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It was over a month ago when I went to another Premium Outlets location, San Marcos to be exact, and I am thankful for that shopping trip. Why? Because from that shopping/leisure trip spawn what would be a great blogger event that I co-organized with the wonderful team of Premium Outlets – thanks to the power of Social Media! This is what I’ve been telling my newbie blogger friends – that having a Twitter, Facebook, etc. account would be beneficial for a blog or any other business for that matter! Through my posts and tweets, Premium Outlets and I have found each other and found a way to organize what we call a Blogger Shop Around event. And of course, it was only apt to do it at the closest center to me, Allen Premium Outlets! Read on to know what went down that Saturday!

The day started at the Management Office of Allen Premium Outlets where we were treated to delicious Cinnamon Rolls from Cinnamonster. With light breakfast, we were handed the itinerary for the day, our goody bags, loads of coupons and a GIFT CARD to use and enjoy throughout a day of shopping! I was pretty late because I live about an hour away from the outlets and didn’t know that there were on-going constructions… major constructions!!! Totally my fault for not checking the news but well, C’est La Vie! Thus, I missed some shopping tips from the vibrant Robyne, VP of Marketing, Central Region of Premium Outlets/Simon Property Group. But nonetheless, I was able to meet her and Penny, General Manager of Allen Premium Outlets, along with 11 other DFW bloggers. 🙂

Left to Right: Staci, Robyne – VP Marketing of Premium Outlets/Simon Group, Jenn, Heather, Alicia, Penny – General Manager of Allen Premium Outlets, Metsy

Left to Right: Stephanie, Metsy, Stephanie, Ivonne, Melissa, Robyne, Tamara

And of course, another photo with yours truly at the back with Penny and Robyne 🙂

P.S. for details on what I wore, read here.

Now I may have been late, but I was still able to pick up a couple of tips to share with you my lovelies!

  1. What’s the most important one? Sign up to become a VIP member of Premium Outlets– and this is for any location. Why would you do that?
    • It’s free to join
    • Get exclusive VIP online coupons for free – print what you want at home
    • Get a voucher for a free VIP coupon book to pick up at the information center (by the food court)
    • Know about the awesome deals around town
    • Receive email updates on sales and special events
  2. If you’re already in the Premium Outlets center and forgot to join, make sure to sign up at the information center in the food court to get those coupons! Each month, the coupons change so make sure to check back often. And heads up, Fourth of July sales and Tax-Free Weekend is coming up! So if I were you, I better sign up now!
  3. Aside from that, do you know that Premium Outlets offer group tours?
  4. Hotels around the area also offer Stay and Shop packages with free shuttle to bring you to the outlets. Hey, I tell yah one day is not enough to check each and every store and take advantage of their offers!
  5. Follow Premium Outlets on Twitter for current promos!

Now, let’s get back to the Blogger Shop Around!

Our first stop was Banana Republic where Brady, the store manager, organized a fashion presentation for us, featuring some of summer’s trends! He came up with three looks modeled by their own store associates! They are all beautiful and I love how he styled each and everyone of them!

Summer Fashion Trends Presented

  • Pops of Color
  • Maxi Dresses
  • Sophisticated Color-blocking
  • Botanical Prints

I especially love the botanical print top on the right, all the bags and the wedges and the maxi dress on the left!

After seeing some of the latest trends from Banana Republic, we headed to the Samsonite store for a “How to Pack for Summer Vacation” presentation. Patrick wowed us with his suitcases and I must say I learned new things about packing!

Their suitcases are TSA-approved, meaning only you and a TSA agent can open it. This means you can lock your suitcase when checking in, unlike old suitcases that you have to leave unlocked because TSA won’t be able to open and inspect them… the result? Broken locks on old suitcases! And if you leave them open, you are left worrying what if someone else opens your luggage and steal your belongings? Right? With Samsonite’s suitcases, that won’t be a problem!

By the way, Patrick let me carry the suitcase which only weighed an amazing 2.5 lbs! You’ll never guess what’s inside… you would think there’s nothing in it!

How amazing is it to know that the suitcase had 9 (or was it 10) women’s clothing, 2 pairs of shoes, toiletries, a jacket/blazer and a couple of lingerie?!? Whaaaat??? How???

Thanks to the amazing Eagle Creek Pack It Tubes that make packing so easy, fun and stress-free! These tubes come with boards that allow you to fold clothes neatly just like you see in stores – so you can bring a lot of them and keep them all in one tube! How awesome! Eagle Creek Pack It Tubes come in different sizes depending on how many clothes you usually bring with you when you travel!

And another amazing new thing I learned – pack your blazers and jackets inside out! This will help avoid wrinkles! And in case you were wondering, that blazer/suit was in that suitcase along with the rest of the clothes! And mind you, it was not over packed. There were still a lot of room!

Of course, he also showed us a man’s suitcase!

Each came with a bag of toiletries!

Thanks Patrick for that packing demonstration!

After the two presentations, we all had two hours of shopping to ourselves. It felt like a scavenger hunt as we go through each of the shops that had something in store for us! It was pretty fun! After getting our freebies and extra coupons from the stores, we each went to our fave shops, armed with our gift card provided by Allen Premium Outlets!


  • Premium Outlets Goody Bag: note pad + pencil + leather case; Movado jewelry cleaner; Samsonite toiletries pouch + containers; loads of coupons for freebies & discounts; $50 Amex gift card.
  • NY&Co. $25 coupon on any purchase! I was able to get 3 free blouses. But since they had an amazing clearance rack, I still bought 2 more shirts (not pictured) at $7.99 each (marked down from $39 each) using my gift card!
  • Columbia Sportswear $15 gift card which I used for a Father’s Day gift for my Dad-in-law. I already have a gift for my Dad. 🙂
  • Vitamin World Goody Bag: protein bar, water, magazine, Retinol Cream + a sample of coconut oil from John
  • White House Black Market Gift Bag: Bath & Body Works hand gel and holder; handy battery-operated fan; drawer/closet freshener; chocolate and candies; coupons.
  • Brooks Brothers Canvas bag + coupon
  • Kitchen Collection mini GreenPan which was probably my fave 🙂 I will have to try it out because if it is really that good, then I will be making the switch!

Here’s some of us, tired and hungry after going around the stores! Thanks to Italia Express for generously providing delicious pizzas (not shown) and bread sticks.

And in case it wasn’t obvious, I HAD A BLAST! Thank you so much to Robyne, Penny and Chelsea who made this event a success. I am definitely looking forward to the next! Thanks to Allen Premium Outlets for hosting our Blogger Shop Around! 🙂 And if you are ever in need of some retail therapy… with major sales coming up, don’t forget to visit any of the Premium Outlet Centers near you! 🙂



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