Cultivated Skincare from Colorado Aromatics

Colorado Aromatics, Cultivated Skincare, beauty

I love discovering new skincare brands. Love it even more when I find out they are natural, plant-based, farm-based, sustainable and eco-friendly. That’s what I learned about Colorado Aromatics. This cultivated skincare is scientifically crafted and formulated with herbs grown on their Colorado farm. So when I was approached by the founder, Dr. Cindy Jones, I had to give the products a try.

Colorado Aromatics, Cultivated Skincare, beauty

The Founder and the Company

Dr. Cindy Jones earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Cincinnati. She has been involved in cancer biology for years. Aside from that, she’s an herbalist, a college instructor and published author. She’s a highly sought-after research and development consultant to natural cosmetic and skin care industry leaders in the country. Just hearing the founder’s background is enough to convince me that she is an expert at what she does. But what I like even more is that she and her brand, value and support local farms and are often seen at farmers market supporting businesses. They donate products for local fundraisers, and provide soap to local shelters and victims of forest fires. A company like that is a brand I would love to support.

Colorado Aromatics Skincare Products

Colorado Aromatics skin care line is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Their products include face, body and bath care products. I was provided with the Meadow Mist Face Cleanser, Razz Skin Tightening Serum, Springtime Gold Anti-Aging Face Cream, Lavender Distillates/toner and the Lavender Shea Soap. So I put these skincare products to the test and I’m ready to share with you my experience. Let’s talk about it one by one.

  1. Lavender Shea Soap. I used this as my body soap for a couple of days. This Shea soap has organic oils and Colorado Lavender buds. The soap smelled so good even just after opening the box. Based on experience from other brands, crafted soap usually doesn’t last that long. But this comes in a hard soap bar that actually lasts long. Oh and did you know that SHEA is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, soothing, and has cell regenerative properties for healing and improves skin texture as well? Didn’t know that before.
  2. Meadow Mist Face Cleanser. This cleanser is like a gentle milk cleanser that has hydrolyzed oats for moisturizing the face and supporting collagen production.  It also contains jojoba beads for a very mild exfoliation. I tend to avoid beads during winter time but this one was very gentle to the skin. Aside from that it’s got mallow and rose to soften the skin. The willow component, on the other hand helps remove dead skin cells. I love the result of this cleanser is doing to my skin. Since using it, my face looks brighter and moisturized.
  3. Lavender Distillates. It’s a facial mist and toner in one. These are distillates form herbs grown on Colorado farm. They are aromatic yet unlike essential oils since they contain the water soluble aromatics of the plant. I spray this during the day when I need a refresher and it instantly boosts my mood and wakes me up. But since it also acts as a toner, I also spray it after cleansing my face.
  4. Razz Skin Tightening Serum. After cleansing and toning, I apply this serum next. It’s oil free. Best of all, it lifts and tightens my skin. It also helps decrease the puffiness around the eyes. Oh how I hate the puffy eyes I easily get every time. Thankfully, this serum is helping in that department and I have noticed the difference.
  5. Springtide Gold Anti-aging Face Cream. After the serum, I moisturize my face and neck with this cream. Again, I noticed how it makes my face brighter and skin firmer. I love the effect of this product on my face but I have to be honest that it smells like a vegetable. It must be the fennel extract in it that I smell which I’m not a fan of. But if it helps improve and maintain healthy skin, I’m okay with that.

Colorado Aromatics

If you’d like to learn more about Colorado Aromatics and the rest of the products they offer, please check out their website at I would love for you to try out their products and support businesses like these. They maybe a small business but they are helping communities and promoting best practices all while producing great beauty products. And make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates on the brand and their products. In fact, they are hosting a sweepstakes right now and I am inviting you to join.



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    1. The shea soap smells really good and comes in a big bar. Forgot to mention that it’s just a wrapper above since the soap has already been used before I got to take a picture (my bad, hehe).

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