{Fashion} Dressing Up For A Messy Dinner

One of the trickier parts of eating out is looking good while not risking an offensive stain on your new outfit. Certain clothing and accessories—specifically the expensive kinds—should not be worn at a potentially messy meal. Obviously, in the case of diamond engagement rings or a family heirloom, it’s pretty much considered standard to wear them no matter if you’re eating Sloppy Joes and chocolate cake or not. But a pretty white summer dress may not be so forgiving. Yet you don’t want to sit there with a lobster bib on.

So what’s the protocol? Here are a few tips:

Cover the spill zones.

Let’s face it, you can’t shroud your entire body with a napkin. Not only will you be uncomfortable, your date might think you’ve lost your mind. But the vast majority of spills occur on the upper thighs and bosom, where food particles and sauce just seem to flock. If you’re wearing a nice outfit and don’t want to spend the next day summoning a witch doctor in order to try and get a stain out, wear protective napkins below your neck and on your lap. You know, like they taught
you in grade school.

Don’t order something that will drip.

This one sounds weird, but it makes sense if you think about it. Order something that is relatively dry, not an item that is nestled in a wet sauce. A meal like this makes every bite a risky adventure, as even with your protective napkins affixed the fork’s journey from the plate to your mouth is fraught with peril.

Order according to your colors.

If you’re wearing a black dress, you probably don’t want to order the linguini with white sauce. And if you’re wearing a white dress, you probably don’t want to order the spaghetti with red sauce. Just try to minimize the adverse effects in case of a spill. Eating out often equates dressing up, or at least wearing clothes you’d prefer not be stained with a rich red sauce or wine. Unfortunately, more often than not, when we get home we realize that our careful efforts to eat like a dainty bird were for naught, as our pretty new dress is now dressed in speckles of the evening’s meal. Take a few steps to minimize the chances of this. Your wardrobe will thank you.

And if all else fails, make sure to prepare these things when you get stains on your clothing!

  • Club Soda – for soaking stains
  • Ammonia – for lipstick stains
  • Baby wipes – stains on white tee
  • Rubbing Alcohol – for lipstick stains
  • Ice Cold Water – for sweat and blood stains
  • Dish Washing Liquid – for oil stains (pizza, grease, sauces)



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