{Weekly Wear} Monster High Draculaura Halloween Costume

I first learned of Monster High last Spring through Sea of Shoes. They are these cute and cool stylish monster dolls from Mattel that I believe sprung out from the popularity of vampire and werewolves in TV shows and movies. So the other day when I made my simple Kim Kardashian look whether for a Halloween costume or just for fun, I thought I’d make something more costume-y since Halloween is just around the corner! I immediately thought of Monster High… after all, the clothes can easily be recreated with what we have in our closet! It doesn’t have to be the exact clothes the dolls are wearing. It’s all about the pairings or layers of clothing, hair and makeup that will help us recreate Monster High Dolls in real life! So which Monster High Doll did I copy? I did Draculaura!

Monster High Dolls & Draculaura

Below are the Monster High Dolls from Mattel and as you can see, I added images of Draculaura to give you an idea of her look.

  1. She’s got black hair with streaks of pink and has very blunt bangs!
  2. She’s got pink eye shadow and super long lashes.
  3. She’s got a heart in red border and pink inside on her left cheek.
  4. She’s got luscious red lips and fangs to boot!
  5. She wears a mix of black, pink and white clothing, and usually a skirt and top combo.

How To Achieve Draculaura’s Hair & Makeup

  1. Hair
    1. Wear your hair in pig tails.
    2. Put down those bangs. Hey, I had to cut it just for this outfit! So I hope you give me credit. LOL!
    3. Then with a pink powder (hair or makeup powder) apply to strips of hair in your bangs. It can get messy!
  2. Face
    1. Apply foundation, the whiter the better.
    2. Get your red lipstick and draw a heart just on top of your left cheek.
    3. Fill in the heart with pink eye shadow.
  3. Lips
    1. Apply red lipstick all over your lips.
    2. Using a black eye liner (preferably liquid or gel) draw two fangs at the bottom lip.
    3. Next, fill in the fangs with white eyeshadow.
  4. Eyes
    1. Apply pink eye shadow to the top and bottom of your eyes.
    2. Apply black eye liner around the eyes, the thicker the better.
    3. Using your black eye liner, draw lines on the top and bottom of your eyes to look like eye lashes.

How To Achieve Draculaura’s Outfit

  1. First wear black leggings or tights preferably lace ones! Get the Croche Fishnet tights I’m wearing at We Love Colors!
  2. Wear pink socks all the way up to mimic pink boots (because we don’t want to buy pink boots just for Halloween, unless you’ve got loads of moolah to use). There’s a neon pink one from We Love Colors.
  3. Wear black strappy sandals instead of boots. This will show the pink socks that will give that illusion of pink boots with black straps and laces! I’m wearing my Jeffrey Campbell Mariel sandals.
  4. Wear a white skirt or a white dress that you can layer with pink and black tops. I chose to wear my white shirt dress from American Apparel.
  5. Instead of wearing a black lace long sleeved-top, I opted for a black and pink Bongo checked button down shirt courtesy of K-Mart to make it look more casual and hip. I added in a black fringed vest from Target just to add some layer and interest to the outfit.
  6. As an added accessory, I wore my Forever 21 necklace that adds that Gothic touch to my outfit since I don’t have a black or white lace top to match that of Draculaura’s look.

Again, the key here is to wear pink, white and black pieces. Wear a skirt, long sleeves and vest combo to mimic Monster High Draculaura’s look! I hope I’ve given you (or your kid) an outfit idea for Halloween that you can pull directly out from your closet! That way, we’ll have more moolah for the food, candies, and drinks for Halloween! 🙂

Thanks to We Love Colors for the socks and tights used in this outfit post! Also, they are giving away $600 in prizes for their Annual Halloween Costume Contest. Enter here. Perhaps I should post my Monster High Draculaura outfit too, what do you think? Lol! 🙂 Happy Halloween everyone!



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