Celebrities’ Favorite Bags of the Moment

It’s been quite sometime that we’ve talked about celebrities here. So today, I’m making up for it by featuring celebrities and their favorite bags of the moment. After all, I love bags and I’m sure a lot of ladies reading this love bags too. 🙂 And while were at it, feel free to take a look at their day-to-day outfits for some fashion inspiration. 🙂

I find Emily Blunt so pretty and so girly. I picture her as a grown-up and changed (for the better) type of Blair Waldorf. 🙂 She looks classy and elegant just like her Botkier “Jackie” Hobo which costs about $595. 🙂 I love that she chose a pewter metallic shade because it can still look classy even if the metallic color is often associated with trendy. If you want to go for a silver metallic bag, I suggest going for a pewter shade (dark, blackish kind of silver) so you won’t look like a walking disco ball. 🙂 And what’s even better is that her outfits in all three occasions were all neutrals. And notice that she didn’t have much accessories or jewelry. This will tone down the metallic bag. Great styling indeed. I love it!

Shia Labeouf’s girlfriend, Carey Mulligan is so cute. She’s got a preppy, boyish, and relaxed style. And check out that cute and relaxed bag that shows off her personality! It’s a red Burberry leather messenger bag that retails for $595. It’s also available in black and nutmeg color, in case you’re wondering. It’s a great everyday bag for when you have your hands full. It’s a huge messenger bag where you can put notebooks and pens and even magazines while you grab your cup of coffee or tea, as you carry your keys or your baby perhaps – all while being stylish and classic at the same time. 🙂

Freida Pinto of Slumdog Millionaire fame, dons a Dolce & Gabbana “Miss Ginn” bag. It sorta looks like a Chloe bag from a far, if you’d ask me. But anyway, this ruffled bag is among the other ruffled bags of D&G for their latest collection. It retails about $1450-$1495.

This is my favorite bag in all the bags featured here. And who owns it? None other than Hilary Duff. She carries an oversized tote from Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci. Ricardo’s version of the classic Givenchy Nightingale satchel. Some day, I plan to get a Givenchy nightingale bag too. But I doubt this limited edition will still be available. What I love about this bag is it’s shape plus this version has a chain detail in its strap. If you want to wear it in your shoulders, you can! And it won’t be uncomfortable because the chain is just a decor on the top of the strap. It sorta reminds me of the new Louis Vuitton Arsty bag’s strap. But Ricardo Tisci was first! Ha! LOL! There’s a smaller version which is the MEDIUM size that will definitely be perfect for me. But the price is a whopping $2,175. The one Hilary Duff is carrying is the large version which retails for $2,375.

Jennifer Garner for me looks like a down-to-earth mom, wife, and lovely actress. She’s got that effortless classy chic aura in her. You can see her wearing just jeans and a shirt but when she dresses up for the Red Carpet such as with her Oscar Dela Renta dresses among others, oh she just looks divine. Below she totes her Cartier Marcello bag that comes in three sizes, costing $1,005 to $1,600. I can’t tell for sure with the photos below but I think she got either the medium or the large Marcello bag and definitely not the smallest. This is a classy bag that is not only perfect for young adults but is also a great bag to give to your Mom… classy and timeless. 🙂

Another celebrity who has a relaxed and casual style is Jessica Alba. It shows with the bag of her choosing – an Escada Sport bag which I couldn’t find the price of. Haha. I’ve tried hard. It was from Escada’s Fall/Winter 2009 collection that’s why I could no longer find it. But if any of you readers know the price, let us know. 🙂

Jessica Simpson shows off her native roots with this Ralph Lauren Collection Bohemian tote. I say this because this tan color, especially in suede material, feels very American/Country/Western/Cowboy = Texas, her home state. Anyway, this tote comes in a dark chocolate too and retails for $995.

Another Jess’ fave is this very expensive Valentino Sequined Bow hobo. The original leather Valentino 360 bow hobo costs $1,395. The studded version costs $2,695. The sequined tuxedo version (black and white color with floral detail) costs $4,495. So this silver sequined 360 bow hobo would be around the $3000-$4000 range.

Kate Bosworth for me is one of the stylish and trendy young actresses of our time. And of course, she’s among the first ones to carry the Loewe bag. Loewe is a label from Madrid. It is now gaining popularity with Hollywood actresses. Kate carries the “Ame” Purse which is around $1000-$1500 in USD.

Below, Katie Holmes enjoys carrying her Chloe Marci Horseshoe hobo everywhere she goes. This bag retails for $1,465 for the small and $1,595 for the large. I’m not a particular fan but I’m sure some ladies would love to have this tote. I’m not sure but by the looks of the second photo in the middle, her Chloe Marci hobo appears to be a python material. If so, this bag would be around the $3,000 range.

Another Katie Holmes’ fave is this Ralph Lauren Collection London Saddle bag which retails for about $2,300.

Katy Perry shows off her bold style with a gold Chloe Paddington purse. She definitely has a bold personality and bold fashion sense. Thus, this bag definitely suits her because of the GOLD metallic color. However, this Chloe Paddington bag is definitely for everyone. Why? Back in the day when it was first to be released (Spring/Summer ’05), it was SOLD OUT before it even hit the boutiques. Yup, it has superseded the other IT bags such as Balenciaga’s motorcycle bag, Fendi’s baguette bag, and even Gucci’s Jackie O. bag. Good thing they have been restocked since then.

Kim Kardashian sports another Givenchy oversized tote designed by Ricardo Tisci. This black oversized tote is called the Elschia Billy Sac and retails for $1,975. Kim also uses this as her gym bag as seen in the middle photo. 🙂

Nicole Kidman has always been elegant. Her statuette and classic beauty is also duplicated by her lovely Tod’s D-bag. A classic bag from Tod’s, I would love to have one when I’m in my late 30s. It is understated elegance costing $1,345 for the small and $1,445 for the large. Diane Kruger and Gwyneth Paltrow share the love for Tod’s D-bag as well. It actually reminds me of Hermes’ Victoria. Just pure luxury.

Rachel Bilson is one of my fashion icons. She has managed to sport the trendiest and classic outfits while customizing them to fit her body. She’s pretty short and yet she manages to wear trends such as the high-waisted bottoms without looking even shorter. I love all her outfits and definitely all her shoes and bags. I felt sad for her when robbers got into her home last year and took away a ton of designer bags, jewelry, and apparel. She lost SEVERAL CHANEL handbags. Anyway, here she’s carrying a 3.1 Phillip Lim bow top shoulder bag which is sooo cute. 🙂 The bag costs around $595.

Sarah Jessica Parker seems to be working Carrie Bradshaw in her with this bold choice of a purse. She sports a Diane De Maria “Bonnie” bag in bright hued pink. Shocking color may I add. I would have never thought of getting myself one. But I’m actually impressed that she managed to pull it off even with a cocktail dress. But personally, I wouldn’t go for such a bag. It looks very similar to Louis Vuitton’s smallest speedy, but the price of this bag is $1,500!

Reese Witherspoon is my favorite actress. I think I’ve seen all her movies including those when she was still a little kid. Anyway, she’s seen here sporting Rebecca Minkoff’s “Morning After” clutch. This clutch/bag retails for about $330. I’ve read about this clutch previously but I didn’t pay attention until now. I was searching for the price of this clutch bag and saw this great video review of the bag. All I can say is WOW. It made me want to buy this bag! LOL. But I will have to pass for now. Besides, it’s no longer available in the sites that I trust. If you want to watch the convincing Video Review, you can watch it below.



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