Why Dermaroller is Beneficial for Your Skin

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Hey guys, have you heard about the Dermaroller, a form of micro-needling treatment? If you’re a beauty buff like me, you may have heard about how beneficial Dermaroller can be in the reversal of wrinkles and other skin ailments. The question is – should you have it? Will it benefit your skin? The answer is – it all depends on what types of skin problems you have and how severe they are. Here are some things you need to know about Dermaroller in order to figure out if your Dermaroller treatment would be successful.


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You Shouldn’t Let Dermaroller Needles Deter You

First and foremost, as the term “micro-needling” suggests, Dermaroller does involve the use of needles on the skin. But you shouldn’t let that deter you from having a Dermaroller treatment. The fact of the matter is that the needles used are tiny, and your skin will be numbed by the technician performing the treatment before the procedure ever begins. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of severe pain. However, you may experience some minor discomfort at times during the procedure, but no biggie. They say the at-home Dermarollers though are less intense.

Dermarollers Can Succeed Where Lasers May Fail

It’s common knowledge that laser treatment is one of the best ways to correct many different skin problems, especially mild sags and wrinkles. However, not every piece of laser machinery should be used on all types of skin. There are certain cases where lasers fail to meet the needs of skincare clients. In those cases, clinicians tend to suggest alternatives, and one of those alternatives is Dermaroller treatment.

Dermarollers and lasers are designed to accomplish very similar skincare goals. By causing minor damage to the skin they can each encourage the body of the patient to heal itself. In other words, the treatments kick start higher production rates of healthy proteins and hormones. But even though both treatment types accomplish the same goal they don’t do it in the same manner. For example, since lasers produce a lot of heat they can present burn risks for people who have oily skin. Dermarollers present no such risk because they use needles instead of heat. That is why they can be a better alternative for some people, as can lasers for other people. It all depends on the situation and the skin type involved.

Dermarollers and Specific Parts of the Body

While laser treatments can damage sensitive or thin skin, such as the skin around the eyes, Dermarollers are much less likely to do that kind of damage. That said, the size and shape of the micro-needling tool often influences the part of the body where it should be used. A larger Dermaroller can be difficult to use on small areas, such as the face. It is easier to use on areas like the stomach. A Derma-stamp or Derma-pen, which are both similar but smaller tools, can be used on smaller sections of the body. I read about using it to permanently remove under-eye bags from Byrdie, and I think I’m going to try it out!


Dermarolling in a Clinic as Opposed to at Home

You can buy Dermarollers for private at-home use if you choose to. In fact, according to Coveteur, it actually works. However, the treatments you can do on yourself at home are far less accurate than those you would receive in a clinic. The risk of infection is also higher in a home setting. If you choose to have clinical Dermaroller treatment then you just need to talk to a local clinic that offers the service and set up a consultation to discuss your treatment needs. After the consultation is done you can schedule your first actual Dermaroller procedure, but it may be the first of many. A single Dermaroller treatment may not be able to fix your skin right away.

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