Betsey Johnson Spring Summer 2011 Show

So if you thought my New York Fashion Week posts are over, think again. I know. I’ve been procrastinating but it’s only because I have been… taking time… to myself. The story below. For now, let me share with you the most fun and entertaining fashion show I’ve attended this New York Fashion Week – the Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2011 show!

The invitation – which comes with a biking map of NYC and an uber cute Betsey Johnson baller ID! I now use it to add color to my gold bangles and other bracelets I wear. 🙂 Thanks to Betsey Johnson! It gets even better later on with the swag bag! It’s the best so far! 🙂

Upon entering the theater, I immediately took photos prior to the show! 🙂 Check out those pink Betsey Johnson paper bags! They are filled with goodies I will share later on!

Kelly Osbourne was there and showed off her physique after losing 42 pounds! Can you believe that? Wish I could shed off a few pounds too!

Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih being interview by NBC

The cutie Melanie Zilo who was sitting in the same row as MFJ! 🙂 Check out my friend, Kat’s encounter with Melanie here.

Denise Richards…

MTV’s The Hills’ Kristin Cavallari (also from Laguna Beach TV series)

Now I couldn’t make who this guy is as he was incognito with his cap… but by the looks of it, looks like it’s the Belgian-American Designer Diane Von Furstenberg’s Husband, TV Mogul and Billionaire Barry Diller. You think? I’m not so sure, but it looks like him.

Then Ciara walked in from Backstage! 🙂

Up next was this lady in liquid leggings and a blazer with an awkwardly positioned bow and fringes… guess who?

It’s Carmen Electra (Playboy, Baywatch, Singled Out, and becoming more and more the face of parody films like Meet the Spartans, Scary Movie, etc.)! Sorry but these photos of her were taken with an iPhone. I was just walking on the runway towards the exit when I suddenly saw her next to me, being interview by NBC.

Now, let’s get to the show! The Betsey Johnson Spring Summer 2011 Collection! Below is a video of the start of the show, followed by photos of Betsey Johnson’s designs! I also managed to capture the finale on video – which was so awesome by the way! Betsey Johnson is truly one of a kind. I may find her sense of style too bold for me but you just gotta love her! She’s way too lovable not to watch! I have to apologize for the shots though, because it was so hard to be seated right next to the backstage entrance! ARGH! It was so hard to take photos. I appreciate that I’m in the third row but I was actually supposed to have been seated in the same row but in the middle section of the runway and not right next to the backstage entrance. What happened?

When I was trying to get in, the barcode scanner always failed on me. To get inside, you’ll be given a ticket with a barcode and they will scan it near the entrance to the theater. It failed on me twice until they just gave me a paper with my seat number on it. When I got inside the theater, someone was already sitting on my seat! So that’s the reason why the scanner kept on failing – because someone already checked in and got that seat. Thankfully, they were able to get me a new seat in the same row but near the backstage! Not that I’m complaining but I could hardly get good photos and couldn’t see what’s happening at the end of the runway! In fact, Hubby saw more of the action while he was at the lobby area inside Lincoln Center – where all the big screens are showing the fashion shows and where all the goodies are – free Starbucks, bottled water, sodas, liquor, cocktails, chips, and goodies – all while he was sitting in a very comfy lounge chair! Sounds like he had a blast, eh? Well yeah… but to be inside the theater and see the collection up close, feel the bass of the loud music being played, not to mention the swag bag – ooh the adrenalin! I was like on fashion crack! LOL!


Now, watch this video that I took – the Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show Finale!


And here are the goodies that I got from Betsey Johnson. Thank you!

Photos and Videos taken by Cris Zaragoza, courtesy of Chictopia.

So let’s get back to my story. I feel like I’m always busy. But you know what? I actually realized that FACEBOOK is the culprit! Haha! It has been taking up most of my time and of course other things too. It’s like, I’m only spending 20% of my supposedly “work time” for work, about 40% on my blog and Chictopia, then the remaining 40% are divided to FB, chat, games, surf, etc. So when I find myself not being able to finish, I end up continuing work at night until early morning! I’m becoming irresponsible right? Well, guess what… that supposedly “work time” will now be 90% blog and other blog-related activities and the remaining 10% will be for social activities like FB, leisure, and break time! Oh yeah, I am now a full-time blogger! I officially quit my freelance jobs as of today since I’m earning the same or actually even more from this blog. I just decided to go full time with my passion for fashion! 🙂 YAY YAY YAY!  🙂 I am free!!! 🙂




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