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Whenever my husband and I talk about our next home, we always discuss about setting up a whole home multi-room audio system. As tech and music lovers, it’s one of the home improvements we’d like to invest in for our future home. But why wait when you can setup a multi-room audio system with your existing speakers for just about 35 bucks per room? How? Google Chromecast Audio is the answer.


Google Chromecast Audio

The Chromecast Audio allows you to play music on your speakers, whether they are old or new, just by hooking up the Chromecast Audio device to the audio input (RCA, 3.5 mm audio jack, optical input) of your speaker.





Uses WiFi

You can play wirelessly over WiFi from your phone, tablet, or even your laptop. Yes, Chromecast Audio uses WiFi instead of Bluetooth. So you can stream lossless hi res audio to your speakers – meaning the music will be crystal clear!

No Interruptions

Now you’re probably thinking what if you get a call from your phone or what if you’re using an app that has sound – will that interrupt your music? The answer is NO. Because it’s playing over WiFi, you can still text or call without interruptions. Don’t worry, no one will hear your phone conversation except you.

Control From Phone, Tablet, Laptop + Multi-Room

You can easily play, pause, switch, or even change the volume from anywhere in your home by controlling it from your phone. And yes, you can even fill every room in your home with synchronous music, thanks to the Multi-room functionality. You have the ability to group all your Chromecast Audio devices, so you can listen to the same song anywhere you go in your home. We have one in the bedroom…


And another in the living room…


This is perfect when you’re having a party. You can set up a speaker in the dining room, living room, kitchen, patio, sunroom, or anywhere else you’ll be entertaining. That way everyone gets to listen to the same music. Love the song that’s up but need to go to the kitchen to get refills? No worries. You can continue dancing or singing there!

Use with Audio Apps

We have been using our Chromecast Audio with our favorite audio apps like Pandora and Spotify. But to find more audio apps, check out I made a quick demo video for you to give you an idea how it works. If you want to give it a try, get the Chromecast Audio at Best Buy here.



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