What I Wore to TxSCC Party

After ten years, I finally had the time to post what I actually wore to the TxSCC Party held at the gorgeous Bo Concept Studio! And I do know I haven’t posted about that yet! Yes, I’m that slow. But you have to forgive me ‘coz I had to go on another trip to Austin for Style X Austin and for the remaining days of SxSW. And upon coming back, I got sick for about a week. Health has been up and down lately but gladly, I’m negative for Von Willebrand Disease, the last lab test I took. Still, that means I have to go back for other tests.

Anyway, let’s just get to the outfit I wore at the Texas Style Council Conference Party last March 12. This was intended for my 100th Weekly Wear! How time flies right? But well, I had to scrap the “name” weekly wear for now, because sometimes, I would post daily outfits and sometimes I would post pieces I just got. But at the end of the day, they are all outfit posts. So to make things simpler and cleaner here in MFJ, let’s just put them all under “Outfits“. Xoxo, Cris.

This one below is blurry but I just had to post it! Vanity in progress. LOL!

On MFJ: Vintage leopard dress with sequins; Jessica Simpson Dany shoes; Rebecca Minkoff MAC; Vintage necklace and cuff; Chanel bow drop earrings; H&M bangles; Jacques Lemans gold chronograph watch; Purple ring c/o Endless Treasure Box; Forever 21 Muse ring.



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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! That dress is just amazing! I’m so glad you’re feeling better hopefully the other tests will turn out to be nothing too… xox

    1. Thanks Steffie! 🙂 i hope it’s nothing serious but there has to be something to correct..
      Hi Cheri! It’s a fun outfit, too bad I wasn’t able to show the hemline/cut of the dress… will have to wear it another time. 🙂

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