Restoring my Hair with HASK

Hask hair Products, beauty, bath

Before I headed to New York for New York Fashion Week, these Hask hair products came in the mail. It was perfect timing! I needed some pampering before I leave for the craziness that is NYFW and Argan Oil seems to be the perfect solution. Full disclosure, I have already been using Argan Oil on my hair after each bath. And recently, I discovered the brand Hask. I’ve been using the Healing Shine treatment and it has done wonders to my hair. So when Hask and Brandbacker offered to send a variety of hair products, I couldn’t resist. They sent me this.

Hask hair Products, beauty, bath

Restoring my Hair with HASK

I’ve told you before that my hair has gone through a lot – numerous hair dyes, perm, straightening treatments, hair relaxers, heat damage, etc. So my hair hasn’t been the same virgin hair for which I was awarded recognition back in middle school. Haha! It was just one of those wacky/informal awards we had back in sophomore year (if I remember correctly). So anyway, I’ve been slowly trying to restore my hair and I’m glad to have received Hask’s hair products to put to the test.

Argan Oil from Morocco

In case you haven’t heard, Argan Oil from Morocco has been dubbed as the “Miracle Oil”. It helps revive and restore the look of frizzy and rebellious hair. I have already been using Argan Oil in my hair routine. So pretty much, I already know that I will love the Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner from Hask. I haven’t tried it yet because I went with the Keratin Protein first and you’ll know why later on. But as a first impression – I love the scent of these products. I love that they are free of sulfates and parabens which are harmful to the hair. So far so good.

Keratin Protein

Now another growing trend in hair care is the Keratin Protein. Keratin protein is known to give dry and frizzy hair a makeover by strengthening and smoothing every strand from the inside and out. Again, Hask’s Keratin Protein shampoo and conditioner are free from sulfates and parabens. At the same time, it also smells good. Now I told you above that I started using Hask’s Keratin Protein shampoo and conditioner first. Why? Because it claims to smooth every strand of hair from the inside and out – and that’s exactly what I need right now. Like I mentioned, I’ve been trying to restore my hair. While the Argan Oil has helped in the shine and taming department, the strands still need a lot of help. The outer part of my hair, specifically the ones on the front/sides are course and rough compared to the hair strand in the inner part of the head. Why? Because they are the ones more exposed to outside factors – blow dry, heat, styling, sprays, etc. Now let’s see if Keratin Protein will really smoothen those strands back to normal! I will update you once I see progress!

Hair Treatments

Before leaving for New York Fashion Week, I tried the Keratin Protein smoothing deep conditioning treatment. It claims to soften and prevent breakage in weak and damaged hair. It was pretty relaxing to say the least. But I love that it really did soften my hair like magic. Of course restoring my hair is not an overnight thing, but I reckon with regular use of these Hask products, I’m on my way to my middle school hair! Haha! By the way, in case you noticed the ribbons on the treatment and oils, those are hair ties. Elastic bands can damage, weaken and break your hair. These hair ties are more forgiving and your hair will thank you when you switch. A lot of beauty stores now carry these. Even Sephora has them. Thanks to Hask for sending me some!

Hask hair Products, beauty, bath

Thanks to HASK for sponsoring this post and sending me these hair products to try! Please check out their website at to find out more about the brand and to see all their offerings like Macadamia Oil and Monoi Oil. Hask Hair products are now available at most drug stores and retailers near you. I just saw them at Walgreens a few weeks ago. If you’d like to know where you can get them, you can check here.

To beautiful hair! Xo, Cris.

Hask hair Products, beauty, bath



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  1. Hey Cris. To beautiful hair indeed. That’s what our brand is all about. But enough about us, do you think Hask will work well with hair extensions? You hair is clearly just naturally this beautiful so it would be great to know what you think about this.

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