Radiant Orchid: 2014 Color of the Year

It’s the last couple of days of 2013 which means a new year is just around the corner. That means countdowns, resolutions, top and best lists of the year, and more are in order. To get your wardrobe prepared for 2014, I’m sharing with you the 2014 color of the year! Ladies and gents, say hello to the color of Radiant Orchid!

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Radiant Orchid: 2014 Color of the Year

For 2013, the Pantone Color of the year was Emerald Green, as I have mentioned in this post last year. 2012 was Tangerine Tango. Now the 2014 color of the year is Radiant Orchid and I’m loving it! Back in middle school, I’ve developed my love for all things purple, violet, lavender and plum among other shades in that color family. I may have inherited that love from my mom. I remember at one point, all you can see inside my bag is purple or lavender – from my wallet, cosmetic case, pens, hankies, facial tissue, clips, organizer, etc. As I matured and endeavored numerous fashion risks, the love of purple has become less apparent. Gold, black and white have been more imminent, but that doesn’t stop me from liking purple as it is! So ever since Pantone (the global authority on colors) have announced last December 5 that their color of the year is Radiant Orchid, I started collecting all things purple, including our outfits for New Year’s Eve.


Wearing Color of the Year for New Year’s Eve

It has been my fashion tradition to wear the color of the year on New Year’s/New Year’s Eve. See last New Year’s casualĀ outfit in Emerald Green here. I don’t believe I’m a superstitious person, but I have been accustomed to certain traditions during NYE. Some of which are preparing 13 round fruits on the table for prosperity, wearing something new (suggestive of fortune, being able to wear new things throughout the year), wearing something polka dots (symbolizing coins for fortune), ensuring all pockets and wallet has bills and coins (again for fortune), and when the clock strikes 12, jumping (to grow taller, usually for kids) and making noise through car horns, fireworks, drums and so on (to drive bad omen away). Whether or not they are effective, these are so much fun to do. These are traditions that I look forward to each end of the year. And for the past two years or so, I’ve added wearing the color of the year to those New Year’s traditions. Since it has been a tradition to wear something new on New Year’s Eve/Day, I made sure to shop for items that are in the upcoming color of the year. Now you maybe wondering why I don’t do lucky color of the year instead. Aside from the fact that you will need to consider birth dates and which Feng Shui you’d follow, Chinese New Year doesn’t fall on January 1st. Based on the Chinese calendar, New Year falls on January 31 for 2014. Thus, it’s color of the year for me on January 1st!


I already #fabfound at Marshalls, a purple Ralph Lauren shirt for the Hubby. And I found a purple Mossimo sweater on clearance at Target!


And yep, I’ll be rocking purple nails too, which again I found at… you guessed it right. Target! Do you know this set only costs $5? This is a great stocking stuffer! And I may have picked up a purple rabbit phone case there too. It was $10 and on sale for 20% off. You better check out their cute tech accessories on sale. Also perfect stocking stuffer for tweens to ladies like us!


Ready to rock the Radiant Orchid color? Found you some nice pieces for the whole family!



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