Day 1 Texas Style Council Conference in Austin

So I know I’ve been so bad at keeping up and sharing all the things happening in the fashion world, trends, fashion week, fashion events, SXSW and pretty much everything else I’d like to share with you. I listed down a To Do List and I was so surprised that it took me a whole page of a long note pad the size of a regular bond paper. ACK!!! And that’s not even a complete list. OMG. Yes, I am such a procrastinator but please bear with me because I have been going to my doctor for a couple of days in a row now and I’m going back for another test tomorrow… apparently, they didn’t draw that much blood to do the other tests that were supposed to be done. So yes, I’ll be out tomorrow morning again.

At the same time, I have been busy organizing our home office space too. You see, I’m the type of person who CANNOT work if my office space is in chaos – I get chaotic too!!! LOL! It all started several days before I left for New York Fashion Week and until now, the backlogs have been killing me. I have a pile of docs in my table, thank God they’re not bills. 🙂 At the same time, I have over a thousand emails yet to be read. So if in any case, you had contacted me and I haven’t responded, you can send me a follow up. But rest assured I am close to completing a more inspiring office space and will be allotting time to read all those emails and post all that I have promised you guys. I maybe slow at posting but I will post it if I said I’d post it. Okay?

So I will just go ahead and post some photos of my Day 1 in Austin during the Texas Style Council Conference. These do not include the photos from the party that night just yet. Just wanted to share these photos now so the hundreds of photos waiting to be published will be reduced to… less than a hundred! LOL! I just wanna say I had a blast at the Texas Style Council Conference and I’d like to congratulate the two awesome and lovely ladies Grechen and Indiana for such a well-organized and successful event! Please do another one soon! 🙂

The Texas Style Council Headquarters 🙂

Photo op at the entrance ;p

On MFJ: GAP denim button down shirt; Patterson J. Kincaid harem pants; Predictions by Payless red mary jane pumps; Alexander Wang Darcy hobo; vintage vest; vintage necklaces; Target aviators; Jacques Lemans watch; Kenneth Jay Lane yellow bangle; Amrita Singh gold bangles; Landmark Philippines leopard bangle; charm bracelets from the Philippines; Chanel earrings; Rings from Forever 21; gifted Purple dome ring from Endless Treasure Box.

And yes, I brought along my baby Louis!!! 🙂

This was taken after the ladies went off for the Scavenger Hunt… I was late (oops, sorry)

The Registration Area

The one on the right are the lovely necklaces where the ID’s/name tags were hanging from, care of Charming Charlie. Love it! I’ll show it to you when I talk about the event in further detail! There were a lot of treats and there were also boat loads of lip glosses care of the wonderful shop, Wanted – and I can’t wait to tell you more about them in a future post!

Refreshments during the entire two days, were provided by Honest Tea. Funny name but tastes really good, plus it’s organic! 🙂

Decor by an Etsy shop… ack, I know I have their card here somewhere, I know it’s Po… something. I will look for the card and update this. Sowee!

Now you’re probably wondering what these cardboards are for. While waiting, you can get one and make your own art, again care of the generous folks at Charming Charlie! That’s Patty, their marketing director by the way. And I should have taken a photo of her facing the camera ‘coz she brought along her cute puppy too. 🙂

Craft time…

You can create your own art out of the damaged accessories from Charming Charlie.

The outcome…

What a wonderful way to recycle! Yay for Charming Charlie! 🙂

And this is me and Louis checking out the stores! Dogs can go inside too. 🙂 Austin is a very pet-friendly city! I love AUSTIN! 🙂

And behind me is THE W Hotel in Austin… where we stayed! Naaaah… just kidding. How I wish I could have booked a room there… it was super close to all the events during the conference… cross the street and you’re there! I’ve been wanting to try W Hotel for quite some time and I’ve read that pets are welcome. They even get a package of doggie bed, bowls, treats, etc. when you arrive. Ahhh. I must try W Hotel soon. Now I better start saving! 🙂

And well, it’s not every day I include Hubby’s photo in here but I’d like to thank him for coming with me and waiting for me during the conference. He and Louis bonded over coffee, pizza and Mexican food. LOL! Well, as long as he has the iPad and there’s wifi, he is good. He loves gadgets and loves to play games. So as long as he has access to those two things, he won’t mind at all. In fact he loves hanging out at coffee shops especially if it’s inside a book shop so he can read all the car magazines he want or play with the iPhone or now, my iPad.

That’s it for now. Come back soon! Oh, and don’t forget to enter my Spring Giveaway in case you haven’t! Over $1,000 of giveaways are to be won! Prizes care of yours truly, Endless Treasure Box, Guinot Institut Paris, Lift Lab and Strip USA. Xoxo, Cris.



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