Favorite Bags and How to Clean Your Purses

Favorite Bags, How to Clean Purses

Before My Fashion Juice became a full blown lifestyle blog, I posted all about fashion. Most of the time, I talk about bags. I have a particular liking to designer purses, even if they aren’t particularly friendly to my wallet. Haha! But to each their own. We have different likes and interests. Mine are bags (okay… accessories in general: purse, shoes, sunglasses and watches). So today, I thought I’d share with you my favorite bags and what I’ve been using to clean them. Read below to learn how to clean your purses and take care of them.


My 9 Current Favorite Bags

Let’s start off with the top shelf. If you were to ask me which is my current favorite bag in my collection, I will answer in a heart beat: it’s my black with gold hardware (1) Chanel Le Boy bag (in old medium). I got it last Christmas as a birthday gift from the Hubby. It is absolutely gorgeous and I’ve worn it so many different ways, dressed up or down. It quickly became my go-to for any and all special occasions, and I bet it won’t change for years. It’s a modern classic!


Another all-time favorite of mine is the (2) Tiffany & Co. Quinn. The bright and bold geranium color is so perfect for Spring and Summer. But it’s also a fresh pop of color during the cold seasons when I’m wearing shades of gray, black or blues.



Other favorites of mine include my first ever Chanel bag, which is the (3) Chanel Medallion tote. It’s a very feminine purse that I love pairing with dresses. For a casual boho vibe, I love the (4) Louis Vuitton Galliera PM tote. The hobo shape makes me dress up in flared jeans which, by the way, is back on trend guys! Another bag I seriously used almost every single day last spring and summer is the (5) Gucci Disco Soho cross body bag. The blush color and shape works with just about any outfit. And when I need a big bag for everyday use, the (6) Goyard St. Louis PM tote has always been my go to.

Of course, there’s also the classic (7) Balenciaga Giant City bag for when I want a pop of color with an edge. And for another feminine yet business look, I reach for my (8) Mulberry Bayswater bag. The (9) GiGi New York clutch, on the other hand, is my go to for night outs. The pop of magenta color is just perfect against little black dresses!


How to Clean Your Purses (and shoes) + Take Care of Them

  1. First, do not put down your designer bags on the floor. I’ve seen so many do it and I’m like, nooooo… Do you know how dirty the floors are? They get spit on, walked on… who knows where the shoes walking on them have been? And then you put your luxury bag down on the floor? You spend hundreds to thousands on them, at least take care of them.
  2. Keep items in your bag in pouches. For example, put all your makeup on a cosmetic bag to avoid accidentally getting lipgloss or colors inside your bag. Put pens and pencils in a pencil case. The last thing you want is multiple pen marks in your bag.
  3. When not using, keep your purses in their designated dust bags or cloth bags. They are there for a reason, to keep your bags protected. I know they look nice displayed like what I’ve shown here. But I simply took them out of their dust bags for you to see the actual purses I’m talking about in this post. They are usually kept in their dust bags whenever they aren’t being used.
  4. Clean and condition your bags once a month. I recently discovered Leather Nova which has different cleaning products that are safe to use on all types of leather, vinyl and plastic. Unlike other leather cleaners, it does not contain any harsh detergents or toxic ingredients that dry out the leather and accelerate its aging process.


Each product comes with either a soft sponge or microfiber cloth so you can clean and condition your favorite purses with ease. The Leather Nova products aren’t just for bags. You can also use them on furniture and shoes. Leather Nova Leather Conditioner & Cleaner provides effective and deep cleaning of all types of leather and vinyl surfaces. While removing dirt and stains from the leather surfaces, it also conditions and adds the vital nutrients to the leather to make it soft and supple. It includes only premium ingredients which clean, enrich, restore and protect your leather. It gives a non-greasy finish to avoid dust accumulation and prevent premature drying and cracking.


When I unpacked from my Miami trip the other week, I noticed my Louis Vuitton card case brought home Miami dirt with it. So I used the Leather Nova leather cleaner, and here’s a before and after photo for you.


Not only did it take away the dirt, it also made it look fresher. Leather Nova Leather Conditioner provides safe and durable protection for all leather and vinyl surfaces by using high grade polymers which restore the leather to its original sheen. Monthly use maintains its natural suppleness and restores a rich leather fragrance. It leaves a non-greasy finish unlike other leather conditioners.


I also used Leather Nova on my Balenciaga Giant City bag. If you take a closer look in the before photo, there is some sort of water stain. It was very faint but you can see it when you inspect the bag. I used Leather Nova leather cleaner and it was gone in seconds. It even made my red bag look more vibrant.


Leather Nova is a growing brand that formulates premier leather care products that are not only suitable for all types of leather surfaces, they sell them at a fair price. To find out more about Leather Nova, visit www.leathernova.com.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.



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