Create a Halloween Treat and Drink Cart

halloween treat drink bar cart, skull drink container, skeleton hand glass

September is here and Fall is just around the corner. You know what that means? Halloween is coming up next! Who is ready to enjoy and host Halloween parties? So I thought it would be fun to create a halloween treat and drink bar cart. Hope this inspires your next get together with family and friends!

Create a Halloween Treat and Drink Cart

I love using my bar cart at home to serve drinks and small treats like candies, chocolates or finger foods. The space is just enough for these goodies so they won’t take up space for the main dishes in your buffet table. So, why not use it to hold Halloween cocktails, cups or glasses and treats too? But don’t worry if you don’t have a bar cart. You can use any table, bar or kitchen counter to set up your treats and drinks! Now let’s start setting up!


Full Disclosure: Oriental Trading sent me all of the Halloween products featured here in exchange for my honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Oriental Trading has a wide selection of Halloween products – from decor to party supplies, costumes, candies and other treats. So I was pretty happy to find everything I need from their website, including this skull drink dispenser.

Drink Dispenser

Any bar cart, or treats and drinks bar NEED a drink dispenser in my opinion. It’s one of those things that completes a party setup. This skull dispenser was perfect because it immediately became the centerpiece of my cart!


One look and you know this party is Halloween-themed because of this skull. I only wish the spout would have been lower like in the chin area. That way, it’s not right smack in the middle of the skull. Plus, once the drink level is already below the spout, you’ll have to tip forward the dispenser. I understand why it was put there though. If you place this on a table, that height is the perfect height for plastic cups or drinking glasses. If the spout was in the chin area, then you can’t place any cup underneath it. You’ll need to place the dispenser on top of something that will raise it up from the table just like other glass dispensers. Overall, this was a great find especially for under $25.


Halloween Drinking Glasses

What would be cooler than to have some scary looking glasses for your halloween party? Just look at those skeleton hand glasses! I thought they were the perfect match to my skull drink dispenser. Put some red cocktail or wine in them and you’re ready to party like vampires! You don’t need to get a lot. Plastic cups are fine. Just have a handful of these to keep your theme going in your bar cart or table. Set up a couple of these glasses next to your drink dispenser. Fill some of them up, so your guests can see what’s inside the dispenser too.


Another great idea is to use them to hold candies for a giveaway! Put it inside a clear cellophane bag and you’ve got an awesomely creepy Halloween goodie bag.


I like the look of these skeleton hand plastic glasses. They came in a set of 12 for only 20 bucks. But not gonna lie, a few of them had some bubble in the plastic. It can still be used and does not affect the functionality of the glasses. It’s just that I’m a bit OCD and would have wanted all of them looking perfect! Nevertheless, for that price and the design of these glasses, they are pretty good!


Treat Bags and the Treats

I found these treat bags for about 3 bucks for 20 pieces. They already come with skull tags and gold ties. So I don’t have to do anything else. Put them in a glass container next to your treats, so guests can help themselves to whatever they like.


These glittered skull tags are pretty stylish!


Black Chocolate

For the treats, I chose these black chocolate pearls to keep the black theme going. I placed it in one of my apothecary glass jars so guests can easily see them. Don’t forget to add a spoon or serving cup.


Black and Orange Fortune Cookies

Next, I found these black and orange fortune cookies at Oriental Trading too. I thought it would be a great addition so not everything is just candy! They were pretty yummy too. I love that the “fortune” inside is Halloween-themed as well. Mine read, “A creepy crawly will be on your shoulder tonight“. Haha!



Orange and Black Twisty Pops

Candy treats won’t be complete without some lollipops. Love these twisty pops tying the Halloween black, orange and white colors together.


Creepy Candy

Enough about cute and delicious candy. Let’s add something creepy in the mix. I found these eyeball gum balls at Oriental Trading and had to have them too.


They come individually wrapped in clear plastic wrappers. But I opened a couple of them to display on a clear dish. They add a creepy look to the treat and bar cart.


The rest remained in their wrappers, put in a clear jar next to the other candy treats.


They matched my blood splatter claw nails perfectly!


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Until the next Halloween post. Don’t forget to check out the Halloween selection at Oriental Trading. Be safe, everyone! Muwahahahahahaha!



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