An Intimate Gift For Him: Mr & Muse

Mr & Muse, Valentines Day Gift for Him

This is a sponsored post with Linqia and Mr & Muse.

I don’t know about you, but gifting a man can sometimes be hard or tricky, especially on Valentine’s Day. We know they love their gadgets, video games, cars, bikes, techy stuff, or something sports-related. But what if you want to give something more intimate or romantic on V-Day or any special occasion for that matter? That’s where Mr & Muse comes in. This intimate gift for him is a #NewWayToSayILoveYou for sure.


Mr & Muse: An Intimate Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

This Valentine’s Day, I’m switching things up. Instead of the generic “a.k.a. expected” techy gift for the hubby, I’m giving him a gift box from Mr & Muse. It’s fun, romantic, and at the same time, you can even pick fun notes for Mr & Muse to include in the gift packaging. What does my note for my husband read? Well, ahem…


Mr & Muse was created to turn men’s underwear into a sexy conversation-starter that makes giving it, gifting it—and even buying it for yourself—more fun.” – from Mr & Muse’s website.

I guess you can say based on the note that I picked – “From me to you. The next move is yours.” – that they really made their packaging a sexy and fun conversation-starter. Right? Don’t blush. It’s fine. We’re all adults here. Haha.



But aside from the quirky note, the products themselves are wonderful gifts to give – for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, vacation, or any other special occasion. They are high-quality, well-made, and super comfortable. If you can just feel the fabric right now, you’ll be impressed with the softness. And besides the romantic meaning behind the gift, these Mr & Muse underwear make practical gifts – one that your guy will be using on a daily basis.




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