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Great monday friends! The past couple of days have been busy and I haven’t been able to snap new photos for a Mani Monday nor a Weekly Wear post. So, I checked my photo archive and noticed I haven’t even shared these photos of my new baby.

I got an iPhone 5 about a week after they were released. I didn’t reserve or pre-order online. Knowing that there was a long wait, I just told myself it won’t be anytime that I’ll be upgrading my iPhone 4. However, on one of our coffee hang out days at a nearby cafe, we checked at the Apple store and found out you can order from 10 pm to 4 am (depends on availability) and pick it up the next day at the local Apple store of your choice. And that’s exactly what I did. That night, I was late a few minutes in checking and they sold out right away. The following day, I forgot to order and checked pass 12 midnight and obviously, stocks were gone. The day after that, I was just in time. So lo and behold…

The new iPhone 5, the new lightning cable and the new Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

I absolutely love my new iPhone 5. I love the LTE coverage. Overall, my new phone is way faster, clearer, more efficient and I’m loving the bigger screen. But what I love the most is the super light weight phone that feels like you’re not holding anything! I love the clearer front camera too! And of course, I love my new accessories…

I went with nothing but the best protector screen – the Invisible Shield in HD! Yes, high definition screen that is! It is expensive at $30 but it’s a great screen protector with a lifetime warranty! And of course, I chose a really beautiful printed case – chevron in coral and white colors as seen in my previous post. I super love it! I was kinda worried that there were no iPhone 5 cases in most of my fave brands yet but after checking Best Buy what they had, I was excited to find this super cute iPhone 5 case!

Well, I really wanted to make another video of the new features that I’m loving on my new iPhone 5, but just didn’t have time. All I can say is SIRI is new and improved by a million times! I know there are a lot of people complaining about the new maps on iPhone 5/iOS that got someone fired… but heck, I actually love it! It’s not your usual GPS but for a smart phone map? It’s awesome! I maybe biased, but what can I say? I’ll forever be an APPLE lover! 🙂



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