Shopping Poshmark Addiction

Ladies and gents, let me share my Poshmark Addiction. Have you heard about Poshmark? I first shared it with you here when I told you I’m co-hosting the Posh Party in Dallas. Then I posted photos of the party here and shared with you my Poshmark Closet here. Now I’m getting hooked and hooked… and it’s addicting! 🙂 Don’t worry though. It’s a good kind of addiction and I’ll tell you all about it including tips on selling, buying and shipping. 🙂

Where Poshmark Comes In

Lately, I’ve been running out of hangers! And when one can’t see her clothes anymore, it’s time to get rid of stuff. Seriously! Sometimes, when I dig deep in the back of my closet, I’m surprised at what I have but haven’t worn for ages. I’m even more surprised when I see an item with tags on! Shame on me! You know those times when you buy something but haven’t had the chance to wear it? Be it because you haven’t found the right occasion or because you just bought it because it was on sale, I’m sure you have those items that haven’t been touched since acquisition! Aside from that, I’ve been wanting to get rid of those clothes that I’ve been wearing too often as if I don’t have other clothes! That’s where Poshmark comes in!

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a free iPhone app that let’s you sell and buy from others’ closets! Take photos of the items you no longer use and list them at Poshmark to sell. At the same time, browse others’ listings and buy what you like! You know what they say, another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But hold on, we’re not only talking about used stuff here. There are a lot of people selling new stuff too, including moi. Got a final sale item but when you went home it doesn’t fit nicely? Sell it at Poshmark! Got a gift that doesn’t suit you but there was no gift receipt? Not a problem, sell it at Poshmark! Are you a blogger looking to free up your closet? I am! And I am using Poshmark to sell those stuff I no longer use or have never been used aside from an outfit or feature post. Check out a few of my listings below.

Shopping at Poshmark

Those are just some of the items I’m selling at Poshmark. Yup this Poshmark Addiction is getting serious. LOL! Like I said, it’s a great way to sell items you no longer use. But aside from that, Poshmark is also a great place to find what you’ve been looking for. For example, there are a lot of designer bags like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Dior, etc. being sold at Poshmark! If you’ve been wanting to get this certain bag but didn’t have the budget to pay full price, now is your chance to get a Pre-owned one at a great price! Others sell new clothes and what not that you may have missed in stores. Now I’ve got some tips for you!

Poshmark-ing Tips!

When Selling:

  1. Produce great-quality photos especially your Cover Shot (CS). The CS is the first photo in your listing and is the first thing others will see in the feed. Once you upload or shoot a CS, it will allow you to choose a photo filter to make a beautiful, editorial-type shot.
    • While Poshmark is an iPhone app and allows you to take photos directly from your phone, I recommend taking photos from a good quality camera and sending that photo to your phone. Download the photo from your camera to your computer and transfer it to your phone. This way, you’ll get a high-quality photo that will not only attract potential buyers but it will also help other people see your item more clearly. If your photo is too dark or low-quality, you won’t be attracting as much buyers as you would if people can see clearly right away what you are listing!
    • If you don’t want to go that extra mile and simply want to take photos with your iPhone, ensure that you take photos in a well-lighted room. I also suggest taking photos outside under a shade, when it’s sunny and bright to get the perfect natural light!
  2. Describe your listing as clearly and as detailed as possible.
    • By putting all the necessary details of your listing such as size, color, how it fits, etc., you are saving the shoppers’ and your time from asking and answering questions. At the same time, only those that will fit your item (meaning those who are most likely to buy it) will ask more about the item.
    • When you list every detail of the item such as current condition, possible signs of tear, etc., you are able to prevent disappointed or dissatisfied customers. And that means you’ll have a better reputation in the market which means more sales! 🙂
  3. Join Posh Parties. Posh Parties have specific items/subjects where you list or share only those items that fit that party. For example, if it’s a Leopard and Lace party, only leopard and lace items will be listed. This means that people joining the Posh Party are interested in those things. So if you have a leopard and/or lace item to sell, it will get more views from really interested buyers if you share or list your items during that specific party. While it’s nice to list or share your items at your own pace, it’s nice to join Posh Parties if you want your items to get noticed easily. Of course, you can still do that and just share them again if it fits the current Posh Party. 🙂
  4. Respond quickly. When an interested buyer asks about an item, it would be nice to respond quickly so you won’t lose a potential buyer. Sometimes, they might find something else they want if you don’t act within a day or two.

When Shipping:

  1. Request for free boxes and envelopes from USPS right now! Do you know that you can request for boxes and envelopes from USPS for free and they are delivered right to your doorstep? Yes free. Go here and start ordering your mailing supplies for free (including shipping) so you won’t have to go to the local USPS to ship every time you sell an item. It may take a week or so for them to deliver so order now!
  2. Register at USPS online. Whenever I sell an item, I am able to ship it the very same day or at the latest, the next day. How? Like I said, I have a couple of boxes and envelopes here at home that are ready to be used. When I sell an item, I just pack it and then print the shipping label that Poshmark sends via email, tape the label to the package and schedule a pickup. If you register at USPS, you can store your mailing info and then everytime you need to ship a package, it’s so convenient to schedule a pickup because the info is already there. Go to SHIP A PACKAGE > SCHEDULE A PICKUP so you just choose a date when you want them to pickup a package. You don’t have to go to your local USPS and waste gas! It’s pretty convenient! Now if you know the time your postman comes in, you can also hand over your package! 🙂
  3. Pack your items nicely and leave a thank you note. No-brainer. Customers will love it when you pack your item nicely. A small thank you note will put a smile in their face when they receive their item. Happy customer = great feedback = will keep coming back to check your listings!

When Buying:

  1. Know what you are buying. Make sure to check the size and other important details so you are sure of what you are getting. Others would tell me they’ll try it on at the store to make sure my size fits them.
  2. Don’t be rude. Some sellers price low because they just want to get rid of an item while some price high because they value that item. Others just want to you to haggle if you are really interested. Make your best offer and ask nicely. And if they don’t accept it, be nice and respect their decision.
  3. Be courteous. If you ask a seller to reserve for you, keep your word that you’ll purchase the item. Or at least tell them right away if you suddenly can’t make the purchase. Don’t let them wait too long because they could be losing a potential sale.

Well, those are just a few of my PoshMark-ing tips! Got any? Let me know. This Poshmark addiction is unlike any addiction because it’s fun and practical! And if you are interested to try Poshmark, it’s free! Simply download the app here and enter my code, HBMHJ, to get a $5 shopping credit! Happy POSHMARK-ing! 🙂



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