How to Celebrate International Sushi Day

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Calling all sushi lovers!!! Do you know that International Sushi Day is June 18th? How are you going to celebrate it? All I know for sure is that I will be enjoying it outdoors with THIS DRINK in hand! Below, I’m sharing ways to celebrate International Sushi Day so you can start making plans.


How to Celebrate International Sushi Day

  1. Make it at home. Do you know how to make sushi? We have a sushi set at home that was given to me awhile back. But we never had the chance to use it just yet. I think this would be a perfect time to do that if you have a set at home too. Invite your sushi-loving friends and make them while you drink a cold glass of Sapporo Premium Beer! I mean. It’s only fitting, right? The crisp, refreshing flavor of Sapporo Beer is just the right match for sushi. So grab a pack or more, depending on the number of guests.
  2. Take home your favorite sushi. If you have a pool or a newly updated backyard, it’s gonna be the perfect place to hang out with family or friends. Now that the weather is finally warm, it’s so nice to enjoy the outdoors. You don’t even have to prepare much. Just buy your favorite sushi and take it home with you. Perhaps you can also ask friends to bring their fave sushi so you all can taste and compare them. Don’t forget the cooler, ice, and the perfect beer pairing, Sapporo!
  3. Love to dine out?┬áNo problem! Some of my fave Asian restos in our city has BYOB. So in case they don’t have Sapporo, just grab one and bring it to your fave sushi spot. Perfect way to enjoy International Sushi Day, if you ask me.


As for me, I’ll probably gonna buy our fave sushi and bring it to the pool with a couple of Sapporo beer bottles in my favorite watermelon cooler.


How about you? How are you celebrating International Sushi Day? Do share! And don’t forget to check out Sapporo Beer’s Facebook page for the latest updates and inspo for #ISD this June 18th! Cheers!



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