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UPDATE: As of March 31, 2011, Ooh I Love website has shut down after its parent company, Entertainment Shopping AG, filed for bankruptcy. They were sued by several individuals and states and were being asked to pay millions of dollars that had resulted to bankruptcy.

In an effort to share with you the latest craze in the fashion world, MFJ has taken the risk to give the website “Ooh I Love” a try. What if I tell you that you can win a Chanel for less than 10 bucks? I know it sounds crazy, right? And hello? Who will ever believe it’s an authentic Chanel if you only got it for less than 10 USD? Well I do! I have mentioned “Ooh I Love” in a previous post. But I’m just gonna give you a more detailed explanation, after having tried it out myself. People are winning authentic designer items for prices that are way INSANE! But how can the company/website “Ooh I Love” offer such an amazing bargain? Let me show you!

I recently won a pair of Chanel earrings for $3 USD… It’s my second win and my second attempt to bid. You can say it’s beginner’s luck. πŸ™‚

$3 for $326?

The original price of this Chanel costume jewelry is roughly about $326 (with California taxes/handling). I won the earrings for only $3 as you can see in the highlighted green box in the image above. If you don’t try to analyze the whole thing, you’ll definitely think it’s a scam. Anyone will. I mean, how could a company sell a $300++ pair of earrings for $3? That’s what I thought at first when I heard about “Ooh I Love”. In fact, I just ignored it. But for some reason, I saw an ad again and decided to take a closer look.

Number of Bidders

As you can see in the photo above, the one highlighted with a red box shows the bid history. It only shows the last 10 bids at any given time. So more or less, you’ll have an idea of how many bidders are fighting against each other to win the product being auctioned. These were just some of the bidders who stood by ’til the end. There were a couple of other bidders earlier who either ran out of bids or just stopped bidding. So in the screen shot above, there were 3 of us battling it out. But let’s just give a ballpark estimate of a total of 10 bidders from the start of the auction – and that’s already a conservative estimate! That would mean there were 10 bidders who had purchased at the least the cheapest 30 Bid Pack for $29.99. Bidders have to buy their bids in order to bid on an item. While they give you 1 free bid when you register (it’s free by the way), 99% of the time, it’s not gonna last to win you an auction.

Let’s calculate: 10 bidders x $29.99 = $299.99 -> that’s “Ooh I Love’s” sales even before the auction has started.

Real Bid Price

While you only see that I won the item for $3 USD, I actually paid $25.77 for it. Why? Each time you bid, only 2 cents will be added to the auction price. That’s what makes it so awesome – because that’s the very reason why items are won for $10 USD or less, with the exception of in-demand bags like LV which can go as high as say… $160 – but is totally not bad at all for a $1,200 bag, right? Well anyway, while the winner will pay for the final auction price, in this example, I’ll be paying $3 (plus shipping), I have also used up 23 bids x .99 cents = $22.77. So imagine how many bids the other bidders have lost in trying to win the item. Some will go back to buy another 30-bid pack which will meanΒ  more income for the company, “Ooh I Love”.

When Ooh I Love Wins Big

Now how about I show you when “Ooh I love” wins big time? And when I say big time, I mean BIG TIME! And let me tell you, I’ve seen these instances personally… not just once but several times. Take a look at the Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM below. The winner bought it for $1,746.31 which is more than the retail price of the bag. Instead of saving, the winner paid for it for 12% more.

Now let’s take a look at the auction page…

The winner bought the item for $133.60. However, it took her 1,629 bids – which means $1,629 USD in bids! So that’s $1,746.31! But aside from “Ooh I Love’s” earnings from the winner, they also won big time from the rest of the bidders.

Let’s calculate: $133.60 bids (DIVIDED BY) 0.02 cents (because 1 bid will add 0.2 cents to the price) = $6,680 in earnings (MINUS value of the bag) $1,557 (CA taxes, handling) = $5,123 in EARNINGS – for auctioning JUST 1 bag!

Thumbs Up for Ooh I Love

Now as I said, I won a pair of Chanel earrings for $3 plus 23 bids = $25.77. I saved big time but “Ooh I Love” still earned! Now I’m awaiting for my pair of earrings. And when it arrives, I’ll share it here and update you so we will all finally put the question “Is it authentic?” to rest. But judging the earnings and hearing from other winners (who were even able to exchange the item at the boutique because the items you win come with their respective gift receipts from the label), I am positive.

So now do you understand why I know “Ooh I Love” can afford to sell designer items for way way less than the retail price? They are genius, right?




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  1. Ok, I have tried it out and everything you said is absolutely correct! As the site gets more poplar they will make tons more money. Honestly, Its genuis (for the company) but its not worth the hassle (for a broke sista like me), especially with the most poplar items… You will have to be lucky as heck to buy a $30 pack and will a LV bag work 1200. In the end, You are just making the company rich!! Yeah, I Lost $30 bucks but I learned a lesson too. πŸ™‚ MY OPINION…. STAY AWAY!!

    1. Hi Legalgirl, I think I should create another posts about tips on bidding. But you’re right. 30 bids aren’t enough to get you a bag. While there have been a lot of other bidders who won LV bags for less than 30 bids, having atleast 100 bids will give you a better chance at winning.

    1. Hi Kimmy, oh I know you! I always see you at Ooh I Love! Congrats on that Gucci bag. It’s lovely and not to mention a real score! 3 bids and 0.42 cents auction price! Way to go! You are good! Great timing on that bag!

  2. Have wasted 200.00 bidding only to learn that the bid assistant failed me miserably – you’re best bet is to save your money and go to the store and buy what you want – don’t blow money on this site

    1. Hi Lisa, how did the Bid Assistant fail you? It’s all about timing actually. I prefer to bid here if I have the money to buy retail price because when other bidders see that you’re going all out, up to the retail price, they eventually stop and then you get the item at a discount still rather than paying retail. Check the winners section and you’ll see that most winners get the items for so much less than the retail. But of course, this is a form of gambling… so there will only be one winner and a lot of losers. πŸ™

  3. Great post! I found this while I was checking to see if Ooh I Love was for real or a scam. From what I’ve noticed, timing is everything. And the site is making money hand over fist with how the bidding process works. I think I’d still try it out though, as you mentioned it’s gambling. And I’ll pay $50 to try and win a Louis Vuitton purse for a 90% discount, lol.

    BTW, in your post above you pointed out someone that actually paid 12% more than the retail price (username is fragrancegirl). Well right now “they’ just won another auction for a $200 Nordtstrom giftcard that ended up costing $434.58. I’ve got to wonder if that’s just bad bidding, or something a little more sneaky.

    1. Hi MissPrettyName, thanks for dropping by Well as for fragrancegirl, it’s quite obvious that a lot of people bid there to sell the items. I reckon that they schedule their bids ahead of time and set a bid assistant so that even if they are not online, it will continue to bid for them. That’s probably one reason why. Another reason could be that the item has a no buy it now option. There are a lot of items that doesn’t have a buy it now option. If that is the case, they might just bid more atleast to get something in return, than lose everything and don’t get anything at all. That’s just what I think, though I’m not sure if it has no buy it now option or none.

  4. This is great news for LV handbags addict like myself. I will be sharing ooh i love to my friends. Thanks for the wonderful review.

  5. Has anyone ever won NOT using bid assistant? I’m looking at the people who won and they all used bid assistant. That coupled with the fact that some people go above the retail value – I tend to think the company has set up fictitious users. These users bid using bid assistant and will continue to go up past retail value thus ensuring the company retains ownership of the item along with all the money other actual users bid. If someone can point me to a manual bid that actually won, it may change my mind. Until then . . .

    1. Hi Samantha, yes there are so many winners who won via manual bidding and I know some of them. The thing with bid assistant is that some people set the BA even if they aren’t online that’s why some go over the retail price. Some just dont know how to use it. But for those who know how to use it, bid assistant is definitely a tool that makes winning easy. I’ve won twice using bid assistant.

  6. After seeing Oohilove reviews, I decided to visit oohilove website and really what experienced, i have got to share with you all.
    First of all i would like to thank oohilove for the authenticity they provide.
    Perhaps my luck was so good on Monday, as i won Speedy 30 on that day at just 30$, i also couldn’t believe but this is true, Oohilove is really awesome.

  7. Any hints or tips for using the bid assistant? I have been watching some auctions and had already figured to wait until the “last” 10 seconds and depending on the item maybe even the “last, last, last” 10 seconds =).
    So my thought on bid assistant, from looking at previous won auctions get a general idea how much an item usually goes for, start the minimum bid around that number, the max for a few dollars more than that number, but here’s the thing…the number of bids?? Couldn’t I just do 2 bids as long as I have a good minimum bid and then a bid that I figure will not be exceeded? Example: 100 bid pack Place a minimum bid of .20 and a maximum of 1.20. I have noticed several go within this range. Then just tell the bid assistant 2 bids. Is my brain thinking too much like eBay? I am just thinking even if someone came in at 1.04 and ready to quit, that I’d still win because I have placed a maximum higher. Or would my 1.20 not kick in because the auction never made it that high? Any tips for bidding manual or with bid assistant are appreciated!!

    1. Hi Kim. I personally suggest going with a bid assistant. About the 2 bids, generally, it will not make you win because putting in 2 bids will mean that after two bids, the bid assistant will stop. If someone else continues to bid, then you don’t win the item because even if you placed say a maximum of 1.20, it will stop because you set the Bid assistant to only 2 bids. Now let’s say someone came in at 1.04 and quits, you will win if your maximum is 1.20 but also you need to have remaining bids left. That way, the bid assistant will continue to bid for you up to the maximum bid you set, which is for example 1.20. Let me know if it’s clear and if you have any more questions.


    Also, I don’t think the Bid Assist function is fair. if you really want it sit, your behind at the computer and bid for it like the rest of us. What a waste of $30. I might as well have just gotten a fake from the Africans on Canal St… Guess that’s why it’s called “luxury”; it isn’t for the poor.

  9. Great post! I found oohilove very interesting and most important its real not a scam. I loved this way of smart shopping at really good prices. OOHILOVE is awesome πŸ™‚

  10. My sister jenny told me about OOHILOVE, first time i ignored it but next when she told me, I take a chance and understand all the criteria of oohilove.Its really awesome i won Tiffany pendants in just 3$. Wow Its so nice to play with ooh i love, I have received my pendants with in 2 week and they are authentic. keep it up oohilove.?

  11. I notice you have many posts about oohilove. I admit I am addicted,and I think I probably have more money to burn than most and I don’t know if that is good or bad!!!! Anyway, I have had many, many problems with oohilove customer service. I have had some concerns about bidding because sometimes I see funny bidding with bid assistant username that just pop up once. I have seen things like:(Remember this is just an example and fashionista is am example only)
    luvtobid bid assistant
    fashionista1 bid asssistant
    luvtobid bid assistant
    fashionista2 bid assistant
    luvtobid bid assistant
    fashionist3 bid assistant
    luvtobid bid assistant
    fashionista4 bid assistant
    and on and on and on.

    I usually just stop at this point and as I said(please don’t take this the wrong way)I can absorb the bids. BUT
    Another thing I have noticed is something like this on a Barney Card:
    luvtobid bid assistant
    soledad bid assistant
    luvtobid bid assistant
    whatup bid assistant
    luvtobid bid assistant
    badass bid assistant
    luvtobid bid assistant
    babymama bid assistant
    So, my point is that when I have bid with bid assistant on, I see just one bid for a username with bid assistant and then another name and then another name.

    I would love to know if any others have noticed this type of thing and if you have contacted oohilove about your concerns?

    I have more examples and concerns and I will come back to this blog to voice them. Right now, I need to go with my daughter to pick out a dress for a high school Christmas dance! Again, I have other concerns that I will address later.
    My email address is if you would have concerns about oohilove. Remember ladies, as consumers we have a right to question and voice our concerns.
    I hope I have been able to voice my concerns so you all can understand.


    that come up just once. I know it sounds confusing, but I just think others have felt the same way about this h sometimes works to my advantage btw. BUT I have had many probs with customer service.
    There really is no customer service when I call the number I

    1. Hi luvtobid! This has never happened to me before. Maybe you can screenshot the page and share it with us here. Their customer service has always answered me when I have questions. Perhaps you can try leaving a comment in their Facebook page too. They answer there as well. And what time zone are you in? Note that they are based in California.

  12. I saw a bunch of comments on this site and thought I would give my 2 cents. spent $100 on the site bidding for a Louis Vuitton Speedy and didn’t win. I was really upset and thought I wasted so much time. But for some reason (probably my own stupidity), I really loved the Speedy so tried again, but this time only bought a $50 bunch of bids. I spent over 2 hours waiting patiently bidding and WON the bag!!! I love this bag soooooo much and was so happy once I received it! Since then, I’ve won a pair of Tiffany earrings. Still waiting for them to arrive

  13. Just spent an entire evening on this website. Great idea if it was run fairly. Good luck trying to outbid the computer bidder! My nemesis on two bids were ‘binbuckin’ and ‘english girl’. They had unlimited amount of money ex: spending $400 on bids for a bid pack worth only $200. English girl managed to win 4 big items in one evening(she must be magical). Both had an identical way of bidding mostly with ‘bid assistent’ and sometimes to convince us they were human they would switch to manual. Save your time and your money! Stay far away from this sham! Oh yes, I fully understood how to use this website and am not stupid or else I would still be using it!

  14. I saw a bunch of comments on this site and thought I would give my 2 cents. spent $100 on the site bidding for a Louis Vuitton Speedy and didn’t win. I was really upset and thought I wasted so much time. But for some reason (probably my own stupidity), I really loved the Speedy so tried again, but this time only bought a $50 bunch of bids. I spent over 2 hours waiting patiently bidding and WON the bag!!! I love this bag soooooo much and was so happy once I received it! Since then, I’ve won a pair of Tiffany earrings. Still waiting for them to arrive

  15. If you go to this site I would advise you to bid on things that you can afford as you can waste a lot of money bidding, but the company does let you buy the product if you have bid on it minus your bids and you pay the rest in cash. I would like to be one of the people you see that wins the expensive bag by only bidding 1 to 20 bids and paying a very small price but it always seems that as soon as I use the bid assistant so does 2 or 3 other people come on. I just wonder if these are real people or the company. I do not believe its a scam just be careful as you can get carried away Thanks Marilyn7

  16. This is the best site for bidding which i knw and am also having a research on the company too…ITS final that this site is not a SCAM.

  17. As i checked the site i found it very interesting and bought a bid pack with the help of which i bid on a Tiffany elsa pendant and WON ….i m waiting for the delivery to come…SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW..:) πŸ™‚
    wish me luck …

  18. I haven’t won anything yet but I love the number of auctions they have and the product selection is second to none. Wishing them much success!

  19. The thing is, products are AUTHENTIC and they are giving us the chance to buy them at very low prices… i found this AWESOME.

  20. oohilove is NOT fake… i can say that because when i got my first LV handbag, which was NOT fake..i was so happy and told all of my frnzz about most of my frnz are on oohilove and winning.. SO GREAT SITE…. KEEP IT UP OOHILOVE

  21. When i read ur article, the first thing i did was the search on YOUTUBE.COM for the winners of oohilove…to check the authenticity of the products, and i was so happy to know that all the products were real..just bought 100 bid pack now…WISH ME LUCK

  22. Let’s set the record straight….oohilove does not sell fake handbags!!! So let us put that matter to rest. They are a reputable company and are trying to run their business in an ethical way.

    That said.. FIRST, I would like to know if anyone has had problems getting replies when they contacted customer service? I ask this because from MY EXPERIENCE a standard automated reply is sent thanking me for contacting oohilove support and stating “We are a growing company and we understand that you may have questions and concerns. We assure you that your questions will be answered as soon as possible and to check FAQ’s.”
    I have found that a personal reply to my individual concern can take 1-2 days AND sometimes my concern is not fully answered. AND THIS IS WHERE I HAVE A PROBLEM with oohilove. If I still need to know something about delivery, why I can’t log on or technical problems I have noticed during bidding, I wait and wait and wait for an answer.
    Have you experienced this too?
    ALSO, I will not go into details here, but what about the Louis Vuitton handbag situation? Again, the bags are authentic, so put the authenticity question to rest.
    Have you ladies had to wait for a long time for delivery? You write to customer support, receive a reply and then you have a followup question and then wait for days for a reply?
    If any of these questions I have brought up ring a bell, THEN please give me your comments and your own perspective.
    Good luck with your bidding,
    An oohilove bidder

  23. I have visited number of auctions sites last days and never was so impressed from them, as i found the oohilove also there and decide to visit it, As i never wanted to play anymore because i have already lost money on other auctions site so thats why not ready to take risk………..But somehow me and my girl friend both of us purchased one bid pack from the site and called the oohilove support for assistance as we didn’t know how to play it, They really guide us well and finally start bidding on the web site. Might be we have a very good luck on last wednesday and we won the Tiffany Pendants for my girl friend. Just here to share my experience. It was really very nice..and waiting for my item as they promise us to deliver it within 2 or 3 week. When i will get it, will be back to tell you all about the product…

  24. I liked oohilove so much and after winning a tiffany pendant i started loving oohilove now…… OOH I LOVE U SO MUCH OOH I LOVE

  25. BEWARE After I had “won” an item at a very fair price they had me jump through many hoops and I still have not received it. They had me FAX my driver’s license several times (sensitive info covered) and although the item has been paid for by VISA, I can’t get them to tell me how I should pay for shipping costs. They have it listed as waiting for shipping approval. They said they did not have my address which was listed TWICE on the address page and on my driver”s license. I would not go through this hassle which has lasted for days and numerous calls and emails for any bargain. I get a different person on the “support team” each time I email and have never been able to speak to anyone by phone. You can only leave your number. Not worth it. If not resolved soon BBB and VISA fraud dept. and California Attorney General’s Office will get calls.

    1. Hi T Camina! You just have to wait. They are fairly a new company and I’m guessing they don’t have that much staff to accommodate all the inquiries they are getting. Most likely, they might not charge you for shipping costs after all the hassle you’ve been through. Just email their support and wait for the response or the next steps to take. Read their shipping details and I think it’s there that it may take 2 weeks to process – that’s because sometimes, the item is still being shipped to them before they ship it out to you. Other times, they will have the store directly ship it to you. It really depends. But once you get your item at such a very fair price, it will all be worth it. πŸ™‚ Hope they resolve your issue right away. Good luck!

  26. The site so great, giving all people options to buy what they really love in such a low prices but u have to fight fot it….COOL….

  27. After jumping through ridiculous hoops to obtain the handbag I had “won” it finally arrived. It is a VERY poor Macr Jacobs fake. Handles wrapped in plastic, no metal plate inside, wrong zipper, cheap and shoddy hardware, and terrible uneven stitching. Who do you report a company to for selling fakes as authentic? Is there no recourse?

    1. Hi T. Camina! Really? I haven’t heard that. I won 3 items and they are all authentic, they even came with a gift receipt from the brand. Can you share photos please? My email is Better Business Bureau is where you can report them. But if you feel it is a fake, you can return the item to them and tell them about your concern.

  28. I took the purse to Nordstrom and compared it to a real purse of the same model. Even the sales clerks laughed at the quality. It had a counterfeit sales receipt from Nordstrom which I reported to them and they are investigating. The two biggest tipoffs were the plastic covered handles. Authentic purses NEVER come from the factory with this wrapping. And worst of all there was no Marc Jacobs metal plate inside, just a gold colored stamp on the zipper lining. The zipper itself was poor quality metal as was all the metal work on the purse and the zipper handle said Marc Jacobe instead of riri as it is supposed to. I of course plan to return it and have many pictures of it. Have contacted BBB and sent email to Marc Jacobs corporate office. I am very disappointed and thought I had done my homework on this site but apparently not enough. Will try to forward the pictures to you.

    1. Hi T. Camina. I hope you get the chance to send the pictures. I’d like to see. I should probably post it here to warn the others. I’m curious as to how the bag looks. By the way, some designers still do put plastic in the handles especially if they are being shipped to your door. They do it to make sure the bag is well-wrapped and cared for during the shipping. I once ordered a Louis Vuitton bag in their official website and they wrapped the handles with cardboard and plastic. aside from the dust bag wrapped in louis vuitton wrapper inside the box and the box was wrapped with a lot of bubble wrap too.

  29. The bag in question has a “made in Indonesia” tag sewn inside. Don’t think Marc Jacobs products come from Indonesia but from Italy. I am forwarding pictures to the site administrator. How could you possibly tell if I’m lying and what would be my motivation? I have better things to do with my life than mess with the BBB, Nordstrom, Marc Jacobs and and read oddly spelled replies. I am only attempting to warn others not to be defrauded as I have been and I regret not listening to the warnings of others. If you want to spend your money on fakes, go for it. You were warned.

  30. T. Camina is not telling the truth!! Really!!What is your motive?
    I have won over 15 auctions on and every single one is authentic.
    Most Marc Jacob bags that I have received were from NOrdstrom store and they have a receipt. Most are purchased by with the name Vanessa Motley. Vanessa Motley is a manager a oohilove. Anyway, you also can return bags shipped NOrdstrom with receipt and get a credit back to your own credit card. I received a Marc Jacobs Lucy bag from Bloomingdale’s which I almost kept, but I found out that this bag is faux ostrich and I really like real leather so I returned the bag to Bloomingdale’s. I received a gift card for the cost of the bag. Bloomingdale’s would not credit my credit card, which I understand. I mean no one has customer service like NOrdstrom!
    I have won a Gucci bag and it came from oohilove. I received another Gucci from Saks which I returned for store credit and then I bought a LV Artsy bag with the credit.
    The Louis Vuitton bags come in the brown box with all tags(not attached because LV would never attach a tag!)
    When I first started bidding on oohilove, I bought gift cards, which were authentic. I graduated to designer bags because oohilove limits 4 or 5 bags per month and I did not want to waste my wins on bid packs,Tiffany items or gift cards.
    So, as I have said before in this blog. The bags are authentic. Oohilove pays full price for the bags.
    Now for the bad part. Have you noticed that oohilove auctions now only go up 1 cent per bid? Well it has and this may make it hard to power bid(bidders who use auto bidder until the auction closes)
    BTW, power bidders are the only people for the most part who win.
    So, Ladies if you can not afford to pay full price for a bag, don’t bid because you may have to pay full price to win. AND if you can’t afford to stay in, but bid anyway you will lose alot of money very quickly.

    BUT, the really TERRIBLE PART about oohilove is that I think they use LV bags to get really high bids when they do not have the “bags on hand”. Now read this closely because it is the truth.
    I won several LV bags on oohilove. I waited to receive the bags and started bugging oohilove when I did not receive LV bags after 2 weeks of waiting.Their customer service is slow. Often I did not get back a timely or researched reply so I disputed a charge on paypal because I wanted to get their attention because the LV bag in question had not arrived after 3 weeks.
    The paypal dispute did get their attention very quickly. I received an email confirming that LV had delivery problems(they are sold out online of many of the bags oohilove auctions off).
    They offered me VISA cards for 3 LV bags.
    I responded that I would accept the VISA cards. I also wrote in my email that I thought it was shady to auction off LV bags when they did not have the bags on hand and they could not get the LV bags to auction winners in a timely manner. I told them I thought they should just auction off the VISA cards because I think that an LV bag will bring more money in than a VISA gift card auction.
    I also noticed that on LV bag auctions, oohilove recently added a disclaimer that said the winner could get a VISA card instead of the LV bag. This disclaimer was only put on the LV auctions.
    Recently, I looked at oohilove LV auctions and the disclaimer has been removed.
    Incidently, because I disputed a charge to oohilove on paypal, my account was closed.
    I did receive VISA cards for the LV bags, but I still think they were very shady in auctioning off LV bags when they did not really have them to auction off.
    I know I can not be the only person who has run into problems with oohilove. I would love to hear other experiences.

  31. I have just written with a very long reply about oohilove and no one has a comment. NO offense to anyone and also to fashion juice, but maybe most of the comments are from very inexperienced bidders who really do not not what they are talking about.
    Sorry to say this, but I have written several emails about specific problems with oohilove, but no on can RELATE!!!! Well then you really have not won anything from oohilove, so why even comment about it.
    Fashionjuice, this is your blog, why don’t you step and give your comments too.
    OR maybe you do not have any real info at all about oohilove.

    1. Hi Oohilove fan! I responded last night/early morning, actually 12:55 am to be exact, stating that I will post the pictures when I receive them. Sorry but I have gone to sleep after that, that’s why I haven’t approved your new comments and given a long response. Anyway, I myself (and I mentioned this several times here) won 3 products and they all were authentic – complete with the box, authenticity card, etc. The LV wallet came in like in less than 2 weeks. The first item I won, the Chanel earrings, were the one that took about 3 weeks. I had followed up with them once or twice and of course, I received the usual auto-response. But they got back to me I think the following day, telling me that they are processing it and that I will be emailed if it has been shipped. True enough, they emailed me when the earrings were shipped and I got it in its perfect condition. On the other hand, I also got a Burberry bag and it came directly from Bloomingdales. I’m sure it’s not a fake receipt because even the sender’s address on the box says bloomingdales. But of course, I am keeping an open mind and that’s why I would love to see photos of your items from Ooh I Love – to provide helpful information for everyone.

  32. Camina u [censored – removed by admin] ….why are u telling all wrong to all the people..i think u r the competitor of…thts why u r saying all these unreal things to take oohilove down…BUT what abt those winners who have uploaded some of thr videos on youtube are NOT fake and everyboby can see tht…OOHILOVE WE ALL R WITH U

  33. Girl is really a big liar….If she thinks she has wasted her money why cant she fight with itself .case a file against them..u can get so much money after u sue them…but i knw u cant ….because u r a LIAR….

  34. What kind of oohilove fan u r if u cant trust him…I won LV MINI POCHETTE ACCESSORIES and got the bag before 2 week time…so u are wrong and i think, u also are FRAUD…..the customer care representatives are so helping and understanding, they’ll asks u for ur identity proof and will listen to any of ur problems and after that will give u a perfect solution. Its on u if u want to do what they suggests. So the bottom line is customer care services, delivery services are AWESOME as the site and products are…

  35. I’ll go with Makey…yes u r right but i m not so much happy with tht oohilove fan…so disappointing…anyways i saw ur pics Cris….CONGOS….I M SO HAPPY FOR U …a little bit jealous too …lolzz …CHANEL EARRINGS are so BEAUTIFUL…

    1. Hi everyone! T. Camina sent me the photos but while we do not agree on the authenticity of the bag, it was confirmed that Nordstrom sent the marc by marc jacobs bag directly to her. Ooh I Love ordered that bag at Nordstrom and had them shipped directly to her. So, it only means that Ooh I Love is authentic. They order their items from major retailers like nordstrom, bloomingdales, etc. Who are authorized distributors of the products they auction in their website. They also order the premium designer products directly from louis vuitton, tiffany, etc., we heard directly not only from ooh i love customer service but also from Nordstrom that Ooh I Love did indeed place the order of the said bag from Nordstrom. So whether the bag is authentic or not, it’s totally Nordstrom’s responsibility. In fact their manager is fixing the issue and will be sending T. Camina a new bag. Thus, we have confirmed it again, Ooh I Love is the real deal and not a scam. Thank you everyone for your insights and comments! Good night!

  36. Ok, I just read every comment on this blog and you’ve finally convinced me to give oohilove a try. I’ve been watching the site for abt 2 months but couldn’t get any independent confirmation that it wasn’t a giant ripoff or how they could possibly sell @ such low “prices.” Now I get it and believe. I will get back to you with my progress…after the holidays. πŸ˜‰

  37. The site is so awesome and the product are also so cooool and fabulous…. i’ve won 2 gucci handbags and still bidding to win so much more. i m so addicted to these handbags and also to this site….love u sooo much ooh i love

  38. Oohilove is geared toward predominately the female audience carrying items like Louis Vuitton pocket books, Tiffany and Co. jewelry and Gucci items among other designer brands that are exclusively for use by women. U ROCK OOHILOVE.

  39. The Oohilove reviews show that this is a penny auction site where you purchase bids beforehand, before you ever bid. This is a unique site in that it offers high end designer products for auction. Most penny auction sites do not offer the items that are offered on this site. This make people think if the products are real or not. YES they are REAL … i won 4 handbags with one pair of tiffany earrings, and still want some more to bid on, to win …

  40. Rolla Weed won a Louis Vuitton ring for 36 cents. It didn’t fit, but since her purchase came with a gift receipt, she exchanged the ring at an actual Louis Vuitton boutique for another LV product. “I just took my box, ring, and the receipt, and the sales associate knew it was real, and let me exchange the ring.”

  41. Oohilove is a new exciting online auction, where fashionistas can access newly released luxury designer accessories at a fraction of retail cost. Since these hand-selected handbags and accessories are highly sought after, they are rarely discounted in today’s market. They provide members with a fun and unique opportunity to save up to 90% off retail……Who can give you more than that…but people who gave so bad comments are actually do not deserve these handbags or these type of sites to play on… you people go buy the real deal from the brands showroom for real price…IDIOTS ….WE ARE WITH YOU OOHILOVE

  42. It’s pure gambling – thru & thru – it’s just like Vegas baby – if you can’t hang with the big boys – then go back home to your mommmy!

  43. AND girls who are not winning should not get so disappointed because there is no one in this world who win every time….u just gottu keep on trying…..lemmi tell u from my own experience, everything is selling are authentic…. (Atleast my tiffany pendants were real)

  44. The point is , not even a single company/site who has all of its details on the site, is fake…so this will prove that oohilove is not a fake site or company..

  45. See this and then tell me about the penny auction sites —-

    I personally think that oohilove is the site worth playing….

  46. Let me tell you this is a very addicting site. Everthing is indeed authentic as I have received 3 items already. But here is the thing sometimes you lose and sometimes you win but not always win big. For canadians I find very discourging as it cost 39.99 to ship out so dont bid on the gift cards not worth your effort and bid on the really expensive bags likes LV becuz if you win a marc jacobs for 250.00 you add on the auction price plus shipping then add the hst and the duty wasnt worth it. Like I said it is fun but addicting.
    Some people hit it right be patient wait for a auction that has been running for hours and then strike and hold out use the bid assistant especially for the big ticket items. Good Luck..

  47. The site has so many coool and expensive products in really low prices which is like a dream come true for the middle class people like myself..thanks oohilove

  48. I love oohilove and have gotten quite addicted. I haven’t won anything yet and have tried several times. I have noticed and don’t like the fact that there are many auction “bullies” on this site that rack up all the free bids and then bully you out of all the great bags or “any” bags for that matter. I wish that oohilove would put a limit on how many bags or prizes you can win in a certain length of time. That would make it fair to everyone trying to get in on the action!

  49. thanks! I didn’t know that…
    Do you have any tips on how to use the bid assistant? How many bids per dollar should you use???

    1. Hi Brandi, start with how much you’re comfortable with. Also, if you’re going to bid, make sure that you are willing to pay full price otherwise, when you’ve already bid so much and then back out, the many you spent on bidding just goes to waste. Also, if you’re serious on an item, check the previous winners and see how much it was won. Also, make sure that there are other good items being auctioned the same time as the item you’re bidding on. Start only when most of the bidders have already backed out. So make sure to watch the item from the very start. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  50. Does anyone know why the website closed down? I won an auction there with a gucci handbag and they suppose to ship the item to me and it’s had been 18 business days already the item still haven’t ship out yet. I call customer service and they said the item will ship out soon. Now it’s closed and I still have 72 bids($72)left. What happen? Anyone know a number to reach them?

    1. hi bvla! omg. thanks for the information. I didn’t know until I read your comment. I actually have bids left but thank goodness they are from referrals and not something I actually paid for myself. Anyway, I see that there’s no number or email so might as well write to them.

  51. In response to Bvla…I have the same problem.

    I have about $500 bids on that site on my account and realized this morning that the website has shut down?! Were we scammed or will we get our money back?


  52. I’m in the same predicament as you….do you have the customer service number because I sent an email to a couple of weeks ago and still haven’t received a response. I know I can dispute the charges now-within 60 days of the charge which is a relief!!! @bvla

  53. The number and email is on the bottom of every page on the right hand side. The site is down so I can’t get the number. I still have the email address and the fax number. Let me try to reach them. It’s okay for the site to closed but I want my $72 credit and my Gucci bag.

    1. Oh my Parveen. I hope you get your $500 back. They should give it back. If any of you knows what happened, please share with us here. Bvla, if you can please share the email and fax number to the rest of the readers, that would be great. Thank you!

  54. @Parveen

    The fax number is:1-650-422-5158. Thanks for the number too. I also emailed the creater a few minutes ago on facebook and tell him about my problem too. Hopefully I will hear something from him soon. If everyone have the same problem as me, please keep in contact here. Anyway for those that have facebook account, go to and on the left hand side you will see the creater of oohilove name. Click on his name and send him a message. Hopefully we will get some respond from him.

  55. I already called my cardholder, I can get my money back if I make a dispute within 60days of the charge. Hope it’s the same for you because I certainly feel better knowing that. @Parveen

  56. @bvla
    i won an auction as well on march 12th and still haven’t received the item…im so upset as it was a gucci wallet that i finally won after many attempts and over $200 later. I now found out that there bankrupt….how do u know if your item was shipped or not? Has anyone won anything in the past to let me know, did they provide tracking numbers?

    No one is answering the phone and facebook site is no longer up as well…HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  57. @Closed
    Where do u file dispute? How do I get my money back from the cardholder? I have $72 in the oohilove account and they owe me a gucci handbag worth $1500. Is the credit holder credit only the $72? I guess that all they can do.

  58. I called my credit card company and they started an investigation. I have to send supporting documents for my claim once I get the claim packet/documents in the mail and they said it could take 90 days for they claim to go through but I’m sure it will because I have my emails and screenshots for my win. @bvla

  59. I did called my credit card companies and put a dispute on it. They will started to investigate too. But didn’t say anything about the package or provide proofs. They told me to wait for about 1 or 2 transaction to see the refund but in a week to see what the resolution going to be. I put a dispute on all my transaction with them in March 2011. Because in March oohilove already new they going to shut down the site. They should stop accepting credit card or end all auction at that time. They should ship all the items to those that won the auction before March 32, 2011.

  60. I won a chocolate gucci handbag worth $1500 on March 7 and a week ago they still ask me to wait and give it 15 business days but now it’s 19 business day already and still not receive. If they filed bankruptcy already that mean they will not send anything out.


    1. It’s all a scam. If you thing this person is pasisng on real tips all the while asking for your referrals you are sadly mistaken. I have been studying all of the tips offered up and have lost a great deal of cash. I don’t believe Quibids is operating at a fully above board level. This is only my opinion, but if you don’t believe be, go try out some the tips offered after you have spent a lot and see where it gets you. My advice? Wait for a sale with a good store.

      1. Hi Alper, if you look in the top part, this is only about Ooh I Love – not Quibids. And they are already bankrupt and has already closed. I don’t see why you are commenting about this now. And also, I posted about this based on my own experience. It’s all about timing and computing and it doesn’t mean these tips are guaranteed to make you win. But again, these are irrelevant because the company already closed. At least I was able to win a couple of items at really low prices before they did and I’m happy about it. I was just sharing my experience.

  61. Thanks so much….i just never won anything before off the site so wasn’t sure if they send tracking numbers. I’m guessing no?

    I was on vacation after I contacted so thought item would arrive by the time I came back but the site was down as soon as I got back yesterday. This is so upsetting and I’m sure many others in the same predicament.
    I do not have screeshots so think I may be screwed with trying to get money back.
    When did they file bankruptcy?

  62. hi! same thing happen to me i won tory burch reva flats last mar 6 and $100 Tiffany gift card on the following week. i emailed them about my won items and they replied on mar. 30,2011 ” we apologize for the inconvenience and the delay for your item. we are currently experiencing technical difficulty and are working hard at having things up and running as soon as possible”
    and Now the site was Closed what will happen to the items that we won??? and they still have auctions on that day even though they know they will shut down the site. too bad =(

  63. Any chance of anyone getting them to agree to give the item that was won? I kind of got into a email war with them. I won a beautiful LV purse on March 29 2011 (my first and only) and when I tried to pay they told me it there was technical difficulties. Then 2 days later the site was down. They sent me this email on April 7:

    “Hi, We would like to inform you that we have processed a refund $250 for unused bids and the credit will reflect in in your account in 7-10 business days. Thank you for your understanding and any inconvenience is highly regretted. Warm Regards,Oohilove

    I responded back and told them that I appreciate the refund on the bids but I wanted my purse. They told me this:

    “Hi Kinita,
    We regret to inform you that as we will not be able to ship out your won auctions. Therefore, we have processed a refund for the end auction price and the credit for the bids that were used on Louis Vuitton Artsy MM auction.It may take up to 7-10 business days to see this refund in your account. Thank you for your understanding and any inconvenience is highly regretted.
    Oohilove Support Team

    I responded with the following and STILL haven’t heard back. Any advice?


    I’m sorry but I don’t really understand what is happening. In order to have a auction, wouldn’t that product have to be available to your company? Am I not receiving the purse because there is no purse or because the company is choosing not to give it to me? And if there is no purse and I entered into a legal binding agreement that “guarantees” me either the product or the value of that product in the form of a visa gift card then why am I being denied what I have won? I am very frustrated and frankly the time and money I lost trying to win a product can not be completely “refunded” to me. I paid money to win a product. I won that product. Why can I not have it? I do not find this acceptable at all.”

    1. Hi Kinita! They have filed bankruptcy because they were sued by a couple of people who have a really good case against them, proving that their process is like a gambling site. I’m sure they will be a losing a ton of money in the case. Aside from that, they are being shut down by the government.

      I understand the frustration of not getting the bag that you won but good thing they are refunding you for all the money that you used to pay for your bids and to pay for the auction price of the bag. The thing is, whenever OohILove auctions an item, some of them are already at hand while some will still be ordered once it has been won. That’s why if they haven’t received or ordered your bag when they shut down, it’s most likely you won’t be getting the bag anymore. I guess they have canceled all their orders noting that they are already bankrupt from the lawsuit plus refunding all the members who have paid for bids and/or items.

  64. I didn’t know that the government shut them down as well! Thank you for the information. I haven’t received my refund yet but hopefully this week I will. *sigh* I guess my penny auction days are over for now. I’m pretty discouraged.

    1. Hi Kinita, there’s no official announcement about that but knowing that they are being sued because they resemble gambling practices or websites and noting that gambling websites are illegal in majority of the states in the US, it would be likely that the govt will shut them down after the case is processed. This is not just for Ooh I Love but for all the penny auction sites in the US.

  65. @kinita
    I got a similar email from them as well. They told me that they’re regretted that they couldn’t send me the item I won on March 7th, and that they will give me refund of the end auction price along with the unused bids left. Well, it took them the whole month to tell me they couldn’t send my gucci bag. I mean a few days before that, they still asked me to wait.

    I send them an email and asked them to give me refund on ALL the money that I spend on the month of March 2011 because that’s when I started to play. If they already knew that this day will come then they should just let us bid only on the items that they have in-stock that they going to ship out and shouldn’t accept anymore money or credit cards from people to buy bids. If I knew the website going to shut down then I will not even start playing or waste all my time sitting there to watch the auction. I mean I spend hundreds of dollars up there and won only one item and now I still didn’t receive it. Anyway, they didn’t respond to me yet so I just have my credit card investigate in that.

  66. If they’re being sued b/c they’re like a gambling site then what about the other penny auction sites? Will they be shut down eventually too? Maybe they’re operated out of non US countries and will stay open like those online gaming sites. This whole situation has made me even more cautious of penny auction sites. Too bad I was hoping to win something too!

  67. bvla,

    I COMPLETELY agree with you. It takes a lot of time and money to eventually win and they should not have allowed us to waste our money bidding on items that they didn’t have or had no intentions of providing. I asked them to refund me the retail amount of the purse that I won. They refused. *sigh*

  68. For anyone who needs to get a refund for auctions won at Ooh I love and unused bids, contact allied wallet and they will help you. I just got $1500 refunded to me. I had won 3 handbags. Yes, I would have liked the handbags, but at least I got some money back.

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