Thank You!

It has been more than six months before I remembered to put this up (soweee). Still even if it’s a bit late, I would like to thank all the readers for your support.

Last year, I was nominated by a fellow blogger Flair Candy (whose blog is doing so well by the way) for the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards. 🙂 I was entered under the Fashion Blogs. I’m not sure if I actually talked about it here previously. But anyway, after all the number of entries, yours truly, MFJ, was among the finalists together with 7 other fashion blogs! 🙂 I was so happy! While I did not win, being a finalist was already a HUGE deal to me. And I owe all of that to you my dear readers. So please continue to visit my site and do not hesitate to leave comments and suggestions because you just don’t know HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE the messages you leave me (with the exception of SPAM, lol). I am just oh so grateful! You can see MFJ’s mention HERE.

Another good news is that MFJ and my HAWT mama friend’s effort to spread awareness on special education through my recent post (which you can read HERE) was a success! We have recently been featured at and you can read all about it through this LINK. Thank you to Marjorie of for helping us spread the word!

Have a great weekend ahead!



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  1. wow cris! this is great! 🙂 Im so happy to hear these two amazing news 🙂 Thank you and more powers to you! We’re always here to support you 🙂

  2. congratulations!! more power to mfj 🙂 by the way, this reminds me that you mentioned once you had a very famous fan on your mfj fan page… sino kaya yon? nacurious naman ako 🙂

    i love your whole outfit in that pic! the dress and shoes go so well together!

    1. @browneyedgirl: hmm… hehe read the comments there for clues. hehe 🙂 and actually, I’m also happy coz pati ang who what wear is already reading my site 🙂 thanks to loyal readers like you… i get inspired 🙂

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