Weekly Wear 73

Weekly Wear 73 is something casual… just something that I decided to wear on a night of mahjong with friends! LOL! The outfit is actually a mish-mash of different styles that when you think about it, there’s no coherent thought to it… an almost white khaki-like skirt mixed with a purple satin flowing tank, dark brown gladiator sandals, crystal bib necklace and a large camel tote? Well, I have my reasons but that’s my secret! Haha. I know my friend will get curious. So okay… I usually follow this color-coding thing when it comes to dressing up when I want to be lucky. Turns out, it has been effective in all our mahjong sessions. Haha (my friend, if you read this, just text me and I’ll tell you my secret color-coding, lol)! But anyway, it’s just a belief you know… and it doesn’t hurt to wear the lucky color of the day! LOL!

Anyway, I just wanted to share more photos of the MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Hamilton North/South tote. And the story? Sorry it will have to wait. I am waiting on something else before I tell you all the story about this bag. So for now, I’ll keep you hanging. Hehe. 🙂 Now I have some great news to share. For those who have followed MFJ in Facebook and Twitter, you all probably know by now. But, I think this news calls for a separate post. So let me just wrap this up. 🙂

On MFJ: MNG (Mango) purple satin top; Old Navy skirt; Payless sandals; MICHAEL Michael Kors large hamilton tote; Adia Kibur necklace; Toywatch; Flower headband from Mom-in-law;



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