Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him

Yesterday, we talked about Valentines Day gift ideas for the woman in your life (or a hint post for your man). So today, let’s talk Valentines Day gift ideas for him. No we’re not giving him roses or a bouquet of flowers. No offense to those who do, but I find it weird when women give men flowers! Ladies, if you want to show them you love them, then give them what they want. Here are a variety of gifts at different price points.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him

Custom Shirts in his Favorite Characters

Valentines Day gifts don’t have to be expensive. You can get your man something more fancy schmancy on his birthday, on your anniversary or on Christmas Day (if you celebrate). For Valentines, a little something to show him how he means to you is enough. Quirky shirts in your guy’s favorite cartoon character, TV show, sports team, computer or console game are great and fun ideas. Got a man who loves Duck Dynasty? How about a huge fan of a sports team such as the Dallas Cowboys (don’t hate)? Or perhaps he loves to play Call of Duty? What about the guys who watch cartoons like Dragon Ball Z or Initial D? I’m sure he’s into something. So get him a shirt, a cap, boxers, sweater or hoodie emblazoned with his favorite! Shown here is a white shirt with the kid Goku from Dragon Ball Z. This shirt was sent to us by the lovely team at HiCustom who customizes T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, caps and phone cases among others. You can choose pre-made designs or customize your own. They maybe inexpensive items but I tell you, they were of good quality! If you have been wanting to design your own shirt or want to order shirts for your team, I highly recommend HiCustom. Check out their website at

Valentines Day Gifts For Him, Hi-Custom, shirts, cartoon theme


Giving him a watch can signify you are giving him your time. But like I said, your Valentines Day gift doesn’t have to be really expensive. And you can buy a watch that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Timex has great looking watches for men and women under $100. I was lucky enough to get Timex’s help on giving the Husband a gift. It’s also his birthday month, so not only did he get a Goku shirt, he also got a Timex Expedition Compass Digital watch that retails for $95. Yay! He loves it so much he has been wearing it non-stop ever since receiving it in the mail. Thank you Timex!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him, Timex, watch, expedition, digital watch, compass


Pretty sure your man likes to smell good to seduce you! Haha. And in turn, I’m pretty sure you love a man who smells good. So, it’s a win-win! Amp up the chemistry with a great scent. There are a lot of tried and tested Men’s perfume that you and your man will both love. May I suggest Acqua di Gio, Bvlgari Aqva, Issey Miyake or Clinique Happy?

Best Buy Gift Card

And when all else fails, get him a Best Buy gift card! Name your price and he picks his gift. You can be practical and let him choose what he loves best. Thanks to Best Buy for providing us with a gift card. It has been forwarded to the Hubby to add to his Birthday/Valentines Day gifts! He’s been lucky so far, getting all the Best Buy GC’s I get for being a Best Buy WOLF Blogger. He’s been getting Blu-Ray movies and games out of the GC’s I forward to him. 🙂 So if you’re running out of time, you can get an electronic gift card here.

Valentines Day Gifts for him, Best Buy, gift card, electronic gc

Disclosure: I was provided with the HiCustom shirt, Timex watch and Best Buy gift card featured here. However, this list was made/written by me and all opinions are my own. I wasn’t required to create this gift guide.



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