4 Tips for Decorating a Space That’s You with Zazzle

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It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE pineapple design lover. Duh! So when I’m decorating a space, I always want touches of the things that I love – like pineapples! It just makes me happy and keeps me in a good mood. So, when you’re decorating a space for you or for your family, it’s always fun to add personal touches to them. It just makes the room feel more YOU.


Decorating a Space That’s You

Whether you’re decorating a dorm (for back to school), your home, your bedroom or a loved one’s room, think of pieces that make you or them happy. What makes you or them smile? A unicorn? Sports? Is it a favorite color? A flower?

To me, the pineapple design makes me happy. So when Zazzle let me choose items from their website, I knew exactly what to get. Here are some tips on how you can add quirky pieces or personal favorites to your space.

4 Decorating Tips for a More Personal Space

1. One-of-a-kind Pillows

You don’t have to go all out crazy ordering a custom thousands-of-dollars sofa, bed or any big piece of furniture. Although, you can do that if you really want to. But some favorites can change over time. You may fall in love with something else you like later on. So don’t commit to a custom $5,000 sofa you might regret in the future. Instead, the easiest and most affordable way to personalize is with pillows and/or throws.


Imagine if I went crazy looking for someone to make me a pineapple sofa. Haha! Just kidding. And no offense if you’ve done this. But look – by adding in a few pillows with my favorite print, I’m able to add something unique to my sofa. Seeing the sofa makes me happy and want to hang out there more often.


Pineapple Pillows c/o Zazzle

2. Desk Accessories Like Notebooks and Pens

If you’re decorating a home office, a dorm, desk area or even your own office or cubicle at work, the easiest way to personalize is through desk accessories. Think notebooks, pens and office supplies. If you love a certain print, pattern, graphic, color or aesthetic, then choose desk accessories that reflect those. The more cohesive they are, the more they will look put-together in your work space!



Pineapple Journal / To-Do Notebook c/o Zazzle

3. Personalized Mugs and Glasses

Mugs and glasses have come a long way. They are no longer being used just for drinking, but also to decorate a desk. They can be used to hold flowers, pens and little knick knacks too. But even if you wanna use them the conventional way, they add a personal touch in your kitchen, desk, nightstands or coffee table.


If you think I chose a pineapple mug – then you’re mistaken. Hah! If you know me, then you know I’m a computer programmer/web developer before I started blogging. So the CODE design was perfect. FYI, my Hubby is also a computer programmer. That’s why I chose this mug, so we can share it!


Travel Mug c/o Zazzle

4. Decorative Trays

I’m all about decorative trays when decorating a space – any space. When I show my husband a new tray or a tray that I like, he always shakes his head. Then, he either says “because we don’t already have a million trays” or tries to copy my voice and say “oh I need more trays”. What can I do? I love trays!

There’s something about trays that keep everything in it look better. Use a decorative tray to hold candles and matches. Use it for flowers and books. Use it for toiletries or beauty products. The ideas are endless! So if you are going to use it in a space, then choose a design that you will resonate with the most.


Serving Tray c/o Zazzle

Decorating with Zazzle

I was pretty impressed with the selection at Zazzle. They get me. They just get me. If you’re looking for quirky designs, fun and trending patterns, personalized objects and more, you should check out zazzle.com. Just look at all these cute items that I found from them. My heart flutters! 🙂


Thanks to Zazzle.com for sending these products.



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