{Events} MFJ Got CFE 3 Fever

Over a week ago, My Fashion Juice attended the Celebrity Fashion Experience (CFE) Volume 3! And as always, the producers, Front House Management, manages to up their game each and every show! I only wish the event was better advertised because the attendees weren’t as many compared to their previous show, CFE 2. Give them more love Dallas! I promise they are worth it! Let’s all support the Dallas fashion scene!

And to give you a dose of what went down during that night, here are some awesome shots care of QC Cong of XO Photography followed by backstage photos of the models, designers and VIP guests taken with the Hubby’s iPhone 4S. 🙂

models backstage

A-list Mike Ruiz being interviewed

Mike Ruiz with Karen Michelle, CEO of Front House Management

Brig Van Osten, Bravo TV Shear Genius Season 3 Winner

Oh yes, that’s me behind Brig and her Boyfriend. 🙂


And here are some of the backstage photos that Hubby and I took with the iPhone 4S.

With Brig Van Osten, Bravo TV Shear Genius Season 3 Winner

I soooo love Brig! She is very friendly, down-to-earth and very approachable! And thanks for checking my blog and leaving me a message too. By the way, I wasn’t able to tell you that I love your shoes! So haute and so perfect for Fall!!!

Waiting to be introduced to Mike Ruiz and Sophie of J.Cheikh

With Sophie (right), the designer of J. Cheikh and A-list Mike Ruiz who collaborated with the fashion brand for their NYFW Spring 2012 Collection

VIP Reception Pre-Show

Now those are sooooo yummy cupcakes in Chocolate, Champagne and Strawberry flavors! Thanks to the Cake Diva!

What My Fashion Juice Wore

For outfit details, check out this post.



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