Un-Frozen: Moisturize with SteamCream plus 10 Ways to Stay Hydrated

10 Ways to Stay Hydrated during winter season, moisturize, hydration, winter storms, polar vortex

Hello FROZEN America! How is the Polar Vortex treating you? With temperatures like -20s (Fahrenheit) mixed with the wind chill, exposed skin can freeze up in minutes. Make sure you bundle up and be careful when going outside. Some are looking like Ninjas just to get to their mail box. It is that crazy in most states up north! Dry, freezing skin can be irritating, most of all not good for your health. Skin irritation, blisters, easy to bruise – NO PLEASE! And do you want fine lines showing up in your skin? How about the powdery white parts in your hands? Me neither. PLUS, dry and dehydrated skin will make you look older! A moisturized and plump skin will make you look more youthful! So today, I’m sharing my secret for moisturizing my face, hands and body during this Polar Vortex with 10 other ways to stay hydrated during the Winter storms and throughout the cold season. Let’s get un- FROZEN shall we?

10 Ways to Stay Hydrated During Winter, hydration, beauty routine, freezing temperature

Just a side note: The photo above was taken before the Polar Vortex. You will need a thicker coat, beanie, hoodie, gloves and winter boots today and for the next couple of days. I don’t want you to freeze if you try to pull the outfit I’m wearing above! Now on to my moisturizing secret!

10 Ways to Stay Hydrated During Winter, hydration, beauty routine, steam cream, moisturize


I was lucky to have been given this new-to-me skincare from SteamCream! Even better, they sent me the limited edition tin inspired by the Japanese idiom ‘Ume Ni Uguisu’, meaning ‘a great match’. Yes, it is a great match indeed because I’m loving this product so much!

Know more about STEAMCREAM

To celebrate the New Year STEAMCREAM launched a limited edition tin inspired by the Japanese idiom ‘Ume Ni Uguisu’, meaning ‘a great match’. The Japanese plum (Ume) and the Bush Warbler (Uguisu) symbolise new beginnings as traditionally their arrival announces the beginning of Spring.

Ingredients in STEAMCREAM like rose and neroli keep skin flexible and supple, while our palm-free vegetable based glycerine naturally holds moisture in the skin, keeping it plump and smoothing the appearance of fine lines. It might be another year on the calendar, but thanks to STEAMCREAM’s beautiful, hardworking ingredients your skin will tell another story!

The beautiful Ume Ni Uguisu tin design is the perfect pick-me-up during the frosty winter months, reminding us of the exciting opportunities a new year brings, while the cream inside will rescue winter weather beaten skin. STEAMCREAM’s intensive, rapid hydration injects life instantly without leaving a greasy residue. Ingredients like almond oil soften rough, dry skin, while lovely lavender oil both calms your skin and your mood.

STEAMCREAM’s 75g tin is the perfect travel companion as it fits easily in your handbag, beauty bag or travel case. Wherever this year takes you, STEAMCREAM can follow, while the beautiful ‘Ume Ni Uguisu’ tin reminds you of how STEAMCREAM is the perfect match for your skin.

10 Ways to Stay Hydrated During Winter, hydration, beauty routine, steam cream, moisturize

My Thoughts on STEAMCREAM

When I saw that it had already won Beauty Insider’s Choice previously, I knew I was in for a treat. The scent is soothing to the point that it’s relaxing and therapeutic. It’s not greasy at all which surprises me since creams can get a little too oily at times. I love that I can use it on my face, hands and body all at the same time. And finally, it works! It’s a great moisturizer for my face. I put it after my serums and before my primer if I’m applying makeup. Oh, and of course, the packaging is perfect! It’s not bulky to bring anywhere I go, plus, the tin design is too cute!

If you’re curious to try it yourself, you can buy online at www.steamcream.com. You’ll have fun checking out the various SteamCream tin designs they offer, you might end up buying more than just one! They retail for $20 and they offer free worldwide delivery too! Had I known this before the Holidays, this would have been a great Christmas gift for my girlfriends! I myself want to collect all of the tins. They are just too cute. Now I’m eager to finish my SteamCream so I can order! Haha!

steamcream, moisturizer

Now that I’ve shared with you my secret to a well-moisturized skin, here are 10 tips to keep you hydrated during the winter season especially during winter storms like what we’re encountering this week!

10 Ways to Stay Hydrated during winter season, moisturize, hydration, winter storms, polar vortex

10 Ways to Stay Hydrated during Winter Storms

  1. INCREASE WATER INTAKE: This is a no-brainer. If you hate drinking water, you’ll have to come to terms with your issue. The cold air outside plus the dry air from the heater inside will cause dehydration. So make sure to drink more glasses of water than your usual intake.
  2. LESSEN ALCOHOL: It may warm you up for some time but it will dehydrate you in the process. Not so good for your skin and your body! But if you must, make sure to down some extra glasses of water!
  3. BATH TIME: Take shorter showers during winter season. Longer baths will get rid of the natural oils in your body.
  4. LUKEWARM BATHS: Stay away from HOT baths. I am guilty of this because I love really hot showers. But since early last year, I have been staying away from hot baths because not only will it dry up your skin, it will also cause hair fall. Scalp will dry up and hair strands weaken.
  5. DRY SCALP: Scalp is also part of our skin and that means it can also get dry just like your face, hands and body. Try switching to a shampoo and/or conditioner that has selenium sulfide to avoid dry, flaking scalp.
  6. MOISTURIZING BODY WASH: This is the time to use those body washes and leave solid soaps for summer. You’ll want to go with oil-based body wash like those with shea butter, etc.
  7. BODY LOTIONS FOR DRY SKIN: During summer, I use a light body lotion so it’s not too oily and not sticky when temps get high. But during the winter season, switch to moisturizing body lotions for dry skin to make sure you’re well moisturized and skin is hydrated!
  8. MOISTURIZE LIPS: Lips have no oil glands. So when it’s dry and windy, you tend to lick your lips as the air gets drier and drier. Problem is, your saliva can make it even worse. Use lip balm that has vaseline and make sure to apply as often as possible, not just before leaving the house. So make sure you have one in your pocket, one in your bag and another at home or in your office desk. We know how these little things can get lost easily.
  9. LIQUID FACIAL CLEANSERS: Stay away from bar soaps when washing your face. Use liquid facial cleansers so as not to strip your face of its natural oils. Go for creamy textures as much as possible and try to avoid the scrubs for now.
  10. SWITCH TO CREAMS: For summer, you’ll want to go with water-based products. But to stay hydrated during the cold weather, it’s all about CREAMS. Just like with the facial cleansers I mentioned above, it’s all about switching to cream-based products. Try a cream moisturizer for your face, hands and body, just like STEAMCREAM! 🙂



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