Glee Style: From TV to Real Life

Are you a GLEE fan? Well I am. And it’s just not about the laughter (and sometimes the tears) that gets me to watch this show. Well, what other reason could it be? FASHION! While it’s not a fashion-centered TV series, it’s notable that these GLEEks have varying styles: Rachel – preppy; Finn – jock; Kurt – trendy/fashionista of the group; Tina – goth with a mix of preppy/hiphop/rock; Emma – feminine/vintage/Parisian style and so on.

Well, I focused on Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Quinn and compared their Glee characters’ to their real life style. I especially loved that Lea Michele (Rachel) takes a lot of fashion risks. She is a budding fashionista! Chris Colfer (Kurt) is well, similar to how he dresses up on camera except it’s toned down a bit. Dianna Agron (Quinn) is the Southern beauty and epitome of American beauty – classy and elegant. And of course, Cory Monteith (Finn) dresses more urban and more of a hunk in real life!

Here are the photos from my Chictopia post. If you’d like to read the article, click here. It hasn’t been published to Chictopia’s EIU blog yet (my post about TURBANS is the latest published article as I type this) but I thought I’d give you first dibs! 🙂 Oh, and I’ve shared some tips on how to channel those stars’ styles. So if you particularly love how they dress up, I’ve got some tips for you! 🙂



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