{Weekly Wear} Comfy and Casual

I’d like to think that I always dress up comfy and casual when running errands or doing grocery shopping. Well, at least the other day I did. I wore a loose shirt that I got from the H&M Galleria Dallas Pre-Opening Party which I haven’t shared photos of. I will soon, promise! I know I’ve been slacking but weekends are quite busy for me and I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing for you. After all, the weekends should be spent with family and friends, not in front of the computer. Agree? Agreed!

Anyway, here is my comfy and casual outfit which I spruced up with accessories. 🙂 I sure was comfy and casual yet still presentable. 🙂 One of my mottoes in life – always look presentable because you’ll never know if something comes up or who you’ll bump into! What if I bumped into Anna Wintour wearing jammies? Now that’s a bad first impression! LOL! How will I have the courage to approach her and ask if she will take me in? Hahaha! Dreaming! Anyway, instead of jammies, a white tee and jeans sound comfy too, right? But like I’ve said in my earlier blog posts, you can wear a white tee and jeans but you can still dress it up with accessories! Bring it on!

Here are some tips on how you can be comfy and casual but still look presentable or dressed up!

  • Layering a contrasting vest adds on visual interest (and a pop of color) to an otherwise plain white tee without compromising comfort!

  • Wedges are probably one of the comfiest styles of shoes that won’t hurt your feet. Choose a pair that’s not too high but enables you to elongate your legs by an inch or two. And for more comfort, get some pads, foam or cushion strips to line the uncomfortable parts of your shoes! (Note to self: I need to buy one too!)

  • Bootleg jeans or jeans that widen at the end are great at elongating one’s legs! It’s easy to hide the heels which means it’s easy to create an illusion of being long-legged! Cropped tops (even if it’s just the back of my vest) also helps in creating the illusion!

  • Bad hair day or just plain lazy to style your hair? No problem. A hat can always do the trick! Add in the sunglasses when you’re eyes are tired and look like a raccoon! LOL!

  • And it’s all about ACCESSORIZING! White tee and jeans are comfy and casual. But when you work out an arm party, pile on the jewelry and wear a statement/designer bag, casual becomes DRESSED UP! This outfit becomes more flexible!

So how do you like the Comfy and Casual look? Wear it to the grocery or to run other errands but you can most definitely wear it to the mall, dine out or watch movies!

On MFJ: H&M white tee; gifted jeans from a dear friend (Thanks to Chloe); Mossimo bronze wedges; NY black beaded vest; Urban Outfitters hat; Fendi oversized sunglasses; Amrita Singh gold bangles c/o Beyond The Rack; gifted purple bracelet and gifted wooden rosary bracelet; Forever 21 cord bracelets; gold rings; vintage earrings; Stephan & Co. blue necklace c/o Ideeli; Gucci Joy hobo c/o BBS.



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