euro and the other size is jumbo 20 x 30.5 a28600 2550euro. DO u think this is right, i will call again tom.

  41. Hi MFJ,
    You said in your first comment that if we buy from Paris, we can reimburse the taxes in the airport. What about Rome and Monaco?

    Thanks in advance :).

  42. Hi MFJ. I stumbled you here and learned a lot about Chanel. Thank you soo much. I even post your info u wrote here about Goyard history.. I just recently bought a Chanel PST for Php75k.The seller(very nice) said im very lucky the price is very good. I live here in Philippines. Was the price very good na?

  43. Hi MFJ. Sayang, i did not win sa competition mo, hhhehe.. Congrats to Annabelle!
    WOw, im very lucky talaga sa Chanel PST. Thank you sa info.

    My friend who lives in Zurich said your soo beautiful. She loves all your designer stuff, hhehehe..

    More Power!


  44. hi. i really want to have Chanel GST color beige. i asked my niece who is in hamburg
    germany to buy it for me … but the sales girl there is asking for the code. it starts with A. where can i possibly see the codes? and is it also tax free in there<

  45. Hi MFJ,

    Thanks for sharing about Chanel ^^
    I will visit to Paris and London next week. However, i couldn’t find the new price after July 2010 >_< i'm planning to buy a classic medium caviar. Do u know about the new price? And do u think London is cheaper than Paris? Florrie

    1. Hi florrie, I’m on the road right now and I’m only using my phone to reply to comments. I have the updated price list in my laptop so I’ll check it out once I arrive in NY. But to answer your question, I’m quite sure it’s cheaper to buy in Paris. πŸ™‚ i’ll have to verify tom.

    1. Hi cecille, beige gst is just the color beige of gst. On the other hand, the caviar is what the material or type of leather is called. The gst may come in caviar-grainy texture-like that of a dog’s nose, the second one is lambskin-soft buttery type of leather, and the other one is the shiny smooth type which is patent. The beige gst usuall comes in caviar. I havent seen a beige lambskin or patent gst. Usually the lambskin is more popular in the black classic flap bags.

  46. Hi MFJ,

    Thanks ~ look forward to your reply. Um…actually, I’m still struggle buy which one ~ caviar or lambskin
    But I will choose the gold hardward since it’s more easier to match my dressing ^_^ i also like GST after see your website…


  47. hi. where can i find the code for Chanel GST beige? i ask my niece to buy this in hamburg germany. the people there are asking for code something that starts with letter A..thank you… by the way, do you sell bags?

  48. Hi, there! Just bought a Chanel GST last weekend and the price is still at $2350- no price increase yet! I love the bag, I have a medium flap as well but I like this bag more because of its practicality -You can wear anything with it. I love the caviar leather, it’s classic and easy to maintain than the lambskin. Over-all, I think this is a wise investment.

  49. i am looking to buy a chanel wallet on a chain…do you happen to know the pricing and if i am better off buying in us, paris, or england?

  50. Hi Fashion Juice ,
    I’m plan to buy a classic Jumbo Caviar in Paris.Do you know the price in Euro and the GST should be 12% from airport right ?
    Please give me the price for
    Classic Jumbo Caviar (silver hardware)
    Reissues large
    Thank you very much

  51. I am very new to Chanel and still very confused about all the different styles and variations. Any advice on which one to research (and buy hopefully buy) and which doesn’t break the bank?

    1. Hi Gracechild! One of the most coveted Chanel purses is the Chanel 2.55 medium flap – it’s definitely one of the top 3 must-have classic bags in every bagaholic’s list. However, it’s in the $2600 range. However, if you like a purse that you can use everyday, the GST (grand shopping tote) $2350, Medallion $2125, PST (petite shopping tote) $1600 – are great options. Chanel doesn’t have that much bags in the $1k range. There are select purses in that range but those are the bags made of fabric.

  52. I got the GST in London last week. The sales girl told me that they don’t usually have stock; and that she hadn’t seen it for a few months…. Apparently, it is not easy to get… !

  53. do you have a lot different color jumbo classic flap in US as well? They sold out in London as well. What is the price over there? I am looking for a jumbo caviar classic flap.

    1. Hi Kid.
      I think the reason why it easily runs out of stock in Europe is because it’s cheaper there and so tourists go there and buy instead of the US. Last I heard the jumbo flap is priced somewhere between $2995 to $3100, depending on the material – caviar or lambskin (which is more expensive). The usual colors here are beige, white, black, brown, red, coral, blue, gray.

      From Finance World: “The Hawaii Sales tax system is different from the rest of the US as the state of Hawaii does not have any sales tax. Instead, Hawaii has a general excise tax that brings almost all types of transactions under Taxation. While it can be said that the Hawaii sales tax is 0%, the general excise tax in Hawaii is 4% and the transient accommodation tax in Hawaii is 6%.”

  54. btw, what is the tax rate in Hawaii? I am going there this year.. maybe I can get a jumbo classic flap over there. What is the price in US?

  55. I also went to Paris and London to look for a medium classic flag. however, the SA also said this one is run of stock. So, I could only buy a small clasic flag in London finally. I think it’s really not easy to get in Europe.

    1. Hi Florrie, most tourists from around the world, especially from countries with no Chanel boutiques go to Europe to buy Chanel since it’s cheaper there. That’s why it easily runs out of stock in Europe than in the US. Here in the US though, we have more stocks of the medium flap. Congrats though on your new bag! πŸ™‚

  56. Hello MFJ,

    I just want to ask, remember you posted Chanel earrings you bought? How much you bought it for, if i dont mind asking?
    Im planning to sell Chanel accessories like earrings (as i don’t need to come up with high capital) here in Manila. Where do you think i can also buy it aside from Paris and US where i can get good profit if i will to sell it here? Are Chanel items in countries like Hongkong, Japan and Singapore selling at way high prices compared to US?

    1. Hi Chealsam! Those Chanel earrings that I bought was won from an auction so I got a really good price. However, the MSRP of the earrings that I have is around $300+. It is way high-priced in Chanel Boutiques in Asia. It’s best to get from Paris and other Europe stores plus at the Chanel outlet store in New York. I’m not so sure where else you can buy it cheaper.

  57. so, you still have coral in US? They sold out everywhere in Europe!

    Will they have it in Jumbo or Maxi? I like the coral red.. but they sold out everywhere in Europe!

    So, it seems that it is worth for me to wait til the end of the year to get it in Hawaii! I may get the coral in Maxi. Does it come with jumbo in caviar skin?

  58. I am so glad to hear so many good things about the GST. I just bought it and it is still in the box. I wasn’t sure if I am doing the right thing. I was after a jumbo classic, but they sold out everywhere in London. So, I decide to get something else, other than the classic, for a change.

    But now, I am a bit of worry about the durabililty of the bag because I got the new version!

    1. Hi Kid,
      That’s fine. Keeping it in the box, inside it’s dust bag is okay. I do that and mine is in great condition. Just be cautious when carrying it and not bumping it to any sharp materials like a rough cement wall/post, or other pointed objects that can get in the way.

  59. Hi MFJ~

    My next target probably buy a jumbo classic flag or GST. Maybe i could only find these in US instead of Europe. >.< Since i bought my first Chanel, i wanna get the 2nd one~ haha

    Besides, do u the price of jumbo classic flag in US? And how many % of VAT refund?

    1. Hi Florrie. Congrats on your bag. Last I heard the jumbo flap is priced somewhere between $2995 to $3100, depending on the material – caviar or lambskin (which is more expensive). Also, it depends where you buy the bag in the US, sales tax rates differ from state to state. I’m also not sure if other states have tax refund. Delaware doesn’t have sales tax. Texas allows tax refund – that means, the whole sales tax will be refunded to you but there’s a processing fee of 10% of the tax (last I heard).

  60. Has anyone seen the new Chanel Igloo collection? Any comments?

    What do you think about the flap bag of this collection? It has silver HW with the square lock.

  61. Anyone knows how much is the medium size classic 2.55 (price for both 9 inches and 10 inches flap) selling in Paris? What’s the GST refund in airport? I’ll be there nxt week. Please let me know. Thanks!

  62. HI MFJ, read yr comments up there.. “It’s best to get from Paris and other Europe stores plus at the Chanel outlet store in New York.”

    why is it best to get from New York store in US? I am planning to get a jumbo caviar flap at NY..

    For those planning to get one in Paris, the price for medium/large classic flap is Euro1995 when i bought in June 2010, suggest u guys to go early because the shop is CROWDED and you gotta wait for long to be served πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Jacque, I specifically said the outlet store in New York (Woodbury Common Premium Outlets) because they have outlet prices. However, the classic bags aren’t there. Usually they have the seasonal ones. When I went there last September, the prices were like 40% off plus an additional 20-25% off because it was labor day.

  63. Hi! I live in Sweden and we don’t have Chanel over here πŸ™ But the good news is that I am off to Paris in December πŸ™‚ I really love the Chanel Classic Flapbag (the big one, but I think not the biggest) Jumbo, Maxi or maybe something with XL?!?!? Help me figure that out. Of course in lambskin and with gold chains. My Q is that should I buy it from Paris or should I ask someone in the US to buy it for me beacuse it is cheaper… or??? I want to know how much the (same) bag cost in Paris and in USA? I appreciate all help I get and THANK YOU!!

  64. Hi Fashion Juice ,
    I’m going to Pris next year and i plan to buy a classic flag Jumbo Caviar.Do you know the price in in Paris?

  65. grabe din pala mark up ng mga online sellers dito sa Pinas. brand new chanel jumbo flap is between Php165k and Php168k! well, i guess you save heaps as you dont need to go Paris. But still, meron pa yang refund sa airport eh.. anyway, i guess meron pa ring bibili dito.

    Yong Chanel GST, how much na ngayon?


  66. Hi Cris! How are you? Hope you remember me. When will you be coming to Cebu?

    Cris I have the 2.55 classic flap jumbo with gold hardware but was saw a jumbo with gold hardware but with a double flap. There is an inner flap just like the medium 2.55.

    Need your help please Cris! Which among the 2 bags would you recommend to keep for long-term for myself?

    We were in Singapore last September but did not see a gold hardware 2.55 classic flap jumbo gold hardware but with the inner/double flap.


    Warmest Regards!

    Mary Ann

  67. Hi again! so sorry for the typo error!

    Cris I have the 2.55 classic flap jumbo with gold hardware but just saw a jumbo with gold hardware but with a double flap. There is an inner flap just like the medium 2.55.

    1. Hi Mary Ann. No plans yet of going to Cebu. First thing is when I’m coming home to the Philippines. Hehe πŸ™‚
      Anyway, yes, there are flaps with double flap and there are those with single flaps. If you’re wondering which bag is best for long-term keeping, it’s really all up to you. They are both Chanel Flap bags and being such, whatever you choose, they are equally the same when it comes to the long-term value. πŸ™‚ If you already have the jumbo flap with gold hardware, it’s okay to stick to that. πŸ™‚

  68. Hi.. I want to ask the price of chanel GST and classic maxi caviar? And which country is the cheapest?
    Thanks for ur help =)

  69. Hi.. I have a question again..
    How much for chanel medallion?
    I want to buy my first chanel bag but I’m in dilemma between GST or classic maxi or medallion.. Which one do u suggest?

    Thanks a lot for ur help =)

    1. Hi bunga, the cheapest place to buy is definitely in Chanel’s home, Paris. What’s even better is that you get a tax refund if you’re a tourist. Sales tax are refunded at the airport. My first Chanel bag is a Medallion. But it’s totally up to you what you like because even if the Chanel flap is one of the most coveted handbags in the world (and definitely one of the must haves), it’s up to you on what kind of bag you’re looking for. Have you read my post: Maybe it can help. πŸ™‚

      I will be posting a Chanel bag price guide soon so the prices will be there. Please check back regularly because I’m posting it soon. πŸ™‚

  70. Hellooo Cris!How are you?Thank you VERY MUCH for the reply.Really appreciate not only that you reply but that you are so swift in replying!I had read Coco Chanel’s story about the bag and thought that maybe for long term the jumbo flap would be best for my personal long term use. I am really curious though about the prices of these bags in Singapore and Hongkong. Very eager to see your Chanel bag price guide soon!

    Take care always!

    Warmest Regards!

    Mary Ann

    1. Hi Mary Ann,
      You’re welcome! πŸ™‚ I try to respond asap even with the time difference. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I think I misunderstood your question before. I thought you were asking if you would go with the single or double flap (inside the bag). That’s why I said it’s not about the inside of the bag having an extra flap. πŸ™‚ What were you deciding on? Jumbo against the maxi? If so, I definitely suggest jumbo. πŸ™‚

  71. Hey guys, ur informations help a lot for me. I’m planing to go los angeles. ADoes anyone know how much the jumbo clasic. I desire to get red jumbo, need to estimate the price. Thank you beautiful ladies

  72. Hi,

    I off to Paris this December. I heard from my brother’s girlfriend that the classic flap bag are aways out of stock. Is it true?

  73. Hi,

    I’m currently in Rome and i’m looking forward to buy my first chanel bag, the medallion but I just went to the only chanel store here and they don’t have it :(. It is really disappointing. However I am heading to Germany and Paris 2 weeks later, so I’m just wondering if anyone have any idea which store would most probably carry the medallion or is it always sold out especially during festive season? Thank you, I’m looking forward to your reply πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Jennifer, with Christmas coming up and Chanel increasing their prices by Jan/Feb, it’s expected that their classic bags are always out of stock. I suggest going directly to 31 Rue Cambon, Paris and check if they have stock. If they don’t have it in store, just ask when their next stocks would arrive. I hope you’re staying at least a week there so you get your bag. πŸ™‚

  74. Hi,

    thanks for your prompt reply and the suggestion. However I will only be staying in Paris for 5 days, nevertheless, I will head right to that boutique which you mentioned. I will pray hard that they will have the Medallion. Thank you once again πŸ™‚

  75. info guys, a few days ago i went to chanel shop in sydney the price no more longer $3600, price went up to be $4000 something for small flap bag for any colors. well,australian dollar is very high at this moment, its bad idea if want to buy in australia at this moment.

  76. what do you mean claim the tax in Los Angeles? You can only do that if you are buying the item in LA. The tax in LA is around 9.75%. If you live in Sydney and you’re going to call the LA chanel boutique to ship the bag to you, the tax/price will still be the price at your sydney store. However, if you’re going to travel to LA, the tax you’ll pay is LA tax.

  77. OMG!!! I just arrived from Paris and came home with a Chanel Double Flap Bag (Jumbo) in lambskin and I bought it from Rue Cambon. It was out of stock first and at last I got it πŸ˜‰ The price was 2700 Euros. I was so happy when I saw it so I didn’t take time to look at it. When I arrived home to Sweden I saw that inside the bag it’s written Made in Italy?!?!?! WHY?!?!?! I Totally love your blog and thank you for all your help!

    1. Hi Kristina! Congratulations on your Chanel Jumbo Flap purchase! Well, they do make bags in France, Italy, and I know there are other Chanel factories in Europe. Rest assured that they are authentic. πŸ™‚ Congrats again!

  78. Thank you! I was just wondering that isn’t it suppose to be Made in France or maybe Made in Paris? (Wich one is it by the way) I feel a little bit cheated. But… I still love it πŸ˜‰ Do people insure bags? Thank you once again. I really can ask you everything πŸ˜‰ Hope you had a nice christmas!

    1. Hi Kristina! Yes, some of their products are made in Italy – since they have a lot of boutiques all over the world, they had to open factories in other countries to make production and shipment faster. My Chanel medallion tote is made in france while my earrings are made in italy. πŸ™‚ I’ve never heard of bags being insured, but our home insurance covers all of the items in it. So if anything happens (knock on wood) they are all covered – including my bags.

  79. Almost everyone is curious about the prices for the classic flap or 2.55 flap.
    I just called the Chanel Boutique in Bloomingdales and below are the prices as of today, December 28,2010.

    Large flap $3,400
    Jumbo flap $3,700
    Maxi flap $4,000

  80. Hi Pretty..
    thanks for sharing!! however, i am quite curious whether i could get the Chanel Classic Flap 2.55 in Woodbury common outlet in Central Valley? would they offer a better price than Boutique in NYC?

  81. Hi Everyone,
    I saw this posting on craigslist and I wonder if someone can look at the listing to see if the bags are authentic?I’m thinking of contacting the seller about one of the bags, but I thought to ask for opinions here first. Can anyone help by taking a peek and let me know? Thanks! Would really appreciate it! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Prettyladybaby. They look authentic but there were a few photos that didn’t seem right – like the one showing the inside pocket red and black lining and the lining looked like it was poorly stitched. But that one I’m not sure if it was just due to wear or if it was like that ever since. Alternatively, you can also ask here for more authenticators:

  82. Hi,

    Yeah, you were right about the inside- I didn’t like the way it look either.
    Thanks for your help! πŸ™‚


  83. Hi, I’m planning to buy GST in london since one of my friend is going this 22nd february.. I read that its quite hard to get gst in london since its very popular, help!I’ve been wanting it desperately! Can anyone tell me about the stock in london? I’m at indonesia now πŸ™

  84. hi there, i’m planning on buying chanel gst and since one of my friend is going to london this coming 22nd , i ask her to buy it for me. i read that it is quite hard to get gst in london because its very popular. can someone help me with the stocks in london? i have been desperately wanting it since three years ago. i am currently at indonesia and the price here is crazyy! thanks

    1. Hi! Stocks in London change on a weekly basis. So it really depends when your friend arrives there. Sometimes when they get new stocks, they run out in a day while sometimes they can have it in a few days there. So its best to tell your friend if she/he can go to chanel on her/his first day in London and then if the store is out of stock, ask when their next shipment is arriving. That way, if your friend is still there, he/she can go back before leaving.

  85. It’s nearly impossible to get the classics in London. Basically have to visit the store daily and best time to go is around 12 noon when they know if they are receiving stocks on that day. Forget about the weekend as there is no delivery. Best store to visit is the one at Sloane Street if that helps!

  86. hi
    i m thinking of buying new chanel gst but i want to know that
    if i order bag from usa than i can save some charges is that ture
    now i am in belgium, like to hear as soon as from you.

    thank you

  87. Hi Odedra, I know for sure that if you don’t live in the USA, then you don’t pay the sales tax. You would need to show your passport when you purchase the purse. A family member came to visit here in New York, purchased the Chanel tote and didn’t get charge the sales tax when she showed her passport that she’s not from here. There is no additional discount given, though, just the sales tax exemption for non-resident. But as far as ordering and having it shipped outside of the country, you would have to call Chanel and ask them if they do International shipping. Good Luck! πŸ™‚

  88. Hi there,

    Is Classis 2.55 and GST hard to get in France?
    I am thinking of asking my friend to help me get.

    Possible to advise the current price? Thanks

  89. Hi,
    I am traveling to la, NYC, london and Paris in march 2012. I desperately want a Chanel classic flap in caviar with gold hardware. I am trying to decide where would be more cost effective for me to buy.

    Does anyone know what the prices are in these areas?


    1. depending on how long you would stay in each city. I just came back from Paris, jumbo classics were sold out. I went to the store twice.

  90. hi dear,

    I wanted to get myself a classic chanel with gold hw. It costs 6620 SGD here. Do you think it can be cheaper in US? Sorry for my stupidity i’m very new to chanel bag prices. Thanks.

    P.S could not able to open your link on international prices.

  91. I think it will be too expensive for me if I buy from Singapore. I’m not sure what the price difference is in USA and Paris – that’s what I’m trying to find out too! Howeer I do believe it would be cheaper.

  92. im thinjking about getting the classic channel bag but im so confused with the prices ive gotten different number from 2500$ to 5000$ and i just want to no the exact amount on alll the different sizes?

  93. walked into chanel today to get my GST and instead of $2350, the price increased August 2011 and the GST is now $2900. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS, nearly 25% increase. sorry chanel but that would drive most people out of store.. $600 is a crazy increase on a $2,000 bag..

  94. as of today, 092811, the price went up to $2900. i just bought mine today from a chanel palm beach florida boutique. called up chanel 800# and they are the only one who has this bag. all other boutiques in the US, if u want to buy this handbag, u need to be on waiting list.

  95. Hi, thanks. I knew the price went up from 2350 to 2900 in US since Sept. I wonder what is like in France. What color did you get, silver or gold?

  96. Hi, I’ve got a white GST (with gold hardware). It’s brandnew with receipt and box. Any one interested, please let me know. The bag is in Sydney at the moment.

    1. Hi Heena, it’s just the flash and lighting. The lambskin should look more shiny compared to the caviar. But sometimes, depending on the light and flash used in the camera, my caviar also looks shiny even if it’s not that shiny in person. πŸ™‚

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