{Weekly Wear} Fourth of July Outfit: Red, White and Blue

Fourth of July is less than a month. I didn’t intend to wear a red, white and blue outfit but ended up doing so. So I thought, why not? Let’s start talking about Fourth of July outfits that you can wear to picnics, BBQ’s and pool or beach parties too! While you can go all patriotic with a shirt bearing a flag, you can also opt for any other print in red, white and blue colors! Still patriotic but doesn’t take away your style – no matter what it is! Here’s my interpretation:

On MFJ: Forever 21 polka dot dress and stripe cardigan; H&M necklace, bangles and rose bag; American Eagle blue and white bow wedges via Payless; vintage scarf; pearl earrings; TIKKR watch care of TIKKR and TXSCC.

And as you can see above, I’m pointing to my TIKKR watch! That’s because, I’m currently giving away a unisex TIKKR watch in orange strap! I love TIKKR because you can easily change up the straps and the straps are quite affordable too!!! So, if you haven’t entered my contest sponsored by TIKKR watches, click on the image below to get directed to the contest page!

Before I go, how’s your day? I was MIA yesterday because I had to finish a big deadline. I woke up early this morning and had accomplished a lot of things too like make the bed, clean the kitchen, vacuum the entire house, clean the kitchen and dining room rugs, keep the newly washed dishes from the dishwasher, washed a few pots, take a bath, do my makeup, dress up and take photos for this post, check emails, etc! Whew! That’s the life of a house wife and fashion and lifestyle blogger! LOL! Now, I have to take care of another deadline then I’ll be back for some exciting event news for all the DFW fashionistas out there!

Finally, just want to remind you to please support and vote for me, Cristina Zaragoza, at the GUESS Global Chic Contest. If you haven’t read my previous posts, I’ve been selected by GUESS and ELLE Magazine to be included in the 16 finalists from around the globe. Please like GUESS on Facebook and then go to the Global Chic Contest Tab. Look for my name, Cristina Zaragoza from Fort Worth, TX, USA and click on VOTE! Remember to come back often and vote! 🙂



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