Gifted Myself with Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

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As a member of the #CollectiveBias ® Social Fabric® Community, I was compensated to get a new phone and plan, and write and share my story and personal opinion on its advertiser, Walmart #FamilyMobile as part of a social shopper amplification. Note that all opinions are 100% my own.

As a blogger who needs to be “online” almost all of the time, looking for the lowest priced unlimited plans is one of my top priorities. With cheap wireless plans popping here and there, the husband and I have already been talking about making the switch for months. If it means more savings, we’re all ears.

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Since Tax Season is here, we thought it was the perfect time to try the cheaper options out there. Some people will be using their Tax return on upgrading their home. Some will use it for a summer vacation. Some will use their Tax Dollars on their obsessions, read: bags, watch, car upgrades, gadgets, etc. And us? We thought about switching to a new wireless provider, starting with me as the guinea pig! Hah! Besides, I’m the active blogger who needs to check her emails every minute, post updates on my social media, stay connected with loved ones from far away, and so on. So getting a new phone and plan seemed like the perfect “Tax Season” and Valentines Day gift. Even better that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Imagine buying a new phone and wireless plan that will save you more than your current one. Talk about maxing out your tax dollars! We were sold! #MaxYourTax

Gifted Myself with one of the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

So after some research, we found that Walmart Family Mobile has one of the lowest Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web plans in the market at the moment. Walmart best plans right now are the $29.88 Unlimited Talk Text and for $10 more, you get unlimited web/data too! Those are perhaps the cheapest wireless plans I’ve heard so far!

Walmart, #FamilyMobile, #MaxYourTax, #shop, #cbias, shop, mobile plans, wireless

So the other day, I went to Walmart to check it out in person and see what smart phones were available. I was surprised to see a couple of nice and decent phone options below $100! I’m definitely maxing my tax dollars for these. I was so happy with the deal I got. And you know what’s even better? It was so easy to get a new wireless plan from Walmart Family Mobile! Just pick a phone and grab the SIM card Starter Kit and pay! Literally easy as 1-2-3.

Walmart, #FamilyMobile, #MaxYourTax, #shop, #cbias, shop, mobile plans, wireless

I opted to do the activation online when I get home so I can try how easy it was to setup. And guess what? It’s as easy as setting up a new email from say, Yahoo, MSN or Google! If you can create a new email account, then you can activate a new phone online. So what phone did I get? I ended up getting this.

Walmart, #FamilyMobile, #MaxYourTax, #shop, #cbias, shop, mobile plans, wireless

Walmart, #FamilyMobile, #MaxYourTax, #shop, #cbias, shop, mobile plans, wireless

I got the One Touch Evolve from Alcatel. It runs on Android OS, has a 4 inch Hi-Res touchscreen, rear and front cameras, HSPA+ Speeds capable, 1GHz single core processor. It’s not bad at all especially for a smart phone under $100. It’s $79.88 to be exact. And for $7 more, I got a 2-year warranty with it too! Such a good deal if you’d ask me! But the real highlight here is the cheapest wireless plans Walmart Family Mobile is currently offering!

Walmart, #FamilyMobile, #MaxYourTax, #shop, #cbias, shop, mobile plans, wireless

Walmart Family Mobile is powered by T Mobile. So you see the area coverage on the map above? Yes, not bad at all. And it’s got excellent coverage in the area where I live. So it was perfect for me! You can check the coverage in your area by visiting Walmart Family Mobile. And did I mention that there’s no contract at all and you can upgrade or cancel at any time? Oh yeah! If you ask me, this is the best use of our Tax Dollars! I’ve given myself a gift that gives me more savings! Now that’s my kind of Valentines Day gift!

Walmart, #FamilyMobile, #MaxYourTax, #shop, #cbias, shop, mobile plans, wireless

So how about you? What are you planning to get from your tax refund? Have you thought about making the switch? Look and shop around for the cheapest wireless plans in the market and you’ll agree with me. Walmart Family Mobile has one of the cheapest wireless plans today! And P.S., you still have 4 days to get this for your loved one. You can thank me later. 🙂



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  1. We almost bought a Family Mobile plan, but we wanted new fancy phones and didn’t want to shell out up front for them. Walmart was the cheapest plan around though! I did a lot of research!

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