{Beauty} Clarins Double Serum Launch in Dallas

Last Friday, March 1, I’ve had an amazing afternoon with the team of Clarins. Their latest product, Double Serum was launched here in Dallas at Dillard’s NorthPark Center and I’ve got you covered on all the deets!

I arrived a little early, thanks to my personal chauffeur, so they got me started with a makeover! As I was all made up, I was treated to a full cleanse before applying the serum, creams and makeup with these soothing Clarins products…


They removed my makeup, cleansed and toned my face, applied their latest product – Clarins Double Serum and continued on with the moisturizers, creams and makeup!


That’s my beautiful skin specialist right up there! The whole process of the makeover deserves another post. So stay tuned for that.


After I was done, we gathered around and Erin Cohen, PR Director at Clarins, welcomed a handful of us writers and bloggers and introduced us to their latest products starting with the Clarins Double Serum.


They showed us a video to help us understand what the Double Serum is all about. It’s a complete age control concentrate – a new scientific breakthrough that combines 20 pure plant extracts with high-tech molecules that hydrates, nourishes, protects, oxidizes and regenerates skin! Those are 5 vital functions (more on that below) that you cannot find in other anti-aging treatment products! Clarins Double Serum is deemed as the best of nature and science in one product – thanks to 27 years of anti-aging expertise.


Clarins Beauty and Skincare Expert Brenton Kearley then talked more about the Double Serum. This double formula is a feat of technology. As we know, water and oil is an impossible combination. But thanks to the unique Hydric + Lipidic System of Clarins Double Serum presented in side-by-side chambers, it is possible to combine the water- and oil- soluble ingredients without any use of emulsifiers and no risk of incompatibility and instability. The double pump ensures that the two formulas are mixed only on application and is always released in an ideal balanced ratio.


He proceeded by showing us how to apply the double serum on the beautiful Joy Doustan, one of the PR supervisors/organizers of this campaign. Slightly warm the product on your hands, apply to the face and neck without pressing, and then gently press onto your cheeks, forehead and neck. As simple as that! And what do you get?

5 Vital Functions

  1. Hydration. Double Serum offers about 75% more hydration for up to 4 hours after application. This delays the appearance of wrinkles and maintains skin’s softness and comfort! The ingredients that help in this function is Burdock, Marshmallow, Katafray, PCaNa and Double Hyaluronic Acid.
  2. Nutrition. Double Serum promotes cell nutrition by increasing the speed at which nutriends penetrate the skin cells. It provides 12% more carbohydrates, 20% more lipids and 19% more proteins. Skin’s suppleness is restored, thanks to the Macadamia, Kiwi and Perilla ingredients found in the Double Serum.
  3. Oxygenation. Double Serum enhances cell oxygenation by 18% which in turn gives skin its radiance. This is made possible by the Musk Rose, Maritime Pine and Arnica plants in the Double Serum.
  4. Protection. Double Serum stimulates the activity of 2 genes, OXR1 and PARP1, involved in skin protection by 140% more. OXR1 is the gene involved in skin resistance to oxidation and PARP1 is the gene involved in DNA repair. Because of this, your skin is protected against premature aging. The key ingredients that helps in this process are the Pistachio, Green Tea, Quinoa, Oxydendron and Vitamin E.
  5. Regeneration. DOuble Serum boosts production of collagen and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which are responsible for skin firmness and density. The Collagen synthesis is up by 915% in and GAGs synthesis is up 170% in 7 days. This boost helps maintain the skin’s firm, smooth and dense appearance. The ingredients behind this are: Green Banana, Bocoa, Hops, Lemon Thyme, Survixyl IS, Avocado, Oats and Phytosphingosine.


The Double Serum was tested on all skin types, all ages and all ethnicities, and 90% of women find it more effective than their current serum. After 4 weeks of use, test showed:

  • 87% Firmer Skin
  • 79% Reduced Wrinkles
  • 88% More Even Skin Tone
  • 88% Less Visible Pores

Now I’m all up to the challenge and will put this Clarins Double Serum to the test. My current issues with my skin is uneven skin tone in some areas (some tiny dark spots which seem to be sun damage). I also want less visible pores. And since I recently entered my 30s (oh no), I’d like to prevent wrinkles and saggy skin as long as I can! Let’s see how the Double Serum will work out for me. I’ll be posting a review and the results in a month!

If you’d like to try yourself (I’ve heard great reviews), they are now available at Clarins counters nationwide and at Clarins.com for $85.


Other products that they introduced to us that day aside from the Double Serum are the Clarins Rouge Eclat age-defying lipsticks, $26, and the BB Skin Perfecting Cream, $40, which are now available in stores. I’ll be posting separate reviews for these products as well.


After they discussed the products, the rest went on with their makeovers at the Clarins counter at Dillards NorthPark Center.



I certainly had a lovely afternoon and glad I still made it despite the sore throat and colds. Thanks to the Clarins team for organizing this event and many many thanks for these beauty products! I’m gonna have a lot of fun trying and testing them out!




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