{Weekly Wear} Bday Outfit + Bday Gift Reveal

I know it’s been a month since my birthday but I wasn’t able to post about it because of the many pending posts I have on queue. Better late than never, right? So today, let me share with you my birthday outfit… well, sort of… because I had to change my top the last minute to accommodate the sudden drop in temperature. But well, officially this was my birthday outfit!

Yes, I opted for something casual and low key… BUT… I went BOLD in terms of color! I color-blocked on my birthday! Incidentally, my birthday is also Christmas day. So I went with green pants but instead of a red top, I went with hot pink! I don’t want to be too Christmas-y! LOL!

In case you’re wondering which top I changed into, it was my white button down longsleeve shirt from Guess (last seen here). I topped the outfit with my houndstooth coat (last seen here). Oh, and I wore the MIA wedge pumps (last seen here).

On MFJ: H&M hot pink pocket tee; H&M green skinny jeans; BCBG nude peep toe pumps via Ideeli; Proenza Schouler aviators; Philip Stein diamond watch; Chanel earrings; Forever 21 necklace; Prada Tessuto Nappa tote via Bag Borrow or Steal.

Now let’s talk about my birthday gift… I’ve always done a bag reveal for my birthdays. But due to unforeseen circumstances, my bag budget went to an unexpected expense. Here’s the story. I was contemplating on which bag to get. Remember this post? Those were actually the bags I’ve been considering but I was undecided on which bag to get. Weeks before my birthday, I’ve been scouring the web. I even went to several boutiques to test-drive the bags and see which feels right. It still didn’t help. Until one day, I made up my mind… as soon as I was about to get it, the said unexpected expense (not to mention more expensive than the bag options) came along! So sad. I felt so down! Just before the year ended, we had to take care of something huge. But hey, it’s just a bag. It’s just a material thing. I can die right now and that bag won’t even save me! So after shaking things off, I got back to my senses and told myself, I’ll just get one another time. It’s OKAY! I’ll be okay.

Now remember I told you I’ve been undecided for weeks? That’s because, deep inside of me, I was thinking of NOT getting a bag! Instead, I wanted to get this certain piece of luxury + a pair of designer shoes OR that certain piece of luxury + a cheaper designer bag. So when my bag budget went down the drain, Hubby told me to just get that certain piece of luxury! And I did so so so happily! I was on CLOUD 9!!! What is it? It’s…

It’s an HERMES belt!!!

Now hold your horses! That photo above is from an old post of mine in 2009. That’s how long I’ve been wanting to get one! Actually even way before that I’ve already had my eyes on the Hermes belt. I just couldn’t justify getting one because I can already buy a nice designer bag with that price! And when I finally listened to Nike (JUST DO IT), that “H” belt already increased its price by 50%! It was retailing for $700++!!! Even worse, it’s already SOLD OUT, OUT OF STOCK and HAS BEEN REPLACED with the new thinner “H” belt seen below… And guess what, another price increase!!! This thinner “H” belt is already priced at $1,010! Talk about crazy! I should have gotten it way back! So anyway, what style did I get?

I got a reversible orange and black Hermes belt with a gold round buckle that reads HERMES! The leather belt strap is the same as the “H” belt (size, material). Best of all, I got it prior to the second price increase!

Now the catch… I have been waiting for this belt to arrive… it’s been weeks (or a month maybe)… until I got an email… “due to unforeseen circumstances, your order cannot be fulfilled… we have refunded you in the amount of *** in the same payment method used at the time of purchase…” blah blah blah blah blah… WHAT THE???

I’ve waited weeks… NO… I’ve waited for years… heck, I’ve waited all my life to have a gorgeous Hermes belt and you tell me now it’s out of stock and can’t get new stock of this style? What the! So now I have to spend $1,000+++ just to get an Hermes belt? I am so frustrated. 🙁 So yeah, that’s my birthday reveal for yah! There is NONE! But, I am taking this as a SIGN! Maybe the original plan to get the bag I want is meant to be… maybe it’s FATE! We’ll see! For now, please share my frustration… err, bear with my frustration. I am freakin’ mad! Hahaha! OH well, that’s LIFE! Now excuse me as I have to start thinking AGAIN of what to get for my birthday! Not because it’s been a month since my birthday that I can’t get one, right? Any ideas?



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  1. 🙁 What about browsing on eBay? I think they still have the old style for reasonable prices. If you don’t mind a gently used one, that is. Either way, hope you eventually get a fabulous birthday gift.

    1. Hi Ibis! I’m scared to buy designer at eBay because of the horror stories I’ve read in the past. I only buy small things there from time to time. Have you tried?

      1. Sadly, I’ve never bought designer from eBay, but only because my grad student budget doesn’t allow for it….yet 😀
        But I’ve heard things to look for are sellers with a high feedback rating who have sold authentic designer in the past, TONS of pictures in the description, and you can do research on the web to figure out the characteristics that fakes usually get wrong and compare to the pictures in the listing. Also buy from a seller that guarantees authenticity or money back, just in case. These things are not foolproof and they require some research, but at least it’s better than going into it blindfolded.

        1. Yup, I know how to spot fakes but the thought of receiving something different than the one in the picture is what worries me. The money back guarantee is nice though. Maybe when I find a seller that I think I can trust, I’ll have the courage to buy at ebay. 🙂

    1. I know! Maybe I was destined to get the bag. Hahaha! Kaya lang napunta na budget sa unexpected expense. If ma-refund kami sa gastos pwede pa siguro hehe 🙂

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