A Promise of Love and Life

A ring is more than just a metal or a precious stone.

It’s a promise of love and life.

When my Husband and I got married, we didn’t have much time to go ring hunting like most couples. We’ve long planned to say our I Do’s, but we didn’t expect it to come too early after a life-changing situation of having to move thousands of miles away from home for a job offer. Of course, we wouldn’t let that keep us thousands of miles apart. We knew what we wanted…

…to bind ourselves forever!

But that meant not having enough time to plan for everything, including finding THE ring that we want. But it was okay because we have forever to plan everything and do it all over again

the way we want to

Over the years, I’ve been taking down notes. Planning the wedding we both want.

  • We both DON’T want those pre-marriage or pre-nuptial photos.
  • I know what I’ll wear (the something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue) and I know what I want him to wear (since he’s not a picky dresser).
  • I have in mind what my bridesmaids will be wearing (something fashionable of course).

and so on… Of course, a lot of details are still to be decided, including THE ring.

Recently, I’ve been checking on wedding rings ever since I got blinded by those diamonds passing by a jewelry shop window in the mall. And I was surprised at the selections they make now because I feel like there are more options now – at every price point – just like Ernest Jones Wedding Jewellery which was recently introduced to me as well. The platinum wedding rings are exquisite and I love how the men’s wedding rings are so sleek and simple yet gives off that luxurious feel. The photo above with the two platinum wedding rings are actually from the jeweller and they hit every point I’m looking for in a pair of wedding rings!

Perhaps you’re looking for a nice pair of wedding ring yourself, I’d totally recommend visiting Ernest Jones. In fact, it’s what has inspired me to create this video below. Pardon if I got carried away… but diamond rings tend to do that to you…

P.S. It’s best to view the video in HD. Enjoy!



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  1. awww I can relate Cris! this is exactly the same reason why Reg and I didn’t have a big wedding as well! He had to move to Seattle and we didn’t wanna be far from each other so we ended up tying the knot a little too early! No regrets though because you’re right, we can plan it someday! And this is why we plan to renew our vows someday and to finally take advantage of the opportunity of having that wedding we want. I can just picture your wedding someday..I’m sure it’ll be fashionably beautiful. 🙂

    1. Thanks Anna! I didn’t know you guys were the same. But yes, it would be great to renew our vows and have the wedding we want, right? 🙂 I’m sure yours will be perfect especially with your awesome party planning skills!

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