Progresso Bistro Cups: the New Brew

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Guys, I’m so excited to share with you something new that will make your life easier. It’s perfect for your Keurig brewers. I’m not talking about coffee, even though I’m a self-confessed coffee addict. I’m talking about brewing something else entirely different. I’m talking about brewing your lunch, your dinner or a quick “pick-me-up” with your coffee brewer. Say, what? I’m talking about these Progresso Bistro Cups!!!


Whoever thought about inventing these #BistroCups is pure genius. I cannot stress enough how often I am pressed with time. You’d think as a blogger who works from home, I have all the time in the world? Well… okay maybe there are days when yeah… sure… I can get all the time off in the world that I can muster. But then, I have to make up for lost time. More often than not, I end up having to work late at night… which means… waking up late… which means… leaving no time to fix lunch. But I’m trying to better manage my time and allowing more family time than work. I digress.

So anyway, for those days that I miserably fail with time management, I need quick meal solutions to feed my family stat. That doesn’t mean compromising on taste and quality, guys. I know which days I’d be super busy, so I like to plan our meals ahead of time. Some of my solutions include preparing food the night before a busy day, or cooking enough food for two days. I’ve also been enjoying cooking with a slow cooker because I don’t need to monitor or allow hours for prep time. It’s just dumping ingredients in, turning on the slow cooker, and then wait ’til it’s cooked or you’re ready to eat.

Another one is having quick meals stocked in our pantry – just like these Progresso Bistro Cups. I can easily pair the soup with rice and a simple fried meat or fish… but I can also pair it with a ham or turkey sandwich. When we need a quick “pick me up” or something to warm us on a chilly day, I only need to brew it and enjoy it with some crackers or bread.


It’s super easy to prepare. You only need your Keurig coffee brewer. Just pour the packet into your 16-oz mug, pop the bistro cup into the brewer and start brewing (choose 8 oz), stir the soup, and enjoy. That’s how easy it is. It’s just like making coffee. And if you are wondering whether your coffee will taste different the next time you brew, it doesn’t affect the taste at all. Although in the instructions in the packet, it says to brew a cycle without a bistro cup after, I didn’t taste anything weird in my coffee the next day. I’m impressed.





What I love about the Bistro Cups is that they are also perfect for work, since most offices already have Keurig brewers anyway. You can easily bring a packet and k-cup with you and brew your soup in your mug. It’s a perfect afternoon snack to get you fueled up for the last hours of work. And for those of you who need to pull an all-nighter to get things done (raising my hand), this is a great companion to get you through the night!


Wanna try it out? It’s now available at select retailers and online too. Check here to see where you can find one and to get a $2 off coupon as well. I’ve tried all three flavors and I loved each and everyone of them. But if I had to choose a favorite, it would be this Southwestern-Style Creamy white bean and corn. I have to warn you though, the smell is pretty strong for the Southwestern soup – but it’s really delicious. If you wanna keep it safe, the broccoli & cheese is your best bet!

Try it out and let me know what you think! And, again, don’t forget to get your coupon!



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