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I know what you’re thinking! Why am I talking about swimwear when we’re now enjoying the colder months of the year? Well, that… my friends… is thinking ahead… and saving big! One of the money-saving tips I’d like to share with you today is planning ahead and buying off-season. Sure, you won’t be using it in the next 3 months but if you just used and abused the only swimwear you have left last summer, then for sure you’ll be needing one next year! So if you’ve got some money to spare, why not grab some cheap bikini bottoms now while they are on really low prices?

These are just some of the sale bikini bottoms I found at the online shop My Curves and Me! It’s Panache’s sister company that offers great fit, support and comfort in all their lingerie and swimwear products. Right now, they have an ongoing swimwear sale and these bikini bottoms I’ve featured are all under GBP 12.00! Imagine the savings of 50% or more! If you are certain you’ll be needing a new swimsuit for next year’s planned beach getaway, then grab one today.

Now you’re probably thinking, how am I supposed to pick one if I don’t know what would be trendy at that time? It’s still a couple of months away so what if I buy a piece that will be out of trend next year? Well, I’ve got some swimwear shopping tips to share with you!

  1. Stick to classics. Every bought a gold lame one-piece swimsuit/monokini before, only to wear it once? Well here’s the thing dear – when it comes to bikinis, I suggest going for classic styles. If you’re planning to prolong the life of your swimwear and wear it to a couple of pool parties and beach getaways, stick to pieces that are timeless. This means basic styles that won’t go out of trend after one season. The usual two-piece with a flattering (to your body shape) bikini bottom and a matching top that again, should be flattering on your specific body type, is a classic go-to swimwear whatever the occasion may be.
  2. Go for basic colors or choose brights and prints that aren’t too crazy. Sure, every now and then neon pops up here and there. But it’s not a classic color that will last a lifetime. Blacks and whites are elegant and sexy swimsuit colors but you can also go for hues of blues, reds, browns and even pinks, yellows, limes and purples. Just choose a subtle pop of color so it’s never out of trend. As for the print, just don’t go too over the top so you know you can still wear it time and again – plus, you’ll still be able to match it with as many outfits or coverups as you like.
  3. Let the accessories and cover-up do the talking. What if you want to be on trend every single time? A classic black bikini is sure a safe option but you find it too boring for your taste. Well my dear, it’s all about styling! Play it up with printed coverups, bright shorts, beaded arm parties, straw hats, statement sunglasses or even the biggest pair of earrings you can find! Pile on the gold and ask yourself, “who’s the snooze now?”

So now that you’re ready, there are a couple of classic and basic styles of cheap bikini bottoms at My Curves and Me – all for your taking! Happy swimwear shopping!



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