A Very Berry Gin and Tonic

Very Berry Gin and Tonic, Seagrams

When I was in college, my friends and I would hang out most of the time at a rental home shared by a couple of our friends. We named it Club 205 because the house number was 205, and “Club” was because it was where we hung out most of the time to save money. Instead of going to the latest club or bar, we’d go there. College budget. Also, because it was more relaxed. We would bring gin, and tonic or juice, sing karaoke, or play a friendly game of poker. Those were the days. So today, I thought why not recreate that drink and jazz it up? This one is a very berry gin and tonic, and THIS IS THE MAIN INGREDIENT that you’ll need.


Just mix these in a glass:

Seagram’s Gin, Extra Dry Gin or one of the fruit flavored varieties like this Pineapple one

– Tonic, add as much or as less as you like

– A spoonful of blueberries

– A spoonful of raspberries

* If using just the plain gin or extra dry gin, I like mine with some pineapple juice *




Do you know that Seagram’s Gin is America’s #1 Gin? I just discovered that too and when we tried this out, I totally agree. Now, I think we’re gonna continue the tradition of gin and juice with friends at home. It’s gonna be perfect for a chill night in!



How about you? What’s your favorite cocktail to make at your parties or for a chill night with friends? Let me know! And if you like to get more cocktail ideas, make sure to CLICK HERE and tell me which one you’re planning to make next!


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