Back to School with MagicMeeMees

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Last month, I went to Blogger Bash in New York and had an awesome time. While I had met a couple of beauty, health, food, fashion and home brands, I met even more toy brands. One of the brands that were there was Future of Play. The MagicMeeMees booth immediately caught my eye because of how fun and colorful they look. They were these tiny little guys that looked too cute. But upon learning more about them, I thought they would be great educational toys for Back to School too!


MagicMeeMees light up and react to what they like and don’t like. They have a favorite food and react to it when they see it (when you press their favorite food).


I thought it was a great way to teach kids about food and kinda make a comparison to their school lunches and snacks too. Does your kid like toasts, cupcakes, fruits or hotdogs? Then get the MagicMeeMee that loves the same food as your child. Or collect them all and let your kids have fun. Currently, there are 24 MagicMeeMees and there are 26 yummy surprises (food) to match your MagicMeeMee.


MagicMeeMees are suitable for ages 4 and up. Since they are tiny, the toy food can be a choking hazard for little ones. But I think the doll itself is big enough for 3-year olds to play with especially if an adult is there to watch over your kid while he/she plays with MagicMeeMees.


As soon as my goddaughter saw the MagicMeeMee, Zesty Zully, she wanted to play with it right away. The MagicMeeMees are just way too cute and colorful, they attract the little ones!


To learn more about MagicMeeMees, check out Future of Play’s website here. Wanna know where to get them? Click on the MagicMeeMees below to start collecting. Have fun!

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They also come in these wonderland sets that your kids will love. There are currently 8 worlds to choose from.

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Disclosure: I received the MagicMeeMee toys for free at the Blogger Bash Conference but all opinions are my own. Thanks to Future of Play!



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