{B-E-A-uty + Fashion} Best Fabrics and Textures For Your Skin

Fashionistas that choose to invest in the perfect wardrobe are highly recommended to pay attention to the fabric that is used in their favorite articles of clothing. The origins of a fabric that is used in a particular piece of clothing can truly affect the health and overall aesthetic look of the wearer.

Man-made Fabrics

It is often said that man-made fabrics such as polyester and acrylic should be avoided in clothing. While this is true, individuals that are looking for fabrics that can fit their skin should analyze the origins of the fabric. For the most part, man-made fabrics are not considered the best type of fabric when it comes to textures and fabrics that are physically good for the wearer’s skin. You can visit www.acnetreatments.com to learn more about how the selection of fabric has the capability to affect a wearer’s physical condition.

An individual’s skin is considered to be the largest organ on the body. With that said, it should be noted that skin truly needs to breathe. Man-made fabrics do not always allow a wearer’s skin to breathe. Fabrics that contain a percentage of plastic, rayon, acrylic or polyester are not recommended for wearer’s that have sensitive skin. Organic fabrics also avoid the unwanted presence of a rash and even the chaffing that may occur.

Saying Yes to Organic Textiles

Users often overlook the fact that organic fabrics can be the best choice for an individual’s skin. Fabrics such as luxurious silk and crisp cotton not only help the skin to breathe but they also have the ability to aesthetically complement the skin tone of the wearer. This is true because of their organic quality and what these luxurious fabrics showcase. Giving skin the room to breathe ensures that bacteria will not be present. Silk is actually a protein that has the ability to soothe the skin while being worn. Aside from that, both cotton and silk are light fabrics that have the ability to keep the wearer warm in the colder months and considerably cooler during the summer.

Exploring Textures

Textures can be an overlooked characteristic of any garment. Organic textures can also be extremely flattering and physically beneficial to a wearer. Natural worsted wool and intricately knit boucle wool can be a great option for individuals that are looking to add some texture to their wardrobe without sacrificing the overall well-being of their skin.

Not all fabric is created equal and as a result, the prices of fabric can vary when it comes to man-made materials or natural fabrics. So next time you’re shopping for clothes, don’t forget to check the material as well, especially if you have sensitive skin!



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