Warming Up

As the temperatures drop and the days get dark and dreary, most people are looking for fashionable ways to stay warm and comfortable. When you’re at home you may rely on your favorite sweats or pajamas and a great Barefoot Dreams robe or a blanket for comfort. However, you can’t always be at home, and when you go out you have to be a little more presentable.

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From Underneath Out

To ensure you’ll be warm, it is important to wear the right things under it all. For example, you might want to consider thermal under clothes and thermal socks. These garments will protect your body from losing heat and keep you warm. This type of underclothing is designed to fit snug. It’s ideal for wearing under just about anything. I personally prefer to wear leg warmers or leggings underneath my pants to keep me warm all day and night.

Layers Work

When you dress in layers you insulate your body. Air is trapped in each layer so the more layers the better. Beginning with your underclothing, you then add a shirt, followed by a jacket, sweater or over shirt, and finally your coat. This gives you control in ways to regulate your body temperature. When you are warm you can open up or remove one or two layers until you find a level of comfort.

Fabric Choices

The fabrics your clothes are made of can make a huge difference in how warm they are. In general natural fabrics are an excellent option for warmth. This includes leather and wool. Knitted garments are also very warm. Unless you are concerned with adding a wind-breaking quality you should avoid synthetic fabrics. These materials do not have the ‘breathing’ quality that natural fabrics do. If you sweat it will not evaporate, which means you will become cold.

Keep Your Head, Hands, and Feet Warm

If you don’t wear a hat or other head gear, you will lose a lot of body heat. With that in mind you should either buy a jacket or coat with a hood or wear a hat, toboggan or other type of head covering. Ear muffs can also be great.

Gloves are a must have during the winter months. If you will be outdoors for long periods of time you may want to wear mittens over your gloves. Warm socks will keep your feet comfortable. In addition, you might want to consider boots designed for warmth. There are lots of styles available. You can choose insulated designs or boots with fur lining.

Winter Coats

When it comes to clothes for cold weather, a fabulous winter coat can be the best investment you make. Those with down insulation are extremely warm. Coats with hoods offer a covering for your head. In fact, many hoods can be worn over other types of head coverings.
The warmest coats will provide a seal-like fit to your body. For instance, the wrist may be elasticized and there may be a draw string at the waist.



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