Top off an Outfit with Gorgeous Lips from NARS

The one piece of makeup that I deem so important is a lip product/lip color. Whether a lip gloss, lipstick, stain or lacquer, I make it a point to apply some color to my lips to top off any outfit. I say it’s the cherry on top. So today, let’s take a look at some of your options from a trusted makeup brand, NARS Cosmetics.

Lipstick. If you want a solid color that’s like painting a specific shade of color into a canvass, go for a lipstick. NARS has three types specifically the satin, sheer and semi-matte to give you that hue you so desire. I am a sucker for satin and sheer ones but semi-matte is also ideal when you want to look like you mean business.

Lip Lacquer. Yummy shades in yummy jars? They are sure to give you luscious lips perfect for a night out or at the beach! I’m totally random but the high shine works both well under disco or strobe lights, and so much so under a sun shining high and bright! Check out these yummy shades of NARS Lip Lacquer!

Lip Gloss. I can never get tired of lip gloss. It’s basically what I’ve been using each and every time. Okay, most of the time. Well, it’s just so easy to apply. What’s more is that you can use it alone or as a topper for your lipstick!



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  1. I have heard that the bare minerals makeup is phenomenal, but so expensive! Where is the best place to look for it?

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