{NYFW} Academy of Art Fall 2012 Show

Last February 10th, I attended the Academy of Art University’s (AAU) Fall 2012 show during NYFW. And while I took a couple of photos, I ended up scrapping most of them because you can hardly see the clothes… and fashion shows are all about the clothes! The thing is, I was late. Sorry AAU! You see, I had another event prior to this and I even left that in the middle of the function just to make it to the Academy of Art University’s Fashion Show! Well, I was able to make it after all… even though I was late. I was actually lucky that they still let me in. Other shows would completely shut down the doors as soon as the show started. So yay me! However, I wasn’t able to take my seat in the third row because the show has already started. I can no longer get in there but good thing they let me sit in the back. So yeah, no great photos. But don’t worry as I have scoured the web for better shots of the clothes from Academy of Art University’s Fall 2012 fashion show!

My favorite of the night would have to be Xiang Zhang whose collection I’ve previously seen when I attended the Fall 2011 Show last year. Of course, I loved the neutrals in the collection simply because they look so elegant and stylish even if they are all neutrals. Who ever said neutrals can be boring? These stylish numbers are nothing close to boring. And with the addition of baseball caps? Genius. It’s like cool meets elegance. I want a baseball cap right now!

Jade Juanyu Liu

Jeanette Au

Donghyuk Dan Kim showed his Korean roots in his collection. I can definitely see Koreans in this collection!

Farida Khan

Wu Di is another fave of mine.The geometric prints and unexpected color blocking and cuts were great. The last sweater on the right most is a perfect slimming top!

And like I told you, I took horrible shots of the fashion show…

So yeah, eventually I stopped with the photo-taking and enjoyed the show all to myself! I loved the vibe, the music and almost all of the pieces that went down the runway! It feels good to be back in NYC for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! And a big thanks to Academy of Art University for inviting me to your Fall 2012 show! Until next season! 🙂



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