Chictopia 10 Juicy Couture After Party

Last September 12, 2010, after the successful Chictopia.10 Conference at the Union Square Ballroom, I headed out to a private Cocktail Party hosted by Effen Vodka at the Lincoln Center just before going to the Juicy Couture After Party at Bleecker Street. That day was crazy – but I have to admit that even with the busy schedule, I definitely had a great time! 🙂 I didn’t stayed that long though because I was already feeling tipsy and was soooo tired with all the day’s activities. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a great time. I really did. It was an awesome night. Seeing the lovely ladies of Chictopia and meeting them, add to that the Juicy Couture boys, delish cocktail drinks, and great music = Great and Fab Party! Cheers to you Chictopia! Great job! Congratulations to Chictopia CEO Helen Zhu, the editors such as Kristine Kirong, Liz Cherkasova and many more… not to mention the staff and crew who all made the Chictopia 10 and After Party a great success. Of course, thanks to Juicy Couture, our sponsor for the night! And thanks for that cute Juicy Couture silly bandz!! Juicy Couture rocks! Check out some of the photos from the event! 🙂

On MFJ: Ralph Lauren dress cinched with a Forever 21 elastic belt; vintage sequins-adorned cardigan; Dolce Vita lace-up sandals/booties; Chanel medallion tote; Chanel bow drop earrings.



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