MFJ Hosts City Chic Posh Party

City Chic Posh Party

Tonight, I’ll be hosting the City Chic Posh Party over at the Poshmark app! So fellow Poshers, please join me on the fun today, August 6, 2013 at 7PM CST. Are you excited? I know I am and I can’t wait. I’ve been preparing since yesterday.

City Chic Posh Party

City Chic Posh Party

Since yesterday, I have been going through different listings, liking items that I will most likely share at the City Chic Party tonight. So if you’ve got anything in your closet that you think is perfect for the City Chic theme, leave me a comment and I’ll check out your closet! Anything that looks oh so chic and perfect for a day in the city will be shared! So help me find those goodies! Check out the complete list of hosts and Posh Party themes for this week over at the Poshmark blog. I’m actually very honored to be the only one hosting solo this week. Thank you Poshmark!

New to Poshmark?

So, if you haven’t joined in on the bandwagon, you’re missing a lot. Read my post about Poshmark here to get started! I’m telling you, this free iPhone/iPad app that let’s you sell and shop other people’s closets is a lot of fun. Not only that, but you get to update your closet on a regular basis. Got clothes and other fashion items that haven’t seen the light of day? I’m sure someone else will love and use it endlessly. Turn it to extra moolah for your needs or for new purchases. It’s all up to you! And when you download and register the app, make sure to enter this code HBMHJ to get a $5 shopping credit!

MFJ Guest-Blogging at Poshmark’s Blog

Lastly, with over 2 million followers on the Poshmark app, I have been constantly asked for tips on how I get a lot of followers and sales. Well, I am guest-blogging over at the Poshmark Blog today to share with you awesome tips to help you get started. I hope you practice each one and start growing your numbers! See you tonight at the City Chic Posh Party  folks! Xo.



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