{Bags} $34,000 Backpack from The Row

As you may have heard by now, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s line, The Row, released a bag collection last summer, July 2011 to be exact. And while I wasn’t able to post about the whole bag collection, I feel the need to share the most notable/popular bag from their line – it’s the $34,000 backpack!!! Check it out.

And while you’re probably thinking, “Heck, I’m not about to spend $34,000 on a backpack”, you need not worry about it because apparently, it’s already sold out. According to Ashley, the $34,000 backpack was the first thing that sold off the shelf! O.M.G. Well, umm, yeah, sure. I love the Olsen twins and I especially love their line, The Row… but wow! That’s all I can say about this backpack. I actually like it. But for that price? I’ll get an Hermes and a Chanel bag instead. Sorry ladies, but do know that I love yah! 🙂



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